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  1. my faith in the future was restored yesterday! saw a kid on the longest st in mid ulster wearing a tshirt stating SOLD MY SOUL FOR ROCK N ROLL! rock on!
  2. staying well clear of the leaving the nest debate just a wee anecdotal i heard the other day a couple living with their parents have saved over 40 k this will let them buy a wee house that they like with 70% morgage only problem the bank wont give them a morgage as they have no utility bills in their names! rock on!
  3. yep doccy this is a big one of course its them fecking dutchmen again been causing mayhem in ireland for centuries! quote Dutch-owned ACC, which has been taking an aggressive line on developers in recent months, declined to comment last night. AIB was the largest lender, accounting for 40pc, Bank of Scotland (Ireland) 23.8pc, ACC 10.7pc, Bank of Ireland 9.3pc, Ulster Bank 6.7pc, Anglo Irish 3.1pc, and some smaller institutions were owed smaller sums. While other banks with links to the four companies involved in this matter had come to agreements over restructuring debts, ACC had issued letters of demand that expire tomorrow, which meant the bank could apply to appoint a receiver "within hours", Mr Shipsey said. This application was to prevent ACC taking such "precipitative" action until an examiner was appointed, counsel said. Mr Justice Clarke, who noted from court documents that if the group was to be liquidated there would be a deficit just below €900m, ordered that advertisements of the petition to appoint an interim examiner be placed in the 'Irish Times', Irish Independent and a major Jersey newspaper. whoops!
  4. how many of the working population are actually producing wealth? of course it all depends how you measure wealth? rock on!
  5. obviously the goverment dont call it drinking money but read this article http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/uknews/158...n-a-decade.html are you still laughing? rock on!
  6. would suspect most are on the registered acholholic scam very easy to pull and once registered on top of all the other benefits the average parasite gets you receive 80 quid odd per week drinking money! and partner will qualify for carers allowance! oh the joys of paying tax? only bright spot well fiction has a habbit of becoming fact and they drink themselves quite quickly up to the great shebeen in the sky! so who are they harmin? rock on!
  7. great debate going here! i have been thinking about this too for some time i could not understand why the political elite were so intent on drowning the wee businessman with oceans of red tape in simple terms its look after the big boy feck the wee man yes i know big business has the money and the lobbyists but there are lots of wee men with votes so where does all this bureacratic bullsh1t start ? well 80% + from brussels our overworked underpaid polticiians merely rubberstamp them so who makes the rules in brussels? well basically the eu commission is a bunch of failed politicians who would struggle ever to get reelected in their own patch have we got a free market no! have we got real democracy no! so why when we analyse it do our rulers seem to be following a distinctive facist agenda? well here is some food for thought for all you non daily mail readers! http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-11...-Reich--EU.html and i know what some will say and they might be right just the crazy musings of an aul headbanger after a good saturday night! do i care rock on!
  8. so the german grass aint greener what a surprise! for those who have lost their shirt and trousers rock on!
  9. yep plenty of stories like that down south also farmers after taking expert financial advice morgaged the farm to the eyeballs to invest in blocks of flats in various parts of the world whoops! then there are farmers here who took the big money retired and put it all in the PMS whoops various tales went round january time how they had big tax bills and access to no money rumors going round that the money put in the PMS was lent out to the flippers- developers to buy more land whoopsie do! funny aul world rock on!
  10. we could have an interesting debate about this one! first of all the original court case was late 07 i distinctlty remember discussing it with my legal eagle while visiting him on another matter next if the farmer is farming it no problem 100% agricultural land relief applies even if it is worth 10s of millons up until the court case if it was let in conacre 100% business property relief applied not any more so if a farmer wants to avoid the vampire tax all he has to do is farm it of course there are other ways to do this but time is short today in your example where you were offering 8 mil for 20 acres i suspect most farmers would have bit your hand off the opportunity to be able to sell 20 acres and buy 800 acres here 1600 across the water and pay no tax with rollover relief would have just been a no brainer of course there would have been the canny yins who expected the land if it was worth 8 mill today to be 12 mill next year have we any sympathy? and then there are of course the ones with no brains! but then what is a farmer? i will give you a real life example i know this individual through years of canny dealing or flipping as it might be described here and a little building has acquired 100s of acres of agricultural land most of the developement land was sold just before the bubble burst but he still has a dozen odd acres in a couple of local towns he no doubt like 40 000 others in this wee country has a farm business number and is lifting a considerable sum in agri subsidies all of the land is let to wullie john or pat joe to graze their bullocks and as they say in the bible belt he never dirtys his finger before the court case the development land worth millons would have passed to his son tax free now he will have to dirty his finger keeping a few bullocks or i suspect he will be a little more imaginative it aint getting any easier! rock on!
