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  1. http://img165.imageshack.us/img165/1615/image001.png
  2. Kind of. I meant taxation, legislation and plenty of willing agents.
  3. We're got plenty of infrastructure to deal with high inflation. I say lets start chopping those trees down.
  4. Personally I prefer aa3s way. But I think they'll end up going my route.
  5. Despite alll the bank bailouts by the Bank Of England and the Treasury velocity of money has contracted and is continuing to decline at an alarming rate. The Bank Of England has very little direct control over the velocity of money. They can only encourage the faster turnover of money and not coerce it. They have aleady cut rates and provide liquidity. However, when banks and fincancial fims are out of action, they get scared. If banks can’t find a profitable way to use these bailouts, they will simply to refuse do so… 0% or very low interest rates and ample liquidity will do nothing to inte
  6. I think we'll have: Rise in unemployment High streets and shopping centres full of empty shops Talk about 'deflation' but all essential bills keep going up A major political scandal More 'Soc Gen' type frauds being discovered Extreme currency fluctuation and possibility of exchange controls being introduced. Rise in Gold & Silver Possible default in some ETF type fundsBank charges finally being refunded
  7. sorry I wasnt being too clear. I think it IS downright illegal to recreate docs that way and the fact that RBS seem to be doing it all the time makes me think that there is a lot more to the above stories.
  8. I think that first apperaed on Consumer Action Groutp a while ago........:-) Its a good example of how RBS conducts business which is why I am very, very suspicious of the above stories.
  9. If there is any eveidence that this type of thing is systemic then we should be seeing dawn raid and bankers in jail. I hope this gets properly followed up.
  10. This article appeared today in the Sunday Times.. http://www.timesonline.co.uk/tol/news/uk/article5299256.ece Is it possible that they are creating 'phantom' loans in order to get access to more bailout cash or to sell them on the government backed rescue schemes? If they are then this is massive..........
  11. http://www.guardian.co.uk/business/2008/no...ex-market-value
  12. are in a seclar bull.........and I like Silver too. The current price is just crazy low.
  13. Well the SAS still seem to care: Good thinking on their part I reckon.
  14. ATS Bullion in London are very approachable and you can call them up and chat. If you want to buy a small amount of gold bars or coins and take delivery then they would be my first choice.
  15. If you use a BACS transfer there is no cost to transfwering your money to Bullionvault.
  16. Thanks fot your wonderfully coherent comment. I'll reply with a quote.
  17. Using your argument Zimbarbians or Icelanders live in Krona/Zim dollar, earn in krona/zim dollar, own in krona/zim dollar, compete in krona/zim dollar.........they won't be retiring i those currencies anymore.......cause they have been wiped out. I what thet think of gold?
  18. Lets break your statement down: 1. Gold goes up and down like any other commodity. Yes. Supply/demand and movements in exchange rates will affect the gold price. This is just a fact. 2. Its not the simple store of wealth that many would have you believe? This does not make a great deal of sense. Gold is a very simple store of value. 1oz of gold would buy you a good suit in London 100 years ago. It would arguably still buy you one today. 3. Its not unknown for gold to be confiscated in times of crisis. Correct. This happened once in America in the 30's. But the government actually paid p
  19. At the very least you won't need a wheelbarrow for your cash!
  20. Gold is just a store of value. Nothing more nothing less. Not an 'armagedon' hedge. The 'man in the street' can do what he likes. Investment choices really come down to invididual preference and choice. Is it really worth the bother.....??? Its up to each individual to make their own choices. Is gold a good addition to a portfolio? I would argure it is. Why would you want to leave an entire asset class 'to the big boys'?
  21. Over the long term you are correct. But shares are an investment and therefore carry associated risk. For instance they (Shell) could have their reserves siezed, tax rates changed or we could find that they have overstated their reserves! There is a place for investment in every portfolio. The attraction of gold is that it is very boring. It pays no dividend, but it carries no counterparty risk. That is the tradeoff you make.
  22. I question the numbers as well. If they have bought any it is almost certainly off market and hey would have got a lot less than 3000 tons. But they may not have actually bought any. Simply threatening to do so may be enough to ensure that they still retain access to the dollar market. A bit like chess.
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