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  1. Look at this beauty. Check out picture 3 and then have a gander on Street View. An old Funeral Parlour conversion. Rightmove Link
  2. Steed, You live up the road from The Railway at Berry Brow I gather. If you like Rhythm and Blues live music go watch the band next Saturday night. I'll be there and will buy you a pint.
  3. I am based in Honley. I would say that Marsden, Slaithwaite, Linthwaite, Honley, Berry Brow is OK in some areas, Brockholes and anywhere including and near Holmfirth really. I cannot speak for others areas of Huddersfield apart from The Colne Valley and Holme Valley though. It seems that crime, violence and illicit behaviour is rampant everwhere these days. Someone get robbed with a hammer at The Top of Chapel Hill the other day. Also I was jumped in a toilet in a bar in town last year, a lad pretended to put a knife in back and demanded money whilst another lad pretending to wash his hand
  4. Disgusting, people will lose their jobs and all you lot can do is lace this thread with puns.
  5. A good band on at The Rock Cafe tonight Mr Stead. If you're into that sort of thing.
  6. True, they are practically following orders as we all do from our parents, It takes a lot of effort to actually cast your own thoughts when being influenced by your Mum or Dad who you look up to. It seems that middle Britain has been hollowed out good and proper. Even my Father who knows house prices are insane sometimes says just buy one, Even if they "fall a bit" you won't go wrong... I have to laugh, everyone is obsessed with houses. I'm not so sure I see much demonising of the young in society though (I'm 28), or maybe I just overlook it.
  7. Same here Mr Guitar Man. What are you looking to spend and roughly where if you don't mind me asking?.
  8. To be fair, there did seem to be a few rational thinkers in the audience. It might be the straight talking Yorkshire grit perhaps but mainly a few of the older end who have seen it all before seemed pretty clued up. However, I always seem to find that lecturers, teachers and public sector workers in general usually seem to be left leaning (for obvious reasons) and there was a fair few. It is the younger generation I feel we need to worry about. Those that are addicted to credit, have an insane sense of entitlement and have been brainwashed into thinking what are told to believe. What strikes
  9. Us rockers rarely do. Can't believe I forced myself to wear a collar. tee hee.
  10. I was in the audience on QT last night and my thoughts are that as mentioned above the population still have no real idea about the mess we are in or how it came about. It also seems to me that people find it trendy to be left leaning and not rock the boat and the crowd were no exception. It feels like we have created a nation of Tory bashing drones who actually fail to try and understand any facts before booing and hissing, The Maggie Thatcher comment descended into booing as though it was popped from a can. The show really is a platform to quell the masses to make us feel like we have a vo
  11. Any good topical questions to ask from the news today folks? How about this? "With the proposed idea from Nick Clegg that we should give shares of part nantionalised banks to the british people, would it not be a better idea to use any profit from a private sale to pay down the deficit first?"
  12. This is great. I had the women from the BBC call up and when I mentioned the home buy question she basically said, oh do you not have anything from the Main Headlines of the week. I said yeah this is pretty big I would have thought and she seemed bemused almost as though I should be asking questions about Cheryl Cole or something. A joke.
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