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  1. Why is anyone suprised by the sudden surge in property interest and the uptick in the Nationwide stats??? All the impatient f***ing bears are wading in too early.
  2. The way I look at it is simple, don't get carried away with a freak upswing especially when it come's from approvals from a VI in the business. House prices will keep coming down, look at the facts, there are some excellent amateur economists who post here everyday with excellent unbiased data and trends which confirm this, house prices are not going to rise at the rate like they have in the past 10 years for a long time if ever, relax, save your money, let the fools rush in.
  3. A quick shave and a good scrub up and surely he will be fit to be the next scapegoat sir!
  4. You get blamed a lot for being jealous of some of those salaries, But I for one thank you for having the time and inclination to post your Tax Abuser threads each week, They are an eye opener and remind us when we sometimes forget how corrupt and how there is something fundamentally wrong with remuneration for most of these non-jobs. This should most definitely be on the main forum, after all the one with Anthea Turner was on the main forum for months. But thank you non the less.
  5. Well if this post wasn't going to be off-topic, it will be now. EDIT: Because I want to, Because I want to.
  6. +1 Completely agree with that, What planet are they on whereby they think they don't have to actually spend there salary. They simply do not live in the real world.
  7. I thought that the woman renter with the fringe was rather hot.. In a bizarre gothy kind of way. Edit: Not that it has anything to do house prices. Mind you, I would like to do things to her the bedroom which are usually found in houses, So I guess technically It does.
  8. Therein lies the problem, why are we in a position where we have to have these extra people working over here, there are sure as sh!t enough people already here to do the same job. Oh that would be the governments fault. Again.
  9. And if I remember correctly (dont quote me on this) he paid something like £20,000 for it years ago... Ouch.
  10. Does anyone really believe that they were "confused", HELL NO! This is f**king fraud.
  11. What an odious slack jawed [email protected] A Mercedes E class, Who in gods name does he think he is, He never earned a penny of that money and will never have to pay it back, I bet he was quite the lad round the pub, all mouth, Seen a million of these fools.... He should go to prison, [email protected]
  12. I want Brown out because he f*cks with my Chi.
  13. Ah! I see, Have to agree with you both on that one.
  14. With all due respect sir!, What in the blue f**k are you talking about?
  15. You should enter into a frantic bidding war with all the other savvy/canny aspiring debt owners.
  16. +10000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000
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