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  1. I moved into a shared property and 3 months in the house got served with repossession notice by the landlord. The agency is trying to claim that the property has t be returned to the state it was when it was first let 10 years ago, including removing crap from the garage (which is probably the landlords)! I obviously have photos of the state when it moves in and wear and tear is going to be 100% due to the length of time, but im just wondering how the law is regarding tenancies that are continuous but the names on the contract change over time. Who is responsible, surely not the last person
  2. I went to view a room in a flat today. Was pretty amazing location and decor. The only problem is that the landlord will be living there. I have since found out that if you are renting a room in a house you are an excluded occupier and have zero rights and no deposit protection! WTF! I will wait and see what sort of contract is drawn up if im offered it. But i have a sneaking suspicion they might not be the sole owner of the house. Maybe a guarantor or a parent on the mortgage. I will be asking to see proof of ownership, if they dont have full ownership does it have to be an AST? Any furth
  3. i dont understand why the deposit even has to come out of a deposit service in the first place. If im moving from one property with a protected deposit, to move into another which will have a protected deposit whats the point of me messing around with the cash and the inevitable delays it causes? Why cant i just leave it there and transfer it to the new property? That will also stop landlords messing about with it as how can the argue if its already there and protected. In fact, why does the landlord need to see the money in the first place? Why cant I put it on the DPS and let them access it
  4. How can you make sure you are not getting scammed when dealing with houseshares/landlords direct?
  5. Well why don't you PM me the details of where I can find the ad for the postion then.
  6. Do your research: we absolutely DO NOT need more scientists. The government likes to say we do because its easy to pin the recovery on imaginary technology of the future, and because it sounds better than saying we need nothing. Like everything else these jobs are slowly moving to india and china.
  7. Right well they have finally ggot back to me ive been told they want £65 for cleaning, which is ridiculous because i cleaned the entire place. I have photos of every room before i left except the kitchen. They say the cooker wasnt clean but i spent ages cleaning it. there is no clause for it to be professionally cleaned at the end of the tenancy. They want £25 for doing the garden. when i moved in there was weeds, and im not exaggerating, up to the height of me. I spend a day picking them all out and filled 3 bags with garden waste. I had photos of this but i may have lost the memory card w
  8. its in the DPS. What options do i have? Ive jsut been fobbed off on the phone? If they dont call back tommorow im going into their office until they tell me what i owe! Can i claim anything for the length of time this is taking?
  9. started july 2007. yeah, good idea. Although they said i didnt clean the cooker so i must have just imagined scrubbing it on my hands and knees for an hour then!
  10. Ive now have been waiting 43 days for even a notification of deductions that are being made to my deposit after leaving a property. I have sent them a letter demanding this to be resolved within a week and there has still been nothing. The agency just keep saying they will get it out to me. Its with the DPS, but i cant dispute anything until i know what it is they actually want. Do i have grounds for demanding money due to the length of time this matter has been taken to be resolved? (and this is before i have a laugh at what they are charging for the carpets to be cleaned. Cream carpets in
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