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  1. “Who would fardels bear, To groan and sweat under a weary life, But that the dread of something after death, The undiscovered country, from whose bourn No traveller returns, puzzles the will, And makes us rather bear those ills we have Than fly to others that we know not of? Thus, conscience does make cowards of us all;”
  2. 1. 25% in nine ftse100 stocks, with average yield 6.07%. 25% on freehold property in wales, small town or village near small town with railway station within 3 miles. 45% to make further investments over the next year, expecting a small correction in cash markets. etfs and investment trusts with appropriate geographical and asset diversification. 5% cash (gbp) 2. when covid is not in the forefront of thinking (2022?) rent out property. move to SE Asia. Thailand. Vietnam, Laos. Travel, housesit, rent. Ten years. 3. Occupational pension kicks in. Return to UK, sell up, buy retirement home in the countryside of England or Wales. 4. Die.
  3. https://uk.finance.yahoo.com/news/heading-another-property-market-crash-060000652.html
  4. thanks to all contributors on this thread but obviously in particular to RR. This is now my first port of call when visiting the site. After I've been here I check the forum! BUT could I respectfully query why there are so many auction properties? I mean surely they will of necessity have lowered the price to attract interest. Presumably there's a minimum the seller will accept and it may well be much higher than the auction start price. just sayin' keep up the good work!
  5. "Noticing the market softening for the first time in months" Any evidence? I just checked LD1 on Rightmove, most of the overpriced converted flats in Llandod are sold and don't appear to have hung around for long. Suffice it to say larger properties are almost all gone and quickly too. Builth Wells (LD2), a large town house that would have gone for £280-£290k in 2019 is marked SSTC at £425k, sold in a couple of days, implying that the asking price was achieved. Obviously this is mid-Wales, not West, but it's the area I know and is presumably analagous? Am still seeing houses appear and then go under offer in days.
  6. ...and have you got any info on where bears go to the toilet? i'm just kidding with you. They are w*a*nkers for sure.
  7. I understand that the pontiff has recently affirmed his religious affiliation!
  8. He told you! SPX up 34% since 1 July DJIA up 24% UKX up 14%
  9. here's the article attached...hope it works not done this before on this forum!
  10. you are quite right CC, my bad! the article refers to an extension of the same using devolved powers, with some very scary numbers involved (at least from my pov!). I'll try and post screenshots of the article later.
  11. https://www.walesonline.co.uk/lifestyle/welsh-homes/anger-bidding-wars-offers-way-20584425 Fascinating piece on the current state of things here in Wales. I'm not willing to give too many details but i've recently sold in mid-wales and i achieved 12.5% over last year's price, though there were no bid wars or block viewings. However I started the process back in september and only completed last week so I can't say for sure how the market is doing today. My guess is that the properties referred to in the article are very specific types of photogenic, appealing residences which if in Surrey or Berkshire whould be £2.5 million and appear as a snip at £750k to the average Sunday Times reader in the Home Counties. Just looking at my town on RM there are a couple of houses with gardens an acre in size which have stuck, though there are other properties more reasonably priced in my opinion, which have gone to SSTC very quickly. The anecdotes in the article are interesting and seem to point to mania-type behaviour which I would suggest is unsustainable. I personally think the market has to take a breather at this point but I don't believe there will be a sustained crash - there is simply too much cash being created. Hard asset price appreciation in items outside the purview of the CPI/RPI calculations is the real reason why inflation will not take off Venezuela style. That's why I'm comfortable in the short term to be holding a mixture of shares/cash (25%/75%). The short term being six months! On the subject of Wales there's a good piece in this week's Economist about second home owners and the possiblility of a land transaction tax being introduced. https://www.economist.com/britain/2021/05/15/second-homes-are-coming-under-increasing-attack-in-wales
  12. https://www.happyhomestead.co.uk/ these people moved from S Wales to one of the Orkney islands. I personally love stories of folks doing stuff like this, travelling, experimenting with an alternative lifestyle, whatever just so long as one sticks it to the man. beard mandatory it seems!
  13. here https://uk.finance.yahoo.com/news/uk-house-price-gauge-hits-230924734.html and here https://www.rics.org/uk/news-insight/research/market-surveys/uk-residential-market-survey/ (scroll down)
  14. Spyguy, thanks for posting this. One thing I haven't seen mentioned is that given the market for flats is so depressed right now then it must be feeding in to the wider market more generally but not in a contagious, price deflation sense. If those folks who might otherwise have been in the market for purchasing apartments are now buying houses instead then this is contributing further to the HPI we are experiencing atm, given the already constrained nature of supply. Is it possible that those already in the apartment sector of the market are stranded, disconnected from the market which is moving on without them? Can this continue?
  15. love, love, love a play by mike bartlett deals with the issue. i think it was first performed in 2010. i heard it on radio 3 last year and i'm sure it will be lurking around somewhere on the web
  16. the chart in the article shows all august rightmove asking price stats back to 2002 https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2018-08-20/steepest-u-k-house-price-discounts
  17. http://preview.*******.com/ybpgswjc “Trading remains challenging for Foxtons due to the low levels of housing activity in the capital. “In our view, this is being exacerbated by the group’s relatively high commission fees, which are increasingly detached from average rates charged by its competitors. “Self help could come in the form of a reduction in fees but, as yet, management seems reluctant to take such action. The lettings fee ban looks set to come into force in 2018, which will create a further drag on profitability.”
  18. Well no - he's just another pushy salesman, isn't he? Sorry but I think wine is to be consumed - and pronto. Literally...
  19. Yes quite - usual expectation management...you're quite correct - except the poor souls who lose their livelihoods... and 4000 is no mean number.
  20. Yes exactly what I was thinking - who knows what next...a rights issue? How will that work with over 80% already in state ownership? Well - more money from HMG presumably. This is a crucial phase for this once great institution. It will be very interesting to see how this plays out...
  21. @SkyNewsBreak tweeted: Sky sources: RBS to announce up to 4000 investment bank job cuts this week Not good! edit to add Full story here: http://blogs.news.sky.com/kleinman/Post:c22c18ee-96e8-4830-82bc-071bad28b585
  22. Hey! - I believe house prices will rise modestly next year as per my sig. Well I'm off out now to get pissed - thanks - Ron
  23. Well let's see shall we - do these analysts who are polled have a track record in predicting house prices correctly? Here is their prediction at Q3/Q4 2010... http://uk.reuters.com/article/2010/09/23/uk-poll-uk-house-prices-poll-idUKTRE68M20X20100923 According to Nationwide house prices on a year on year basis are currently up 1.6%... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Confirmation_bias
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