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  1. hi trak i could get to like you at least you are prepared to do some research yes please go and research electrical storage you wil find it aint easy cheap or efficient also go and research line transmission losses transformer losses etc you will find that it is much more inefficient than you think to export micro generated electricity a few miles down the road! if you are ever in n wales visit this http://www.fhc.co.uk/dinorwig.htm i think you would be very interested stores a lot of power but aint cheap! rock on!
  2. sorry trak your assumptions dont add up go measure the roof of your average semi if you get more than 30sqms facing the sun for most of the day you will be doing well glad you realise that the energy has to be stored of course when you store it in batterys there is an efficency loss at least %10 then when you run it through an inverter to go back into the house another loss at least %10 have you any idea what a string of deep cycle batteries would cost ? have you any idea of just the size and weight of the above? have you any idea of how much maintenance they would require to get a reasonable service life out of them? did you know that unless they are properly ventilated you have a potential wee hydrogen bomb ticking away! find me a firm that can make a cheaper better perfoming smaller lighter less hazardous baterry thats where to invest! so lets try the centralised route first of all your voltage will have to be stepped up with a transformer another %10 loss then if it has to travel any distance another %5-10 loss in the line what ever you are using to store will have a least another %10 loss then it has to go back down the lines to your house %5-10 again stepped down through the transformer %10 loss again getting the picture ? rock on!
  3. just noticed it would seem Wilsons auction prices are not included in the data so the %50 repos wont count surprise surprise! rock on!
  4. solar the answer ? just one expertsview! http://www.heartland.org/Article.cfm?artId=22379 rock on!
  5. solar may be very useful for some countries but for us forget it when do we need most energy in our homes? around xmas what do we call those days the short dark days of xmas! when we need it most it aint there! i am at present about to install one of these to save on the old oil http://www.harridgestoves.co.uk/Harridge%2...arrow/Tf90b.htm not for everybody but i just happen to be lucky enough to have a few acres of forestry if you want cheap reliable power buy yourself an old mill site micro hydro is the best bang for your buck in the limited research i have done unfortunately again everybody cant have one maybe there is a new technology out there to make the above redundant but i have not seen it yet! rock on
  6. and the prices in NI are resilient! HEll yes! last summer the lowest priced slave box in my local estate agents was 195 k just checked yesterday 120 k houseprice crash! what houseprice crash? rock on!
  7. hi sogy quite right count the no of repos count the no of auction lots only those that have to will be selling next few years gone are the days of those trying their luck getting an offer they cannot refuse rock on!
  8. so you think your the only one north of the border with a few euros i would have thought you being in the banking business you would have known that there are plenty of northerners with euro accounts i will let you into a little secret most of my business is conducted in euros at 79.5 i am laughing all the way to the bank!!!!!!!!! rock on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. jeez md thats great your enjoying such low inflation pity your fellow country men are not The latest consumer price index from the Irish Central Statistics Office reveal the annual rate of inflation has increased to 5% during March from 4.8% during February. Higher prices for transportation fuel as well as increases in air fares, mortgage repayments, and home heating oil were the main factors behind the increase. Two months ago Ireland’s inflation rate was down to 4.3% and most forecasters predicted it would ease considerably further throughout the year. What has happened since then is that food and energy prices have risen globally and a significant knock on effect on consumer prices has been unavoidable. Latest figures show that overall the cost of housing electricity and other fuels has risen by 12.3% in a year, while the overall cost of food and non-alcoholic beverages is up by 9.3%. The cost of bread is up 20% in a year, flour is up 42%, milk is up 31%, mortgage repayments are up 22%, while petrol and diesel are up 12% and 17% respectively. rock on!!!!!!!!
  10. some will be able to hold on very easily some will find it a struggle some will fall of the cliff! and the vultures will be waiting!