  11. how sad can one get? bet he gets off on this! rock on!
  12. i know its the holidays but that dont mean we cant pose a very serious question should rics spokespersons be compulsorarly fitted with a device similar to the poor aul jauntin car pony? http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/world/europe/8149583.stm rock on!
  13. “We predicted that Northern Ireland would experience a sharp and significant correction in house prices and that this would be followed by a period when prices would remain largely flat,†said RICS Northern Ireland spokesman Tom McClelland. WHEN Tom? yesterday? rock on!
  14. whoops another iceberg? BELFAST BRIEFING: An ambitious attempt to capitalise on the city’s relationship with the Titanic is in deep trouble, writes FRANCESS McDONNELL THERE REMAIN many unanswered questions concerning the fate of one of Belfast’s proudest but ultimately most tragic achievements, the RMS Titanic . The luxury passenger liner which sailed out of the city bound for Southampton in April 1912 was at the time one of the largest vessels in the world and was heralded as an engineering marvel. No one could have foreseen that the ship was destined to sail into the history books for all the wrong reasons. There has always been an element of plain bad luck associated with the Titanic’s doomed maiden voyage. Now, more than 97 years later, it would appear the element of bad luck associated with the Titanic has not run out. Its latest victim, to all appearances, is the £97 million (€113 million) Titanic Signature Project. The project marks one of Belfast’s most ambitious attempts yet to capitalise on the city’s unique relationship with the Titanic tragedy. It involves the construction over three acres of land in the Titanic Quarter in east Belfast of an “iconicâ€, state-of-the- art building that would stand more than five storeys high. This futuristic building would be home, among other things, to a “ Titanic -experience exhibitionâ€, and “ Titanic -themed banqueting suiteâ€. It has been estimated that the initiative could deliver a tourist boost of £30 million to the local economy if it succeeds in attracting in the region of 400,000 visitors a year. The initial plan was to have the Titanic Signature Project up and running by 2012 in order to cash in on the centenary celebrations of the Titanic ’s doomed departure from Belfast. But the Titanic Signature Project appears to be languishing under the ship’s legendary cloud of bad luck and, in turn, it has also enveloped at least one Dublin-based company operating in the North. Construction of the project was expected to begin last January. Almost seven months on, there is little evidence of any progress. This is primarily because the key funders behind the project have been caught up in a legal wrangle that is shrouded in as much mystery as the Titanic itself. The Titanic Signature Project will be part-funded by the North’s Executive, which is contributing, £43.5 million towards the cost. The Belfast Harbour Commissioners, together with Titanic Quarter Ltd, will contribute a further £43.5 million, while Belfast City Council has earmarked £10 million towards the initiative. But the groups funding the scheme have yet to sign a crucial legal agreement which, according to the North’s Department of Enterprise, sets out the terms relating to the “funding, development and operation†of the project. Why this agreement has caused a stumbling block is a question none of the funders are keen to answer. For tax reasons, the Titanic Signature Project will be owned and operated by a charitable foundation, the Titanic Foundation Ltd, with a board of independent trustees. But in the meantime, the Department of Enterprise is the lead government agency on the project. It is unwilling to shed any light on what has happened to the Titanic Signature Project. A spokesperson for the department said it “would not be appropriate to disclose the detail†of the legal agreement or, in short, provide an explanation as to why it is the only stumbling block standing between Northern Ireland and a multimillion-pound tourist initiative. But until the agreement is signed, construction of the project is effectively mothballed. This poses a major problem for the North because millions of pounds of public money have been earmarked for the project. But it also creates a considerable headache for the Northern Ireland sister company of Dublin-based Harcourt Developments. Harcourt Construction (NI) holds the contract to develop the scheme because Harcourt has exclusive rights over the former Harland and Wolff site. Harcourt has been closely involved with the east Belfast site since it set up a subsidiary, Titanic Quarter Ltd in 1998, to get involved in the regeneration of the 185 acres of lands previously home to former shipbuilder. The site itself remains in the ownership of Belfast Harbour Commissioners, but Harcourt holds the development rights for the Titanic Quarter. Unlike most major construction projects involving substantial amounts of public money in the North, Harcourt did not have to tender for the Titanic Signature Project because of its exclusivity rights over the Titanic Quarter. But it had to agree to a stringent set of conditions to ringfence the funding for the project. A Belfast City Council a spokeswoman said Titanic Quarter Ltd had fully met all the conditions it required to secure its £10 million funding.However, she said the council would not sign the funding agreement for the Titanic Signature Project until all the other funding partners had agreed to do so. Titanic Quarter Ltd had initially warned that it needed to start “excavation works in January 2009 in order to complete all works for first quarter 2012â€. It is now significantly behind schedule and the hundreds of construction jobs which the project promised to deliver for the North during the economic downturn have never materialised. Although Titanic Quarter Ltd says it remains confident that the project will be finished on time, some doubts are beginning to surface. If there is a not a major breakthrough soon on the Titanic Signature Project, Belfast will have only a ghost of chance of capitalising on the centenary of the Titanic ’s very bad run of luck. This article appears in the print edition of the Irish Times http://www.irishtimes.com/newspaper/financ...4250638862.html rock on!
