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  1. He wouldnt have empowered the FSA in the first place and introduced the light touch b****x which made us the casino capital of the world That one sits fairly and squarely with Brown and his cronies
  2. After the Hydrogen explosions 2 years ago, do you thinkthe fuel pool is intact? All sorts of rumours of them strewn around the place and the elevated radiation levels post earthquake was partly attributable to some of the rods cooking off. If that fuel pool burns, we are in deep trouble
  3. A lot died early on from massive radiation exposure, we just didnt get told about it because of the political setup at the time. Watch the Battle for Chernobyl on Youtube. I wonder how many have the lovely Chernobyl neckalce in Ukraine and Belarus
  4. Seeing as you live out there, check out what happened and is still happening with Radnet...
  5. I actually think the biggest revelation of the whole night was Ken Clarke when he was a bit shaken he let slip the phrase 'National Crisis', for one moment the truth began to slip out
  6. Sidcup is the quickest commute of the 3. Also, 1 in 2 Charing X trains start at Sidcup so you get a seat. Hope that helps
  7. They are not going to clamp down, just tax the arrse of it
  8. I know it seems counter intuitive but think about why Germany would side with a diminishing US; the petro dollar was dealt 2 deadly blows in Nov, its on the way out and the US paradigm as we know it is in its last days. Now think of energy security for Germany, developing export markets and who has massive commodity potential and thus real wealth.... Russia is not the USSR and the 20th century isn't that relevant now, the sands are shifting and there are new fortunes to be made. The next 5-10 years will be very interesting and probably very deadly for some as well.
  9. Because as long as there is a strong EU, Germany is tied in and won't shift the paradigm to side with Russia etc. The US petro dollar based empire is already shaky enough without that
  10. Excellent tune that, to my embaressment i remember it first time round
  11. I'd like to see a percentage breakdown of tax take around the country and then see exactly who is subsidising who
  12. We're gonna need a bigger Bus....... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8gciFoEbOA8
  13. If we only get away with a recession we'll be lucky, everything is pointing to something far worse
  14. Doubt it, they are getting ready for the euro collapse, plenty of anecdotal evidence in Ireland and open questions to the finance minister about punts being printed etc....
  15. wtf has guiness got to do with anything?
  16. I know what you mean. There is fear out there, i work in IT in the City (NOT FOR A BANK!!!) and the sales types are starting to sound desperate, people i work with are scared.
  17. Getting that summer 2008 feeling again.... From teh feels of things they are losing control and more importantly they are losing confidence.....
  18. its DNS related, im not getting any resolves...did someone forget to renew with register.com lol
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