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  1. This one on propertynews today at 400K previously 550K



    Take a look at the last picture on the brochure - how did planning let them get away with that? It's the size of a hotel on a house site.

    relative of a member of staff selling it.

    a few doors away from said des res

    is house which had been converted into sucessful small restauraunt

    so sucessful that owner bought next door to enable him to extend

    planners said no no no

    at near peak of bubble sold to developer and bought large country house which had been resturantised

    you guessed it

    developer tits up

    2 bubble eyesores a few doors away from the picturesque des res


    aint worth the bullet!


    rock on!

  2. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-northern-ireland-15817238

    I see this god awful "development" is getting the nod. Sod the fact that people don't want to live in rabbit hutches nor do they want the old building ripped down, as long as the brown envelopes work then who cares.

    69 shoe box flats....and lets call a spade a spade here. No amount of "luxury apartment" advertising is going to hide the fact it'll be a small crappy box to live in for the mythical "young professional couples"

    I'm just surprised they haven't mentioned "Cafe/Restaurant" as they normally do with these apartment announcements. :(

    now heres a funny wee thing or two

    those who rubber stamped this

    got very irate when " terrorists" were using the semtex solution on similar buildings

    and those semtex administers now want to preserve said victorian pile

    ah were living in a new era

    rock on!

  3. Point taken on the new job creation front and crowding of other competitors. I'm sure they'd argue their case, though.

    Obviously they are not a charity - profit is their bottom line with little worry for the competition. Ditto for the 'small retail' fraternity. But do they lay waste all round them, or can others up their game through differentiation and diversity? Survival of the fittest and all that.

    At what stage can we say we have reached saturation point - who decides this and anticipates growth - planners? John Lewis still wants in. Perhaps an upturn will provide for a bigger cake? Tesco (and their ilk) certainly have plenty of ammunition - brand, scale, scope, deliveries, free parking and internet arm.

    There is, however, merit in the mixed taxation message argument and the unhappiness at subsidising 'banks, bars and bookies'. They already pay rates. What's to stop Sammy increasing the new tax take as he sees fit to pay for other wheezes such as no water charges?

    As for jobs - I'm sure Tesco aren't the most generous of payers (but perhaps more generous/stable than the locals) but I doubt you'll have to hang about on a Friday hoping the boss remembered your cheque. I assume there are opportunities for progression, flexibility of hours and roles, structure, staff discounts & bonuses/pensions? At least you won't just be working there just because your da owns the shop. I'm sure the indepent petrol retailers are unhappy too, though many motorists will vote with their throttles.

    I can see both sides of this. Progressive for some - a backward step for others.

    The people have the power. No one is forced to shop there (until there is no competition!)

    Oh and Clubcard points too.

    as you can see both sides

    do you consider it would be better for the local community

    if one supported local retailers who will invariably recycle most if not all of their profits back into the local community?

    or support the multinational who takes their profits and runs to their favourite tax haven?

    rock on!

  4. If someone on high rate motability allowance can get a "luxury" car for £51 odds a week fair play to them. However if you bothered to look into the motability system you would find a deposit of £2,299.00 to £6,799.00 would have been paid for these "luxury" cars.

    £6799.00 deposit for a BMW 3 Series 2.0TD 318d Performance Edition 4dr. (link below)


    Not such a good deal to rent a car for 3 year.

    You should know better.

    can you rent a bmw with free insurance and tax for less?

    did you take your tablet today?

    rock on!

  5. I'm no expert but my understanding is that they give up part/all of their benefit and the car is 'rented' or loaned rather than owned. Carers can drive them about, I think, so perhaps they are so disabled they can't actually drive themselves. Be careful about the definition of disabled also - the stereotype or generalisation of someone say in a wheelchair with mobility issues does not cover everything. From personal experience, I am aware that there are many people who on the surface look healthy but sadly have very poor health - for example a cancer sufferer or other degenerative diseases. I suppose it also affords a sense of independence (and dignity) and not relying on others for those that can drive themselves (especially for doctors or hospital appointments - but also for just 'getting out of the house' and associated health benefits) and where public transport is unsuitable/ non existant.

