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  1. I've mentioned Haywards Heath before, as struggling to see if houses in Brighton will ever become affordable, but on my infrequent catch up on houses in HH, there's this one... http://www.rightmove.co.uk/viewdetails-106...p;mam_disp=true I saw it a while ago at £225K, was originally up for £240K in June this year. reduced to the £225K in October i think, and now, this week it's £200K! Nethouseprice shows that it was bought in 2003 for approx £210K, so there's an insight into what's really starting to happen. Just will it happen in Brighton?!
  2. Likewise, i walked past there last week and the only 2 members of staff in there were hoovering and dusting!! Only a few months ago there were about 6-7 people in there Worried...i should say
  3. Yeah pretty much. I live in PP renting a flat, sold my house in PP last year...phew! But the Ex took most of the cash Anyhow, PP or the 'Golden Triangle' is now pretty much the only place i'd like to live in Brighton, the draw of the place isn't that appealing anymore as the majority of general 'house' stock is pretty crap and even that's still so excessively priced, and just not prepared to do Hangleton / Woodingdean / Patcham etc What's the point, you might as well live anywhere really. So yeah, HH is a possibility and prices becoming 'sensible' in the loosest of terms!
  4. Not Brighton, but then i've been looking out of town for a little while...I just can't see a house, in a nice area, ever being affordable here, although we shall see. Anyhow, looking in Haywards Heath, the average 3 bed in OK area last year circa £220-£240K This would appear to be a repo and was on for a little while at £189,950.00, recently just dropped to £177,950.00 Quite a big drop for what appeared a 'reasonably' priced house at £189K http://www.rightmove.co.uk/viewdetails-962...p;mam_disp=true
  5. Definitely architects 3D generated images, not photos. needless to say, it'll look f**k all like that when it's built with the specification changes to save a few quid in the development.
  6. Spot the difference.. http://www.rightmove.co.uk/viewdetails-174...=1&tr_t=buy and http://www.rightmove.co.uk/viewdetails-179...=3&tr_t=buy I've been trying all morning and apart from the £34K valuation difference, i'm giving up....! It would appear people are still being advised of overinflated values, even now...
  7. When will they learn, 1. New to the market.... http://www.rightmove.co.uk/viewdetails-988...=1&tr_t=buy Vs 2. Been on the market for some time (Obvious by the summer'y green foliage outside, and the fact i've seen it for some time!)... http://www.rightmove.co.uk/viewdetails-864...=3&tr_t=buy It makes me smile as no.2 was around the £200K mark last year. and note, 'much sought after' by whom?! It's been on the marked for over 6 months. Yes Mr & Mrs X these flats are selling for £200K let's put it on at £199 and see what happens. Lovely, i might come and have a look when it gets down to £145K not long now, not long at all
  8. Now then Would you.... a) Buy this http://www.sequencehome.co.uk/detail.asp?id=PRP100887 (For £275K - Note started off at £350K) or Rent this http://www.rightmove.co.uk/viewdetails-998...1&tr_t=rent (£975pcm) Same block/conversion, in fact the rental is superior. Buy cost pcm - 6.18% over 25 years - A staggering £1850 subject to varying rates Rent £975 - You could save the difference between that and 1850 in a decent account and save £275K in less than 25 years without the risk of interest rates killing you, maintenance costs, building insurance, house price gains and losses. Why anyone would pay this sort of money for that sort of property is unbelievable. Crazy stuff.
  9. Just up the road in Varndean Park Estate renting a 2 bed, currently selling at £250K A joke, however, the rent doesn't reflect this and is relatively affordable.
  10. Am mainly interested in Preston park, so have been doing this exercise recently, it may be worth doing in your own locales, however. Searching Rightmove, Preston Park Only, the key market area £180K - £250K, properties added in last 14 days. Out of the 8 properties returned - 50% are empty, or investment opportunities, or recently refurbished and...empty. The principal BTL / Amateur (If i don't sell this crud 2 bed for £250K i'm gonna lose a fortune) developer market price area. Very interesting...
  11. i know, legendary stuff... Yes prices will rise in a medium term period, absolutely right. But a medium term period - 10 /15 years? So, with an overall gain - Correct, but they are currently inflated over a median rise, and so the fall will be harder. Yes, in 15 years, they will be back above current levels, but...they will fall.... I have a good job, a good salary, and i can't afford a 2 bed flat in a decent area. That is where it's fundamentally going to fall down in the short term. I should've posted this in the Brighton section, didn't realise a new post would end up as a new topic...duh! Anyhow - Back to brighton forum! Cheers
  12. Oh...i'm new here, makes great reading. I posted yesterday, don't know where it's gone but have just sold my house, should exchange to day. Have been a little aggressive with a pain in the *ss buyer and have almost pulled out a couple of times due to what appear to be delaying tactics from them. So, many conversations with Estate Agent along the way. It would appear, as i was candidly advised - Mishon Mackay PP sold...0 (Zero!) properties in December And when i put the house on the market - Fox and Sons valued it at £40K less than it actually sold for...In need of a sale possibly? Interesting times.....
  13. ....And if you look at their (Team Prop) website, they did have all of 9 properties for sale.....
  14. Dead man walking... http://www.brighton-estate-agents-hove.com...agents-news.php Nice to see they're still so positive, despite speaking to Mishon Mackay (PP) and hearing they didn't sell a thing in December! Similarly, Fox & Sons valued my house at £40K under what it sold for - In need of a sale? Londoners moving into Brighton? Given the level of shocking quality of most of the flats at near London prices...are they really that desperate to live by the sea? I'm selling up, sitting in my reasonably priced rental flat, and watching....
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