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  1. hi beta it would seem they neglected to tell you the whole story while the loan is not factored in seeminly the repayments are deducted from your income when doing the calcs http://www.fancyamortgage.co.uk/GraduateMo...StudentLoan.asp
  2. good post trak the only other point i would make FTBs recently left uni will be carrying a lot of extra debt probably compared to 2001
  3. yep certainly grabbing the headlines can you see Ramsey being invited to EAs ball this year well maybe as the spit roast! the major point about this which has not been discussed the average house will be 175k tomorrow not the end of the year why would any muppet give more when even the bank expert is telling him he would be flushing his money down the pan those sale greed signs have suddenly become nothing more than colourfull bird toilets!
  4. hi tickety have you ever run a business when inflation has kicked in no i didnt think so so for slow learners i will try to explain example 1 no inflation i the merchant buy roll of pipe cost £100 recommened retail 130 ss comes into buy the pipe i give him a tenner off he gets pipe for 120 he is happy i have 20 quid to cover costs and a modest profit and i have the 100 to replace my stock with example 2 inflation i the merchant buy roll of pipe cost £100 recommened retail 130 ss comes into buy the pipe i give him a tenner off he gets pipe for 120 he is happy when i order replacement stock told a sad story about copper up 30% very best i can buy it for 120 so where do i get any cash to cover costs? all i have is turned over stock and collected VAT for gordon! might as well have left the pipe in the shed! in reality what happens when inflation is about i the merchant has to watch constantly the price of replacement stock and adjust my own stock prices accordingly to maintain cash flow to say housing consruction has come to a halt is slightly over the top it has certainly slowed but not stopped after all ss is building! so i the merchant just have to adjust my costs less sales= less sales staff required but if you can show me how to sell it at last years price and make money i am all ears
  5. i think we can read between the lines! bb sussed you "He is a buider AFAIK wink.gif We have a few other people on here trying to sell and talking rubbish like this. Feel sorry for them... unsure.gif " maxdiver was unconvinced "I've trouble believing Statinsmoker." woohoo2 concluded "I guess we should be encouraged by this troll. The desperation is apparent. I'd put money on it that Statinstoinker is not buying - he's selling, or trying to." just who do you think you are fooling? rock on!
  6. stuck with a wee developement of matchstick kennels are we? rock on!
  7. checkbook not working anymore? surprise surprise!
  8. read my post again slowlyand carefully i did not say he was not selling it just telling you why he would not be selling it cheap!
  9. try this wee link http://www.northernireland.gov.uk/news/new...es-progress.htm
  10. still talking rubbish statin that copper sitting in the shed is making him a fortune rising in price everyday why would he sell it cheap to you ? when he would have to replace it with more expensive stuff unless of course if he sees the building game is up and getting out! still waiting patiently for the name of that concrete company where i can get 30% off the facts are the local companies are busy pouring concrete as fast as they can into holes in the ground for our local farming friends for which they will receive immediate payment they are receiving a 60% grant to construct 100s of millons of gallons of slurry storage the question is will it be enough to contain all the bull**** emanating from your goodself? rock on!
  11. can we have that in english please dont worry about the time have the screeds waiting! rock on!
  12. is that a fact statin well then tell me the name of a concrtete company where i can get a load of concrete tomorrow for 30% less than i paid last year go on should be easy just like it should have been easy to find that semi in the bible belt that could be bought for 165k and would rent out for 580 or perhaps not you are right about one thing though builders suppliers are certainly doing a lot of chasing mostly unpaid bills from what i hear! keep on rockin
  13. jeez statin your a star you gonna source your whole house from the builders merchants? no hardcore? no concrete products? no steel? no copper pipes or wires? no lead? must be one of them matchstick houses! rock on!
  14. sounds to me statin like your the one who is p1ssed off them lucrative project managment contracts drying up surprise surprise Gleneagles is a nice place are the words you used you were implying that houses that can now be bought for 165k odd could be let out for 560-580/ month now you say that doesnt apply to cloughmills but only to certain other unnamed parts of the bible belt which parts ? example please! alistair is patton property doh! must say i admire your bravery (or is that stupidity) diving into the building game when everybody else is shutting up shop true work can be done for less but materials caught the old inflation bug so swings and roudabouts planning to sell in 2 years great timing! is that not when most comentators expect prices to be near bottom? of course by that time you will have payments in excess of a grand a month to meet so little option then? wonder what tune you will be dancing too then? "well i never felt more like singing the blues i never thought id ever lose!" rock on!
  15. you sure good for a laugh statin cloughmills? NI BTL capital yeah! rock on!
  16. so statin you claimed you knew all about the rental market in the bible belt yet you dont know the major rental agent in the area who just happens to live in gleneagles what a surprise not! you claimed 560 -580 for semis in the area well any comments on this then http://www.propertynews.com/brochure.php?r...amp;p=PNC353064 as for your wee building project good luck with it you will need it! i feel a bad moon rising i see trouble up ahead! keep on rockin!
  17. so statin you gonna put in a cheeky wee offer for gleneagles! would be very handy for alistair to let for you then you can tell us in a years time how much money you have made and what fools we were for not buying! "money talks" rock on!
  18. The gap between the average income for an FTB and someone in their 20s has widened significantly in recent years: Only 10% of 22-29 year olds, with average full-time earnings of £33,202, had comparable income levels to first-time buyers in 2006. The average first time buyer (FTB) had an income of £29,610 in 2006; 35% more than the average full-time earnings of 22-29 year olds across the UK (£21,913). Five years ago, the average FTB income* was 20% higher than average full-time earnings of 22-29 year olds, while in 1997 the average income of a FTB was broadly in line with the average full-time earnings of 22-29 year olds. * gross earnings of main FTB mortgage applicant Number of first time buyers at a twenty six year low of 315,000 in 2006: rock on!!!!!!!
  19. i am not gloating hpc i am simply telling it like it is if you had the the money or access to it and a 50% repo going in an area you like dont tell me you wouldnt be showing more than a little interest go on admit it!
  20. jeez MD your cracking me up tonight! you going soft or what? the big beasts like soros buffet etc will devour whole the elephantine carcases falling by the wayside the wee vultures like ourselves will no doubt find a bone or two to knaw on its the law of the jungle! "in the jungle the subprime jungle the lion sleeps tonight!!" rock on!
  21. would have thought they were built for the student rental market but who would be insane enough to buy overpriced nice new proerty to fill with students! perhaps its time for the condo vultures to move in! http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/business/7355289.stm keep on rockin!
  22. stop the crash NO! allow the banks to make a lot more money YES! note banks shares bounced on news did housebuilders or estate agents? the banks must be laughing their asses off "money for nothing" keep on rockin!
  23. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/business/7351073.stm can put it much better than vince cable " the government is going down the disastrous road of bailing out the banks and leaving the taxpayer with the liabilities" for brown to do this he is either sh1t scared of what is happening or the banks really run the country! keep on rockin!
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