  11. re inflation maybe enlightening for some what the experts are saying! Geoffrey Dicks chief economist RBS commenting on the fact that UK producer prices are currently raging ahead at %7.5 yoy “There is a wall of costs out there waiting to dump on the U.K. consumer" what is the head of the BOE saying? Mr King said inflation would probably stay above the government target of 2% for two years, hampering the economy. He added that house prices were set to fall further, though no one could be certain how far they would decline. "The MPC is facing its most difficult challenge yet. For the time being at least, the nice decade is behind us." "The central projection is for growth to slow sharply in the near term," "In some ways we're only beginning to see the difficulties that have faced banks feed through now to conditions in the credit markets for companies and for households," Mr King explained that the slowdown in the economy would reflect a squeeze in real incomes evrybody suffienctly depressed? rock on!
  12. i think it is worth reminding people just what the chief economist of the ulster bank said just a few short days ago "In recent months, property prices have been aggressively reduced but some of these house price falls, in our view, have still not fed into the official statistics," he told the Irish News newspaper. "We believe that the current Northern Ireland average house price is closer to £200,000 and we are anticipating it to fall by a further 12.5% to reach £175,000 by the end of 2008. rock on!
  13. "Be greedy when others are fearful" my sentiments exactly when a friend asked me a year ago should he be investing in property i replied NO NO NO why he says everybody else is doing it i said IMHO the time to invest is not when you have to fight your way through the masses of "investors" to get in the doorway of the EAs but when you have to fight your way through the cobwebs! as for commodities they may retrench but if they have peaked it will have been by far the shortest bull run in history as for me being barking well sometimes you just have to think outside the box! still like them porkbellies! keep on rockin!
  14. so what? the only houses selling are those that have to be sold! it doesnt matter whether there are 10 000 20 000 30 000 on the market this will remain the case for at least the next 2-3 years hungry years ahead for the builders + EAs i am afraid!
  15. hi md may be a bit early for all them $s to swing into stocks if todays tele is even half right! http://www.telegraph.co.uk/money/main.jhtm...cambrose112.xml
  16. as long as the parishoners can keep putting their hands deep in their pockets he will be all right! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S7HmWU2Tm5s
  17. sure does if you can sell 9 sites at last years prices! rock on
  18. everybody seems to now have houseprice crash on their lips i have been told a local reverend based his sermon on it recently all about the greed of the developers the lies of the false prophets some of his parishoners reckon his little investment on the north coast aint all it was cracked up to be! my advice to him on such a glorious evening say sod it and bang the head to some classic ulster scots rocknroll http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H1iR2Wi3u5o...feature=related rock on
  19. that rural slum you refer too is actually a new age Clachan! an ancient gaelic tradition going back to our roots ! wonder what you call all them byres + pigstys in england which have now become must have barn conversions? i have seen old yards turned into literally small villages whats the differance?
  20. totally agree paul auction is about as transparent as it gets rock on!
  21. just finished banging the aul head to the heavy Z if it is gonna go to $200 will do it sept oct this year expect bush to step up the war on terror around this time iran will be on the receiving end of a few bunker busters will hope to bring out the flag waving redneck voters will make him a legend among his west texas buddies anybody who thinks george w aint the sharpest knife in the drawer should remember west texas crude was $15 when he came to power cost $12 to pump it and get it to the refinery so not much money being made by his buddies how times have changed! if the above scenario pans out food + commodity prices will be a case of "you aint seen nuthing yet bbbbbbbbbbbbaby" all IMHO of course rock on!
  22. for those in luv with the scottish system here is what can happen you find your dream property the estate agent informs you that there has been an awlful lot of interest in this dream property 20 + viewings thist last week alone and he expects at least half a dozen very serious bids what do you bid ? you do the research find what equivalent properties have been making then if you really want it you put in your offer with a little bit added on to stand a good chance of getting it against all the other punters happy days you get the property only thing is you will never know if your offer was the only one on the table guess who is laughing all the road to the bank?
  23. whats great aboot the scotish system? putting in sealed bids blind not knowing who else is bidding or how much recipe for disaster as many scots would tell you unless of course they are selling
  24. you base your arguement on selecting data from from one particular spot in time if you randomly select a few differant spots in time you will find various ratios between average house price_average wage but if you include all the data from the many decades available you will find a direct corelation between average house price_average wage common sense really! http://www.telegraph.co.uk/money/main.jhtm...5/02/do0201.xml
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