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  1. Bullionvault is a great place to buy a bit of gold. Its charges are very low as well. Goldmoney is worth a mention as well but has a slightly more onerous sign up procedure. Bullion vault is very easy to use.
  2. Exactly. Although Gold may turn our to be a good (or even fantastic) investment this should not be your main reason for buying it. Its insurance against devaluation of currency. A store of value. Iceland was a scary reminder of what can happen to a currency.
  3. If you are going to buy and gold (or silver) you are probably best off buying a little when you can with the intention of holding it for a while. Keeping the bulk of your holding with BullionVault or Goldmoney and then buying a few coins here and there is a popular method. Small bars of silver also make great Christmas prezzies! ATS bullion will post you a 1oz bar.
  4. The best gold websites if you are interested are: GATA Bullion Vault Gold Money ATS Bullion Goldseek and lastly.... List of famous Gold quotes Enjoy!
  5. http://www.mcclatchydc.com/215/gallery/44162-a44569-t3.html
  6. Had a read of your blog the other day Injin........I liked it a lot....its got a nice pace and style to the writing.
  7. True......and that is why I consider it to be a pretty low risk bet. The downside is very limited and the upside potential is phenomonal. I'm happy with that. Not too many investments at the moment that can compare. I'm really not too worried about the price swings inbetween.
  8. Well here's my fundamental analysis as much as its worth. Central banks are printing money. Credit is being destroyed as well but the printing will outweigh the destruction. Gold is way below its inflation adjusted high which is well north of $2000 oz.........it could go much higher. There is a large body of evidence that the price has been artificially supressed of a while. The bounce back will be fast and fairly immediate. and I'll leave you with my favourite quotes: and the best for last........
  9. as opposed to ramping house prices downwards of course........
  10. There have been many, many similar articles in the last few days...... http://www.goldseek.com/ http://www.gata.org/ http://www.dollarcollapse.com/
  11. Some interesting reports on physical Silver shortages recently........ http://news.silverseek.com/GoldIsMoney/1220733996.php
  12. If you're still wondering whether to snap up a bit of Gold or Silver...........have a read through some of these quotes. http://www.investmentrarities.com/famousquotes.html
  13. You would have to be mad to buy on margin at this point. The price swings are too wild and unpredictable.
  14. I'm loving these gold and silver prices declines.....I just hope they last long enough to allow me to stock up with more.
  15. I could tell you a lot of stories like that David........but I just don't think you would appreciate it somehow.
  16. I only asked because I've been involved with similar arguements.........but never that approach. But I like it.
  17. If level 3 assests aren't fradulent balance sheets then what are they?? There is more than one way to 'create money'
  18. Yes. Now called 'Level 3' - more commonly known as mark to fantasy........loan defaulted? No probs we'll just record it as if we'll see the money someday.............move along.......nothing to see here............
  19. No......more like so sort of weird mix of facism and doublespeak.
  20. These quotes might give you an idea of where I'm headed..... "The standard of living of the common man is higher in those countries which have the greatest number of wealthy entrepreneurs." Ludwig von Mises "...there seems to be a correlation between the intensity of the official attacks on gold and the severity of monetary crises." Hans F. Sennholz "I see a great future for gold and silver coins as the currency people may increasingly turn to when paper currencies begin to disintegrate." Murray M. Rothbard "Nothing beats a little cash in a bear market, of course, and the oldest form o
  21. no because the governments/banks can.... do this... leading to this....
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