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  1. Yeah, just over in the Colne Valley. Nice to have you round here.
  2. Not a single house risen in my Yorkshire checking areas using property bee?. Loads of juicy drops.
  3. I know one woman who made an issue of getting pregnant (in a toilet of all places) just before her youngest reached the age of 16 so she could keep on with the child support benefit. That my friends is a true story.
  4. So are you saying that you will be happy living in a debt-laden, overpopulated, third world dump just as long your 4 walls are worth a few thousand more.
  5. I mentioned earlier this morning that I am seeing only reductions in my area, so I am just chillaxing and saving.. Open your eyes and and you will see that prices are not rising.
  6. In my area on rightmove I seeing nothing but drops, pretty hefty drops at that. Nothing is selling... Next leg down a' comin.
  7. WOW!!! Now that is one nice looking gal!!! Looks like she is practicing news presenting or something... There was a larp tang eight point ping pop per cent lang growth in the rasp fart krrrrrstock market. Whatever happens in her life, she wont end up homeless that's for sure, If you know what I mean.
  8. What p!sses me off is the fact that most people on HPC are those that are responsible, proudent, they save and understand the concept of saving for something you cannot afford. Yet it is us that have been right royally shafted because by being this way we have been forced to watch on as those who have no business buying things they cannot afford have done so and pushed the responsible to the back, putting the economy into a dire position. The bulls might say so what, you should have joined the party, you're jealous etc etc.... I say f*ck you. Gordon Brown, the feckless and the bankers should be sent to prison or shot. They all have the blood of this economic meltdown on their hands.
  9. I have a mate who is paying £700 month for a 3 bed terrace in a crap area, and he told me over beer that he is paying interest only. He has no way of saving for the capital which probably stands at around £100,000. I used to think he was quite switched on too... There is a whole world of overindulgence and debt out there... It's only a matter of time before the cards come a' tumblin'..
  10. Perhaps Judge Ian Trigger is guilty of being annoyed at having so many "Illegals" pass through his court wasting tax payers resources.
  11. Ha Ha!!! Yeah I type too faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaast...
  12. I know of 2 people who are buying ASAP as they think prices are going to go straight back up, one of them works in an estate agent. Meanwhile I will bide my time, keep saving and when all the chuff have bought overvalued property and are paying back swathes of cash to a bank until retirement then in a few years I will pop in and find somewhere nice and affordable.
  13. To show that you are at least able to put money aside for a period of time as proof that you could actually service a loan over a period of time and act responsibly.
  14. It's so simple isn't it! Ban/Stop/End people buying properties that they have no business buying. It is so maddening!!!! Who is this woman to buy houses pricing other people out of a market greedily holding onto them having the tax payer directly paying for her retirement. As far as I am concerned if you cannot afford to buy/nearly-buy a property outright to rent you have no business buying it. You are simply distorting the market and earning money for absolutely f*** all....
  15. Yeah, and this is with the last of the "big deposit" people who believe they have got bargain. What happens when the cash rich are spent up on property and unemployment keeps rising....... Well, you know the rest. 2nd wave down.
  16. I think Sybil13 works for Fubra. Edit: Or the media and is looking for a story.
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