  15. ahhhh the bel tel showing such concern for the provinces wee farmers! the actual court case as i understand it was actually almost 2 years ago the judgement only relates to land inside developement zones of towns villages etc i doubt whether there are actually "thousands and thousands of hectares" of this land VI may know more and in the bubble years most of it i suspect was bought by flippers and developers so who is the bel tel really concerned about? rock on!
  16. cheers doccy it is saturday nite http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_18t2_XvZRA rock on!
  17. a little pessimism porn for all you uber bears on holiday! http://www.google.co.uk/search?q=rock+n+ro...lient=firefox-a has he got it right this time? rock on!
  18. feck i must have more tshirts than hairs on my head! http://www.google.co.uk/search?q=rock+n+ro...lient=firefox-a rock on!
  19. ah if only them aspiring luxury apartment owners had bought into the culchie dream! http://www.fwi.co.uk/Articles/2009/07/11/1...gures-show.html dont know if these figures are accurate or not but i think they might open a few eyes! quote Over the 28 years the index had been running, rural property had recorded an average return on investment of 12.7%, compared with commercial property (7.5%), shares (1.2%, and bonds (5.7%). rock on!
  20. sammy got his priorities right! An extra £20m in funding for housing is expected to be the keynote of the finance minister's budget announcement to the Northern Ireland Assembly. Sammy Wilson is addressing a special sitting of the assembly at noon to give details of the distribution of any surpluses from Stormont departments. Health Minister Michael McGimpsey has asked for more than £50m to help fund efforts to combat swine flu. However, it is thought there will be no fresh money for health. The sitting of the assembly is to debate Mr Wilson's June budget statement. Last week, details of redistribution of unspent funds were not given to the assembly and it caused a row. Sinn Fein and other parties asked for the assembly be recalled from its summer break for the sitting. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/northern_ireland/8137447.stm rock on!
  21. before the fat lady sings i suspect the commercial property will be just as big a money pit as the developement land! rock on!
  22. NAMA or the banks are not big enough mother hens to sit on all the eggs! a wee linky for you vultures out there http://www.insolvencyjournal.ie/sale_of_assets.aspx no doubt many more to come! rock on!
  23. lighten up MD gallows humour! a prerequisite in this wee country! rock on!
  24. with no limited liability to hide behind these poor lads may need a lot of medicine! http://www.independent.ie/business/irish/d...ks-1807353.html rock on!
  25. a busy day at court! the bones starting to be picked? N THE COURTS: IN THE Master’s Court on the second floor of the Four Courts you get a good glimpse of how the bursting of the property bubble is creating difficulties for the banks, and misery for so many people. There were more than 50 cases involving financial institutions looking for money on yesterday’s list, and a great many of them had to do with loans for the purchase of property. http://www.irishtimes.com/newspaper/financ...4249837957.html for those with the patience of the saint About 10 orders against home owners are being made every week in the High Court, but some 100 new summonses are appearing every week in the Master’s Court, the Master, Edmund Honohan, noted while hearing an application. “I don’t know what the housing market is going to be like next autumn.†rock on!!!
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