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  1. Oh no dont get the wrong impression the car seat cost a lot more than my old bagger the best/safest you can buy we buy a lot of thhings for her some is from ebay and the important things are the best and no expense spares but dont spend it on rubbish that we dont need i.e sitting here I have a pair of Hugo Boss trousers £90 in shops I paid £9 a charity shop £81 still in my pocket for other things I think people nowadays just dont live like they have little money they just get their kicks/fix from buying stuff I guess I have always been self employed and you need to buy like this when you run your own business
  2. I`ve just picked up on this article funny enough I was reading this over the breakfast table at the in laws, My wife and I are always talking about this subject and I guess you either decide to play the game, or not. I see the damage of this all the time many friends just dont realise there getting themselves in to the water until their up to their necks in it. We/I decided not to play this game despite the fact that we have plenty of deposit, more than 50% but when I buy things I command the price nobody dicates the price to me, we will wait until the tide turns and I decide what I want to pay for a house. We have a 18 month and one on the way my wife has not gone back to work since and is not going to do more than 1 day per week at the most, and I will be looking after the little one then. 18 Months has gone so quick you just cant get that time back I have even gone down to 4 days to spend more time with them. We rent not through agents and only buy things we need Just stop buying things you dont need with that you have more chose in your life. I.e my car cost £125 your life you choose.. Its just so sad the kids suffer...
  3. Honestly Of course he would say that, however like most people its just a wild "hope" he like most havnt got a clue what is going on. ask him directly where the next wave of money supply is going to come from to fund the spend spend spend recovery that he wants and he would look at you like you were from mars !
  4. The problem is if they "Never get it" things wont change lots of work in the south west All friends doing well business ok house prices not falling nothing has really changed here Will it ?????
  5. This crash is not yet understood and has a long way down classic bulltrap as people think its great opportuity to buy Spoke yesterday with a client of mine "Im thinking of leaving my job and getting into property as it has clearly bottomed out" I tried so say that equites are at 1998 levels why cant property be at the same level he honestly looked at me as if I arrived from mars I just think people still think thats its all just going to turn around on a sixpence how wrong can you be...... very
  6. Dont get carried away we are in the middle of the bull trap phrase
  7. A little story for you to ponder Wife is a solicitor in probate (death) Just been given a property to deal with and sell contacted agents and had a good chat about the market how things were (remember she is also trying to get a feel for the market because she is a big bad bear like us all here) Agent decides to market the property (bungalow nice area) £249,000 I come home slating the agents just like you all would saying he is in cloud cookoo " he will never get that" 10 days later agent telephones at work " We have had a really low offer and I dont think we should accept it" what was the offer................ £229.000 Agent tell her not to accept the low offer. 1 week later and it is sold for £239.000 you do the maths She is saying this is not a one off Im all up for a bargin and Im sure we are all in the same camp 50% peak to trough,we have come a long way in a year, last Feb none of this negative talk was main stream but we have a long long journey left.... good luck with your offers but Auctions are 6/12 months ahead of agents in price terms thats were the bargins are at the momment
  8. I must say I find the whole debate interesting but with delfaltion/inflation/hyper inflation I.R being slashed I.R needing to rise to combat the falliing £ mortagage rates cash becoming eroded Its a blooming mine field Hoard cash? Enter depressed equity markets buy gold Buy some company bond 7% yeild or something or other Entry point of a falling housing market How on earth is the average man every going to get this right
  9. Funny that I did some work for them (Bentley) last year and they took blooming ages to pay my bill didnt think anything about it at the time.
  10. Great to hear folks are doing the same as we are, saving as much a possible reducing debt to have a lot more choices in life We have saved for 6 years and should have enough to buy outright buy late 2010/11 What my QUESTION to you is Instead of buying a place outright Im thinking of spreading the money to buy a few houses and then use the extra money over the rent that my tenents will pay me to pay my mortgage. Then having a few houses will increase my wealth when prices rise by 20-- If you only have one house you will of course have a mortgage free life but will never have any real money
  11. A friend of mine hid £9k in the grounds of his house and then forgot where he hid it he went to see a hypnotist and even under the spell she couldnt find it two years later he sold the house due to divorce never found it somebody will have a windfall one day
  12. I have been worried about this for some time saving rates could go as low as 0 % (happened in Japan) This is where (IMHO) the £ 2 Trillion in cash sitting on the sidlines will return to the market as dividends will offer a real return on cash Winter Sale Now On
  13. When you say you are "buying back in" are you all buying physical gold or going in on a spread bet
  14. The world wont end its going to get tough very very tough for some but there are a lot of people out there with unbelieveable amounts of money. Its just going to be a really nasty ressession,how bad well who knows but some people the clever ones will still make money. Have a look at Russia,15 years ago do some research that was seriously bad, I have met some of them and they survived, but then afterwards it is a new era and with it opportunities that never exisisted before. Hence Mr Chelsea. Good Luck
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