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  1. I said 99.994% - get your facts straight Hovis. And posting about Muslims on a non-Muslim thread does not prove your point.
  2. This is simply a reflection of the nuclear industry position that the irrational fear of radiation is responsible for the health effects of chronic low level radiation exposure. From TMI to Fukushima; stressing out about radiation can damage your DNA. IAEA FACT.
  3. Stressing out about radiation will massively increase his chances of developing cancer or having a kidney shrivel up and disappear.
  4. Sellafield shutdown: Severe weather closes nuclear site
  5. You are changing the goal posts - you said "under normal operations in the West". Nuclear power is intimately related to nuclear weapons production. And will always continue to be; nuclear power provides militarists the excuse to insist on a deterrent since a civilian program can be quickly weaponised. Heres the full Plutopia article:
  6. The discharges of caesium-137 and plutonium were also exceedingly high in the 1970s. In the years from 1974 to 1978 the annual discharges of caesium-137 from the facility were well over 4 000 TBq. The discharges of plutonium in the same period were between 45 and 60 TBq a year - also very high figures. Over the course of these five years, doubly the amount of plutonium was discharged from Sellafield as was released during the Chernobyl accident of 1986 in which approximately 100 TBq of plutonium was discharged. Link
  7. Operational releases can dwarf major accidents
  8. Thank goodness the government announced a couple of days ago a u-turn on nuclear subsidies. In the case of nuclear, preferably before plant construction has even begun.
  9. We've been funding the Taliban for years. See this and this. Its the logical strategy for the military-industrial complex: spend millions - generate billions. Killing all the Taliban would cost $1.7 Trillion
  10. (From Wiki) Storm van Leeuwen noted that : The method of Sevior and Flitney based on financial data appears to me full of hidden assumptions, bookkeeping problems, statistical pitfalls and uncertainties. Which nicely sums up the nuclear industry.
  11. Do you have a figure for how much energy will be needed to store and monitor the nuclear waste to 252013 AD? Thanks.
  12. Sustainable Energy - Without the hot air looks at various scenarios. Here's a quote that Fluffy tries very hard to ignore. So I'll mention it again.
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