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  1. Yeah but most of the fast food troffing, celebrity generation want it NOW NOW NOW... I can pay the monthly paymentz innit!
  2. Absolutely insane, I know of a house bought near me 8 yeasr ago. £28,000, they want £130,000 now.... I will be damned if I am to cough up to pay for the bankers and greedy [email protected]
  3. Yes you're right, what we need is more Labourites in the vein of Shaid Malik running England.
  4. When house prices get back up to your favoured level of nominal peak, where do you think they will keep going? Do you think that they will just keep going up forever, or do you think they will get to the most maxed out level of physical human affordability and then just stop and stay there?
  5. The main view of posts is far too big!!!! Too much padding... Yes it looks all fancy and nice and sh!t but there is more wasted space on this site than there is in the Peak District. I dont want to scroll for days, who does.
  6. What about the idiot's that are reading this forum incognito who don't have a user ID.
  7. Both of you please tell the forum why you think they will continue rising.
  8. House prices are falling year on year sugar tits.
  9. We need some kind of basic guide such as 3 times salary of course, but I think there will always be gray areas of affordability, that is why in days gone by you met with the bank manager and they would probe and judge your individual case. This makes the most sense to me. On another note an old friend told me on Friday night that he has a debt of £40,000 as though it was nothing. The mind boggles people.
  10. Hope you are joking on the limited amount of space comment. Do you do much travelling around the UK?, You only have to go a few miles out of every town to realise there are great swathes of land fit for living on. Enough for the indigenous and all the immigrants, we are mere pawns.
  11. The foresight of some of these management teams must have been extremely blurred.
  12. The housing market has been artificially pumped, it is distorted, It should be allowed to return a natural equilibrium with no intervention. This is your proof, will anyone pay for this. No.
  13. Does anyone else notice hordes of foreign fit and healthy youngmen, and almost always no women and the old, wondering around our towns. Aren't these the men that should be rebuilding and fighting for there own country and state, If they cannot sort things in their own country out how can it be anything but a bad thing that they are here (dont say cheap labour, we could sort that in an instant). We as a nation are civilised and always have been, you only need to take a quick look at the places some of these immigrants come from to see that generally they are not (guns fired in the air, running around, screaming, bodies, shouting, conflicting beliefs and way of life), people talk about integration and how it is great and nice thing, I dont see any of the people I see on a daily basis trying to immigrate, I see the opposite. I see rude and filthy chancers spitting and ogling at people in the street. I am starting to think it is not in the countries best interest that they are here and we have no say, am I racist?
  14. It appears that house prices are not rising around the country, au contraire, they are dropping in my area. I will wait this bad boy out, It took years to build up a bubble this size, and If Gordy and his cronies had not stepped in you would very well see some real cheap deals, but alas, he is raping the tax payer.... The market will eventually find itself... I just worry that it will take a number of years for us (The UK) to find our natural place in this food chain.
  15. Same in My area of Yorkshire.... Only drops... Money talks and ******** walks.
  16. Prices around the £100,000 mark in Yorkshire are dropping like stones. Thats why the HPI figures blow my mind. I will be fooked if I will be paying for someone else's retirement though.
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