    They say a society is judged by how it treats it's most vulnerable citizens. I have to say I am more vexed by bankers bonuses and taxpayer bailouts and tax evasion by the rich, or legal aid for rioters than by someone who has jumped through all the bureaucratic hoops, doesn't enjoy good health and is deemed, presumably by a doctor, eligible for help with transport, aided by taxpayers money. I don't begrudge it. I'd rather see my taxes spent on that, properly overseen, than double jobbing politicians and a hundred other undeserving uses.

    In so many ways, the recipients of these 'age of austerity' cuts could be better and more fairly and appropriately targeted. Some are already paying a much higher price than others, sadly and this will get worse.

    oh dear

    like to comment on this wee article from the mainland


    and if they had come to the province

    i could have shown them not 1 but 2 of the above parked outside some local houses!

    rock on!

  6. thanks - i will have a look at that site this weekend

    silver failed to make the breakout of the upper channel line so i will be looking if it can solidly bounce from a support set-up before the lower channel line


    the previous resistance channel line for palladium is still acting as support (weekly)


    PP how are you protecting your physical?

    you might want to take a leaf out of this lads book!


    you certainly dont want to be taking the proverbial with his mailbox!

    it may not be pc

    but for the


    let them be


    rock on!

  7. but but but are things not improving?


    talking to a few local businesses today

    each told the same story

    things improving not!

    one local large electrical contracting outfit

    relatively untouched till now as they specialised in large gubbermint contracts

    these will last till march but no new contracts for the next financial year

    result 50+ sparks on the dole in april

    just the same old blues

    rock on!

  8. if you are not interested in house prices - why are you here?

    The original NI thread was started in late 2006 (the year I joined), NI HP's peaked the next year; most of the original NI posters were vindicated in their views

    should individualism and expression be banned on here? should we all conform to an acceptable standard as dictated by yourself?

    what can i say PP

    i seem to be annoying some sane normal people

    for which i am truely sorry !




    if i dont mend my ways

    i will be as bad as that wee red rooster



    rock the feck on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. . I have no idea only to say, like the recent one it will probably go on for longer than logic would expect.

    as you rightly say the last boom went on for longer and got larger than logic would dictate

    funny aul thing markets

    who can say that the resulting crash wont exhitibit the same attributes?

    rock on!

  10. The answer to your question "What is a troll" is " you are." You've been here before with your inflammatory posts but this time you will not be allowed to create trouble. I've put your account on moderator approval. If you post normally then they will be shown on the forum but abusive or offensive posts will be removed.

    keep up the good work doccy

    you never know what next will appear out of the long unkempt grass growing around the non selling mcmansions!


    rock on!

  11. The figures Jamie Delargy refers to, along with the last Nationwide quarterly report would disagree with you. :rolleyes:

    did you read what jamie actually said?

    One of the distinguishing features of these results is that Northern Ireland property is consistently and considerably more expensive here than comparable parts of the UK.

    In the past we have celebrated this anomaly. But I think it should disconcert us because it makes us more vulnerable to another fall.

    jamie knows whats coming!

    It's not so blindingly obvious to those buying houses and pushing the price up.

    never heard of a suckers rally?

    But them didn't someone say as sales levels increased the average house price would fall...... WRONG! :D

    sorry ss if you are attributating those words with me

    it is you who has got it wrong again!

    just as an aside

    was in a local premix plant today

    a row of mixers all parked in a row chassis gone back to the leasing company

    a plant that was working 7 days a week 2 years ago

    now have bother finding enough orders to open 1!

    try telling them about green shoots!

    to say they have been


    would be a large understatment!

    rock on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. O Leary IMO is only a trumped up bullying cattle dealer from Mullingar whose autocratic management style leaves a lot to be desired. Some people seem to worship him in ROI which is un-usual. He got breaks with Ryan Air from the Department of Finance in the early 1990’s with sole slots into Stanstead (he was four hours from closing when the deal was done). And rather than being grateful to Government, he has lampooned them at every juncture. The only members of government he only had time for were, Brennan who provided slots against behest of Aer Lingus, Harney and Mc Creevy -commonly known then as the golden circle.

