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  1. Spot on. We'd like to stay for 3 years if poss and then review it but at the moment we take it week by week. If the company finally goes under (due to money owed) we will still probably stay till the end of the school year. We have nothing really to go back to and its cheaper to live here with no income than in the UK. With the pound dropping down 30% against the dirham we can still send money home.
  2. We employ a 'fixer' that can't do what you did in four days. Where about's were you living for your time to be this bad?
  3. Thankyou - not very constructive. Post was rattled off whilst working. Nobody likes laying people off but unfortunately when work gets cancelled you can't carry people. Also labour laws are particular stringent and the notice periods and gratuity bonuses can cripple companies. One of the reasons that the migrant workers are staying is that the contractors are owed such vast sums of money they can't pay the air fares home. The company I work for has also not been paid since July 08 by clients I work in construction - there is no work in the UK. I need to keep my family fed and looked after so I will go and do whatever it takes. At the moment we are in Dubai and my wife and kids love it. Please don't believe everything you read in the papers because at the moment everywhere's crap.
  4. Well I'm going to defend it! Dubai is not that different to any other western city with regards to its bubble. The main difference you get laid off here you go home. In the Uk you are home. Lets remember where Dubai has come from in 25 years, yes they have made mistakes but they have also got alot of things right. I have laid off 80% of the staff out here. (in construction) most of them middle east expates, Jordanian, lebansese etc. It was difficult but ultimately the work practices with reagrds to construction consultancy are twenty years behind GB. I came here in August 08, knowing this was coming but the speed surprised me, however, i feel somewhat embarrased as alot of people working out in Dubai (westerners ) were batting way above their average, and this is somewhat hastened the down fall. As for Duabi itself, it is a fascinating vibrant, safe, clean city. We all know the rules and we should abide by them. I have seen many things that would not be tolerated in the UK and are 'accommodated here. I didn't come to Dubai to make lots of money. I came because I felt I had a better chance of financial survival out here than in the Uk. I was offered 3 UK jobs before taking the Dubai offer. I know for sure that all three UK companies would have laid me off by now. As regards the projects - money and funding are tight to none existant. However, I only know of two projects that have been stopped mid construction. In the UK are know of streets where more projects have stopped half way up. As regards the immigrant workers - it is difficult getting your head around it - we couldn't do it just visiting your children 1 month every year for alot of these workers it is there only option but to put it into perspective these guys can work in Dubai for 5 years, send money home and afford to buy a home when they go back to sri lanka or india, something which the average westerner couldn't do. Comments from posters like hayder annoy me. It is utter crap! They have either been laid off or its all b*llocks. Notice period? Selling everything off in a week? Dubai has many faults. They can claim naviety and greed. In the UK we do not have the luxury of blaming naviety. bb - posted from a view of the burj dubai in 22 degrees of warm weather.
  5. Bagshaws residential in Bakewell are doing the same thing - really pissing me of. They claim they are busy although they have the valuer manning the shop on saturdays. They also claim to have many properties going through but no STC on rightmove or in the shop. Some of these that have sold have been like that for 12 weeks and still haven't go through. bb
  6. A standard Persimmon 3 bed house with intergral garage is 67k. If you were just going a basic site strip (vegetation etc.) would be 2k ish. To demolish an existing property can be up to 15k maybe more if asbestos is contained therein.
  7. Work in construction consultancy. Discovered HPC.co.uk, on the back of this I sold to rent in Jun 2007. Also left my job at a company called City Loft Developments Ltd. Remember them? Moved to consultancy as realised being a resi developer was not going to be the most HPC proof career path. All the other developers have laid off staff, most have mothballed the companies. Construction downturn is phenonminal. Consultancies, architects etc now laying off in London. All construction firms relying on public sector projects going forward - when this stops (and it will as Nu Labour are skint) construction is bollocksed. As someone once said, protect yourself, I have taken a 3 year contract in Dubai (as the consultancy I work at has no work) move the wife and family out in Early sept. Will hopefully save some money and increase the STR fund. Mrs BB has taken some convincing but being able to protect what's going on, has retored her faith, and property bee has been a revelation. Fuel won't be a pressure in Dubai but factor 50 will be. bb
  8. Just picked it up .......how will this improve inflation. Must buy the Gold stuff....... bb
  9. Dandara, City Lofts Developments, Ask - all of them laying off staff at the moment. All maybe all these firms are so lean and mean they can build without staff now.
  10. I'm fairly certain the tower block is the notts county council offices. I've done some consultancy there. bb
  11. This has really p*ssed me off. Just been through and updated property bee. Bagshaws residential in Bakewell have put up a load of properties then advertised them in the local property papers as 'new price' falsely implying that they have been reduced. Or are they increasing them to then have a sale. Could we do an official press release highlighting this? Bagshaws are a member of the sequence group also. bb
  12. In construction it is starting to get serious. I have ex colleagues laid off in the last 2 weeks (suit wearers) I have just bagged a cracking job in Dubai - but I can't convince the wife how bad it is going to get and therefore she is reluctant to go. We have no ties (other than family) we rent, with money in bank, kids are due to start school in september. All the omens are there. Any ideas of how to convince her? She won't go to a psychaitrist. She doesn't believe that my job could possibly be in jeopardy. bb
  13. Its carnage out there....Work with the MD's of all the major builders. Persimmon laying off staff, Wilcon homes gone bump, Ask developments scaling back, Barratts aren't shifting anything. Original the likes of Taylor Wimpey told subcontractors to drop rates by 15%. But now just shelving schemes. Barratts reginal MD in one of the Central regions is trying to sell land! Starting to get a bit concerned myself. Have the offer of a couple of years work in Dubai but can't persuade the wife to go. bb
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