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  1. hmmm.. really valuable advice.. Alright.. Just taking others view point has made me literally rethink.. BRING ON THE HOUSE PRICE CRASH... I'll Wait...
  2. Thanks for taking the time out for doing it for me.. I wouldn't have been able to look inot these aspects.. Thanks a ton.
  3. Noddage.. What's the significance of pillows
  4. LOL... I am shit scared of ghosts...
  5. thanks a lot for the valuable advice..much appreciated.
  6. I've been a silent visitor to this forum for sometime now. I wonder if anyone can give his views about it..Wt will be the price I should be offering?....will really appreciate it.
  7. Hi guys.. What do you say about this? http://www.rightmove.co.uk/viewdetails-100...=3&tr_t=buy
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