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  1. Well if that's your opinion let me ask the question, "Are you p*ssed". Did you have 2007 boom prices round your way in 2000,2001,2002 etc, Thought not.
  2. Although even a f***ing numpty can see that house prices need to and should fall, There remains another very important piece of the puzzle that needs to be taken into account and regulated/made harder when the dust settles, and that is speculation and BTL. My father owns 3 properties in which he rents out and has done since the mid eighties, He didnt buy one of them on credit, All cash. This would mean that only those that know the risks and want to take the risks of being a landlord should become landlords, But what about providing rented accommodation you say? surely there will be a short supply? If house prices are reasonable enough Local Authorities should be able to build and buy enough for renting purposes and this is what they should be focusing on anyway, providing good services for the locale, not providing non-jobs for those of us are lucky enough to fall on the gravy train. Just a thought.
  3. This woman has a job of immense power and yet she is somewhat stone cold f***ing crazy.
  4. A good read! "The biggest asset and credit bubble in history". Ha Ha. When you read things like that it reminds you how far house prices have to fall.
  5. You dont own the asset until the debt is paid but you own the debt as soon as you sign up.
  6. We have a winner! Well done Kerry King, Your £100,000.00 Engbabwe pound note is in the post.
  7. If people with a large amount of capital behind them all did this then it would be a bad thing as prices would rise and there would be a shortage of properties for the working man/woman to buy and bring their families up in. Or if these people didn't buy all the inhabited properties and force others to rent off them due to lack of available accomodation, We would have a more equal opportunity at home ownership.
  8. Actually they are, Someone who cannot save a deposit should not be given a mortgage.
  9. Debt used to be such a dirty word, God help us.
  10. Yes, this is great news! Expensive houses for everyone... Fill your boots kids.
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