    He’d still be a piss poor South Dublin accountant in KPMG (€100m poorer) if it wasn’t for government and he shouldn’t forget this.

    raises an interesting question or two

    just how many irish bullocks does one of these cost?

    Passengers leaving Ryanair jet

    is the exchange rate moving in michaels favour?

    and has airbus a no bull policy?

    are they ACDC disciples?

    rock on!

  13. NI’s housing stock is in better condition and younger than England’s. The North of England tends to have the oldest stock due to regeneration in the south.

    If Ni’s housing stock is better than England, why should it not be more expensive and why does it keep getting compared to the North of England, when the condition of housing in this area is below the English average ?

    i would have thought the answer was blindingly obvious!


    low average wage here cannot afford to pay top dollar english prices!

    rock on!

  14. morgan kelly on NAMA

    The proposed National Asset Management Agency (Nama) will fail in its bid to create healthy banks even if it works exactly as the Department of Finance anticipates, UCD economist Morgan Kelly told an economic conference in Kenmare, Co Kerry, today.

    Mr Kelly said that even if the default rate on the €77 billion in loans being transferred to the Government's planned "bad bank" was 20 per cent or less and the long-term value of the assets was 70 per cent of the size of the loans, as envisaged by the Department, Nama would not succeed.

    "Nama has turned from a recapitalisation into a partial and inadequate liquidity support," he said, speaking at the Dublin Economic Workshop's annual conference.

    "Nama was supposed to be revitalising the banking system. We were putting a lot of money in, admittedly, but the banks were supposed to be able to stand on their own after a couple of years. These guys would be fit as fleas, they'd be off the ventilators. But even if Nama goes through perfectly, the banks are going to have huge outstanding borrowings which they really have no chance of repaying on their own."

    Mr Kelly the banks would need ongoing state support and "forbearance" from the European Central Bank (ECB).

    The economist said the assumptions in the Government's draft business plan for Nama, which was published on Wednesday, were all "at the extreme upper tail of optimism", which posed additional risk. "When you have every assumption like that, you no longer have a forecast, you have a fantasy."


    rock on!

  15. Nama smoke & mirrors or just pure fraud ? you decide


    it will make a profit



    Irish bad bank 'will make profit'

    The Irish government has claimed its so-called "bad bank" will ultimately make a 5bn euro profit.

    The National Asset Management Agency (Nama) is being set up to buy and manage property loans held by the country's financial institutions.

    Finance Minister Brian Lenihan said just 20% of Nama loans would default.

    Opposition parties have poured scorn on the suggestion, saying the business plan unveiled by Mr Lenihan provided no evidence for the assertion.

    Richard Bruton, finance spokesman for the opposition Fine Gael party said only those who believed in "the tooth fairy, the Loch Ness monster and the Easter Bunny would believe the figures."

    The exchanges took place in the Irish parliament on Wednesday night as legislation setting up Nama passed its first hurdle.

    Nama will pay 54bn euros - in government bonds that can be cashed with the European Central Bank - for commercial property loans with a notional book value of 77 billion euros.


    The aim of Nama is to remove bad or impaired assets from the banks' balance sheets, and allow them to start lending again and get credit flowing to businesses and home buyers.

    It is also hoped that it will enhance Ireland's international credit rating.

    Mr Lenihan's plan assumes Nama's 54bn euro debt will fall by 6.5bn euros per year from 2013 onwards, until Nama's wind-up in 2020.

    It was also revealed that Irish officials are in talks with British authorities about the impact of Nama on the Irish units of UK banks and on the UK property market.

    Around 22bn euros of the assets being taken over by Nama are in the UK, mainly in London and in Northern Ireland

    so from 2013 they will be able to sell off 6.5 billon of property a year?

    nae bother!

    rock on!

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