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  1. Come on now. That sort of attitude isn't going to get you anywhere. If we hadn't bailed out the banks and pandered to their every desire, we would now be living in a Mad Max-type post-acopalyptic world full of credit-deprived zombies chewing each others' faces off. It's a long article, so here's a quick summary - CON #1 THE SWOOP AND SQUAT Sell toxic MBS's to people who think they're buying investment-grade instruments. Buy an insurance policy against the known-to-be-toxic MBS's going bad. Push the insurance company to collapse by demanding cash collateral when the MBS's start going bad.
  2. A well-written piece putting together all of the con tricks that wall street has foisted off on us unsuspecting dummies - http://www.rollingstone.com/politics/story/32255149/wall_streets_bailout_hustle/print
  3. Interesting but very long article. Worth a look though. Looks like we're headed for a disastrous 2010. http://www.marketskeptics.com/2009/12/2010-food-crisis-for-dummies.html
  4. Yes. Just like the G8 summit. Waste of time. Much pontification. Little action.
  5. Number 4 and 6 definitely had tough paper rounds. Look more like they're in their 30s than 20s.
  6. Don't be silly. There were no such things as hurricanes, floods, typhoons or droughts before the genesis of mankind.
  7. Einstein was wrong. The problems we face today can clearly be solved at the same level of thinking we were at when we created them. What a dufus.
  8. Looks like Merv isn't quite as assured as you - World 'losing faith in debt-laden UK': Bank's warning over the nation's credit rating
  9. If only we could get all the politicians together to agree to stop those darned developing countries from using the resources that we so badly need on the pretext of some global catastrophe, that would be good. The Western way of life is non-negotiable.
  10. I'm sorry? What? It's impossible to read your posts. Your avatar is strangely hypnotic.
  11. Well, it could be added retrospectively to stop people from asking you to defend the main points in your post, which, because it's your post, you are implicitly assumed to agree with. Unfortunately I discovered that you can't edit the main topic post retrospectively.
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