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  1. Pay Freezes? You are assuming they are on a pay freeze? If not an increase in line with CPI that would be circa half the annual saving target extra to find... The pay awards in the public sector are set up so that pay awards each year are in two parts. An inflationary uplift which the government can - to an extent - manage down to very low levels. An incremental uplift - typically you join at a point on the scale and move up one increment every year. You might think that with some turnover and new staff joining the bottom of the scale it would be zero-sum but the reality is 'incremental drift' - i.e. a gradual increase in pay (excluding the impact of inflation) happens every year. So - unless the government changes existing contracts - there definitely won't be a pay freeze. One of the biggest problems - financially - trying to reduce staff numbers in the public sector are the redundancy terms and conditions. 2 years pay-off entitlement not uncommon especially in some of the professions - nursing, teaching etc. since the continuous service counts regardless which particular organsiation you work for (e.g. move from one school to another and in redundancy terms it counts as continuous employment).
  2. I am sure you realise that that 'Johnny Foreigner' in not a big homogenous mass? Ripping off poles doesn't really help anyone (but you) or punish those who probably deserve it. I think it is a fairly safe bet that migrant workers coming here probably don't have 'easy come' wealth. Using your own defence you should restrict yourself to stealing from the weathy e.g. British home owners
  3. Hi, I have been reading (lurking upon?) this site for about two weeks now and decided to join since I found laughing my head off at the descriptions of EAs, DamianLSmith, people arguing about whether there is a God or not (as if??), and the general mix of real insight into house prices to come and random nonsense about almost anything. I am in my mid-30s, have always rented, never really planned on buying a house ever until recently when I thought I might as well. Currently rent a flat. I probably arrived at this site already wanting to belive that house prices will fall so I can buy one more cheaply but have been pleasantly surprised by the backing provided for opinions that I wanted to read. I knew the site might house more than a normal curve's worth of nutters but these nutters know their stuff. Also it may provide an arms-length way of debating with Daily Mail readers since there seem to be no limit on the political views you can hold here. They can hate everyone and I can despise them for it. And we can talk about why. I live in Poole (lovely place but really expensive) so I could really do with them falling as far as they want. I fully intend this site to be my guide as to when the market is bottoming out. Can you believe that I went in to discuss with an EA what the best thing to do would be about 3 months ago?!!!!! Only my perseverance with my weekend policy of "doing sod all" prevented me looking at flats ready to make an offer. I won't bore you with the details but they had a slightly different take on the bhole house price thing!! I have always known that despite a degree in Economics - I really did not understand it that thoroughly. I comforted myself witht the thought that this macro economy crap is much too pissing complicated and involved to really understood by anyone. How wrong I was!! Having read the articles and (usually) logical responses I now know that a) I know **** all Some people do, at the very least, give the impression of having a grasp of how the whole thing works. I am going to force myself to contribute/challenge despite the fear that I may on accasion simply be about to show how ignorant I am.
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