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  1. Hi, The Lo Fi version of the site is gone! It's a scandal, my Nokia N95 effectively can't read the forum anymore... The browser just quits after downloading some 600kb of html! Not to mention it was by far the quickest and most readable skin of all, most suitable for browsing at work etc!!!! HEEEEELP!
  2. I got back to Warsaw a few months ago after living in the UK for 4 years and was shocked when I saw how the city changed - look for yourself (polish only though): http://www.skyscrapercity.com/showthread.p...670&page=52
  3. =====Update====== Anyone for Schadefreude? We're trying to flog our cars we bought on finance (2002 Ford Focus Automatic and 2002 Ford Mondeo 2.0) both bought for about £5000 18 and 12 months ago respectively - and the dealer buying prices we're getting are £1700 for the Focus and ZERO for the Mondeo (too big engine apparently). Apparently used cars aren't shifting either from the forecourts and the dealers aren't too keen to take on any more stock. We've still got some finance on them (albeit that will be cleared from our savings), but the state of the game is NOT NICE to say the least. We were expecting them to depreciate at the rate of paying off a 3 year loan for them (both had a 3yr finance), so by now they would (according to us) be worth about £3k each, but no no no, instead of clearing the finance on them we would be left with about £4k of shortfall. And that does take into account all the payments we made on the finance so far.... [plug] So, if you're after a great car, look here: http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?Vie...em=200273597942 http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?Vie...em=200274405905 The funny thing is, the dealer told me cars above 1600cc aren't shifting due to people fearing high petrol prices and Road Tax increases. We're probably going to ship one of them over to Poland and drive until it makes sense to get rid of them, as a replacement for the Mondeo would cost us somewhere like £6k to buy in Poland. Who said moving abroad (or even "going home") is an easy option? BTW, since December we don't have any place to live, but we're optimistic.
  4. Yeah, but they're 2 or 3 times the floor area of a typical british semi. Warszawa, Ursynów, Długa, 195 m2 How much living space does a Barratt box offer? These are simply our versions of "new build houses", nothing too fancy. Nah, just Chinese and Filipinos, but most of the work is still done by Poles. I never saw an Indian in Poland, and on my recent trip - just one black face on the underground. In the hotel lots of foreigners (mostly europeans) though.
  5. A little update, after my 3-day trip to Warsaw: STR successful (cash buyer), 6 job interviews in 3 days, first one - successful. Job paying only £20k (vs £40k in the UK), but comparing that to £6k I was getting in Warsaw four years ago it's a damn sight better :-) Landlord notified about us moving out, the expected move date around 1st of Dec, new job starting 15th of Dec. Some pictures from my trip: http://flickr.com/photos/brzezinskinet/ Nice, heh? :-)
  6. I didn't say it is. London is cheap when you live in a bedsit And it's the natural starting point for immigrants, most vibrant labour market etc. Oh man, you've struck a chord... If you go to Barcelona and tell them it's a Spanish city you'll get at least verbally abuse. It is Catalan. Progress = going forward, not necessarily going in a right direction Nah, it's about local relations between nations more than anything. But let's face it - we're all different, and that doesn't help in mutual understanding each other. In Poland we have a similar thing, but I call it "us and them complex". Even if everything's going well people always single out a group and try to pin different things onto them. People from Warsaw don't like people from other cities, and vice versa, just like Catalans don't like Madrid. But the important thing is not to get tied up in this sea of crap and just get on with your life Peace, man! ;> Yeah, as my post counter on this site shows :-))) Thanks
  7. Ahhh... I thought this sort of comment will appear. Well - ex-communist states exercise the approach "do what you can", not necessarily what's allowed. So if noone catches these bus-jumpers - why bother paying Still, better than stabbing teenagers :-) I guess the reason London is so multicultural is - not many English want to live there, leaving vast areas of cheap rundown areas to immigrants. When you come to a country and don't have much money - you choose the cheap place to stay. As far as welfare state goes - it's a policy problem. If these unemployed lazy a***s were offered "three strikes" when rejecting jobs, and then losing their benefits - that would change things dramatically. But I guess anyone craving for a city to be National (Polish/English/whatever) just needs to get over it, or jump into a time capsule. It's called globalisation and progress. If these immigrant communities were treated better they wouldn't have the incentive to separate, but the reason for that lies on both sides of the fence. Immigrants struggle with English language, and English struggle to help them even if they want - for language reasons. I guess the biggest problem is - grouping people and discussing them as a group (nationality/immigrants), whenever you do that you're on a straight path to fascism or other right-wing policies. Of course, racism and intolerance in my country is even more appaling, so I'm not surprised. That's why I move to Warsaw, not some remote town.
  8. Looking at your signature I wish to post something rude ;-) But - answering: 1) Don't know 2) Don't care :-D 3) It's the System's problem
  9. That's what my contacts lead me to believe. And self-employed people pay a flatrate Income tax of 19%, whereas if you were employed you'd jump into 40% rate from roughly fourth month of the year.. This is obviously something the government needs to revise rapidly - we had wage growth 10-12% per year in the economy in recent years, but the tax rates didn't budge too much And don't you drive everywhere in the UK? AHahhahahahaha:-) And this plasticky and american style in Poland is called Modern and Spacious, unlike the 1880s terraced house I first lived in Kent, where you had to go through every room in the house, wasting enormous amount of space. My current 2 bed terrace built in 70s in Kent isn't much better too, we barely fit there with 1 baby. In PL we couldn't care less about a "character" of the property - you give it a character when you live there, it's your home. And that's that. We don't shed tears when we have to move from a few bricks, as you can often see in the TV in Britain. ("Our baby was born in this room, it's such a heartache to move".... get a life Yes. Not proud of it, but it is the case. But just remind yourself for a second what Britain was like before in 70s, before mass immigration. Yup, I'm aware of that too. But thanks to that we're the best complainers in the world, British moaning just doesn't cut it :-D Anyway, when caught speeding in PL just - always keep 100PLN (20 quid) inserted in your driver's documents* . Used to work, and was cheaper than official tickets Dziekuje :-D * I don't endorse that, and I have never done that, but it just goes to show some cultural differences...
  10. Depends on the area But their hobby instead of drinking and smoking for parents' money is robbing people for money to drink and smoke At least they don't beat people up for fun and out of boredom Still, as everywhere - know where not to go
  11. There's motherhood for you ;-) But seriously - Well... british girs are quite nice too, below the makeup and earrings, if you make them a "natural makeover" they would look good too. But only until the age of 20, when they weigh 100kg :-) I guess the polish case has something to do with being a mother, working hard in the household and not looking after oneself properly. Life wasn't easy even 5 years ago in PL, so things will change - but in from generation onwards M.
  12. Yeah, can do, but this "popping over" takes a whole day without... motorways ;-) Still, at least they're "under construction", if as always delayed by corruption scandals :> So things will improve.
  13. I will miss the motorway network though - it's good on Weekends (avoid on Weekdays). In PL we have a "half a motorway" finished now, and you pay tolls to go on it
  14. I know, we live in the Garden of England, in Idyllic village of Bearsted located next to an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty of North Downs. Shame you can best appreciate the Beauty from the M20 motorway, as it is mostly private land :-) But still, there's North Downs Way with public rights of way, but for walkers only. Funnily enough, we could never justify the cost of visiting northern england, the accomodation is just so extortionately expensive. The furthest we went to was Cambridge and Oxford/Abingdon. But in the Southern direction - Barcelona and Avignon, for a similar cost :>
  15. Be nice, you're giving BNP more support
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