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  1. No one has to sell for prices to drop. You just need a lack of buyers. Trading volumes have been falling for weeks.
  2. London will go when China goes. Most of the top-end 'bubble money' has come from China.
  3. Guardian: "Savers at heart of Osborne's budget"
  4. The DJIA undershot its expected high by quite some margin last week and is now heading down. The S&P also missed, but by a smaller margin. The DJ being the guv'nor and, given its latest lower peak, the short-term (6 month?) channel looks like heading south for a while. It might be a bit late shorting the FTSE from here though. Could be best to wait for an intermediate bounce for a better entry point. A 6-month bear seems to be consensus among the smart money, but given the height the market has reached recently, it looks an awfully long way down from here. 10-year DJIA Big dipper time maybe.
  5. Complete bollucks. The Shard is empty.
  6. For higher rate taxpayers - yes. There've been rumours of this for years and it's bound to happen sooner or later. Can't see them removing it for standard rate payers though - there wouldn't be much point paying into a pension then for most people.
  7. It would cost more to implement than it would save. Been looked at many times.
  8. You seem to be obsessed with free bus passes. The average cost of use per pensioner is about £100 per annum. They're hardly laughing all the way to the bank on that one.
  9. It what way is borrowing to buy a house and paying off the loan, borrowing from the next generation? You've lost me there.
  10. And then they will become the new boomers. Nothing changes. Mix through to Dorkins grandchildren sharpening their knives in 50 years time.
  11. According to this site: http://www.isouthyorkshire.com/local/hospitals/2/ there are 19 'hospitals' in South Yorkshire. That puts the wastage at 28 meals per day, per hospital. More wasteful, but still hardly worth an article. Besides, the article also mentions "...mental health, elderly care and alcohol and drug treatment services at day centres and residential facilities..." , so who knows how many such 'establishments' they've included in the figures.
  12. 200,000? South Yorkshire covers a pretty big area. There's probably 50 'establishments' of various sizes covered by that figure. That's just 11 meals wasted per day, per establishment. Sounds like a puffed up non-story to me.
  13. It's the buyer's responsibility to insure the property upon exchange of contracts. Always has been. See Practical Conveyancing's insurance page.
  14. Nevertheless, it will happen - because it's the least painful compromise for the most number of EZ members. That's all you need to know. Place your bets accordingly.
  15. Europe's coming 'great leap forward' As the skies over euroland darken, at least the jokes in Brussels are getting better. At a recent gathering to discuss the crisis that threatens to unravel the euro, one former member of the European parliament observed acidly: "They ought to give this year's Charlemagne prize [for services to European unity] to the bond markets. Who has done more for the cause?..." Nicely written backgrounder on the current thinking from Brussels and where our new overlords are aiming to take us. i.e the ECB will not be forced to monetize Euro debt but Euro bonds will be issued instead - once Brussels has got its fingers on every country's economic nuts and can squeeze any time it likes (as it has just done with Greece and Italy), to get its own way. The problem with the Euro bonds approach is that it's much slower to implement than using the ECB's big bazooka, so Brussels knows it's in for a nervous few months before all the necessary treaty ammendments are in place (they'll be promoted as minor tweaks, and therefore no referenda). This is the way it will happen, for sure. The article is well worth a read over a coffee and a bun.
  16. Long term, Brussels has to kill the pound - they have no choice. As long as the pound exists, it's the anti-euro. It's just a matter of how and when.
  17. Sounds like Larry Lang will be taking a walk in Yangtze very soon.
  18. On a minor point of order. Ireland is not (mostly) in the state its in due the reckless lending of its banks. Its there because of the reckless promises of its government to guarantee the reckless lending of its banks.
  19. Not according to this BoE committee member: Sky will fall in if Greece leaves EZ... He says you're all mad to hanker after it. The consequences would be so awful that it won't be allowed to happen.
  20. Maybe that's why the new Lloyds chief collapsed under the strain (just after his lieutenants informed him Lloyds weren't gonna make it).
  21. The whole world would have to be so far down the sh*tter for that to happen that I just can't see them (the pols) pulling it off. Effectively a worldwide partial jubilee. Extremely inflationary, but a gold bug's wet dream. Given the difficulty of co-ordinating just a current EZ load sharing solution, I'd say multiple wars and revolutions/mayhem would be more likely than a BIS-based print run.
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