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  1. Please visit my non biased website "www.i-talk-sh!t.com" for bullsh!t free information.
  2. You always start your topic's with a simple question. Do you work for the media, are you looking for some story ideas?
  3. Ha Ha, I bet, I can't wait to listen to it when I get home.
  4. There is barely any reaction shown, The Americans seem to love it because someone stood up to Brown, not so they could see his jowls going up and down. I think most people watched it because they are tired of him and need a voice.
  5. Both the BBC and even Andrew Neils Week in Politics (Or whatever it's called) all seemed to try and distance themselves from the video, Andrew Neil's show presented him as a Right Wing Conservative, Did they do this to make him come across as a nut job, Yes I believe they did. They don't introduce anyone else including their political leaning so It was quite obvious they were trying to ridicule him, The music playing over the speech was a joke on C4, It was obvious to anyone who saw it that they were only playing it because they felt they had to and seemed terrified of playing it in it's entirety which IMHO that's how it needs to be heard. Like many have said before, the reason it has such an impact is because aside from a few factual technicalities it resonated in a way that has not been felt for a long time, So no matter what his past record dictates (and you could say a lot worse about the rest) This man spoke for me and many others on Tuesday. I am thankful to him for that.
  6. I bought a 1975 Stratocaster for £40 at a Boot Fair once. The early bird... etc etc.
  7. If you are buying a new van don't touch LDV with a barge pole. Nudge Nudge Wink Wink.
  8. Is there a way we can re-watch this piece. I am dying to see it!
  9. The question is WHY?. Do they get better toilet facilities and longer breaks too, for this "Long" service.
  10. Buying a house before or whilst a property boom is not particulary in full swing makes you a very sad person, It is evident that you think you are clever or that you posses a little bit of power by trying to torment those of us that want things back to normal. Some people just get on with life and dont worry about how much their house is worth, I can see you dont and it consumes you that you might lose some imaginary wealth, You are terrified, Why else would you be here, Me and others on this site on the other hand are here because what has happened is not at the best interest of the country. But be sure Mr Scotch Egg, You will lose some of that supposed wealth and you will still be a sad man.
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