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  1. Not really..........start with the basics: Bookeeping. For every credit there must be a corresponding debit. You are either a creditor or a debitor. There is no inbetween. Debt is money. The only problem with this is that total credit must keep rising in order to supply enough new debits to pay the interest accrued. Once this stops, problems begin.
  2. Me too......and the fact that the forum is usually 4-400 days ahead of the rest of the press in decipering what is going to happen next.
  3. HIPs were mainly being introduced so that the government could do a revaluation for council tax purposes.
  4. Shouldn't be too hard on him........it can be very difficult for some people when their perception of reality is questioned to a great extent.
  5. wigs or whigs? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/British_Whig_Party
  6. You can always run your car on water.........seriously! http://hubpages.com/hub/Can-You-Run-a-Car-On-Water
  7. Ther's a word for people who want to restrain discussion like Cityfool: Fascist
  8. I'm with dazed and confused here............there is nothing wrong with idle discussion.......whatever that may be. Its the basis for a free society. I'm a little unsue why that would make amyone uneasy.........
  9. or credit was too cheap.........either way its the same thing.
  10. and hello deflation...........this is what the BOE will fight tooth and nail to avoid. They won't. But they won't make it easy. Expect them to cut rates again.........and expect milk, eggs, gas, electric, petrol etc.....to rise to the moon. Interestingly all IR cuts do now is gift cash to banks. The real base rate for retail credit is now > 7%....and thats without any risk premium on top.......which the banks need. No matter what the BOE does - your mortgage rate will only go up for the forseeable future. Incidentially. The reason that they will fail (to prevent deflation) is because face
  11. .....and a lot of people need the cash a spare room can bring with mortgage payments and food bills so high.
  12. Control the oil, control the Country. Control the food, control the people. Iraq has 2 trillion barrels of light sweet crude. And if you want to eat you now have to buy seeds every year from Monsanto and big agri. That'll get us the dollars back.
  13. I had to run after I posted this thread.....a lot of great posts......this week more than ever I am convinced that rental demand is falling hard. The final knife to fall will be the FT100 when the next quarter earnings come in. Then its jobs losses. And then the hard times really begin to flow. But the main fact you have to remember is that demand for housing can and will fall. Kids can move in with parents. Parents with grandparents. Mates into spare rooms. Single people can couple up. People can up sticks and leave the country........... was was before is now no more.........
  14. What a start to the year............. - This is the year when mortgage resets begin in earnest. And as you already know........in some cases those payments will double. If you took a subprime mortgage out (as millions did) the reset rate is up to 11% (from 6ish). Thats called bankruptcy and eviction. - Food prices up £750 for the average family!!! - Petrol up 20% - Gas, Electric and other fuels up 20% ish - Taxes up big time......most notably council tax........... And wages still flat thanks to the miricle of outsourcing and a broken manufacturing base. And all the while the party stil
  15. You are missing the point. The reason why the Bank Of International Settlements, The World Bank, IMF, central banks, sovereign funds and individuals buy gold is precisely because it has no counterparty risk. All the other alternatives that you mention carry a risk of default, this applies to currencies as it applies to shares. In addition you cannot inflate gold. Many have tried to recreate it artificially. So far it cant be done. Increases in supply have traditionaly been small and regular. Because currencies are always inflated gold has been and remains a good store of value. The reason why
  16. The 'lost decade' was a mistake for Japan. ... and it won't happen like that in Britain. We have a long history of boom and bust going back to the South Sea trading company. As a nation we prefer to do things to excess. Always have. Probably always will.
  17. Agree completely except that I think it is already happening and they are struggling with keeping it below $900.....let alone $450. But can't fault the reasoning.
  18. yeah.......cause this crisis is almost over and things will be back to normal soon........oh.....wait........doh
  19. Notice anything familiar thats happening right now............(from wiki) As an aside.........if anyone still thinks that Gold is a duff investment.....you might want to tell the Bank for International Settlements. It gets a risk weighting of 0% (good as gold basically). They understand its value only too well. No counterparty risk you see. http://www.bis.org/publ/bcbs107.htm Still thinking of buying tulips?
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