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  1. I'd give the original article more time if it got the name of the council leader right and could make up its mind as to the age of the person it quotes. Still a massively ill-advised scheme, of course, though on the flipside I suppose it's hard for any council to essentially try and sell the "aye, this area's a complete write-off and everyone knows it, what do you expect us to do about it?" line.
  2. Same here (Lewisham). Looks like we've come out of it pretty well considering...
  3. Young families? Well I know Newcastle United "star" Andreas Andersson and his then-pregnant girlfriend lived in Hamsterley Mill for a while. Is that enough of a tenuous link for you?
  4. For all there's some undeniably lovely properties in that "golden" bit of Gosforth bordered by the High Street, Salters Road, Kenton Road and Grandstand Road, there's also a surprising number of underwhelming houses/blocks/streets mixed in amongst the green-and-leafy. Now if ever there was an example of a property being priced for its location (and presumed buyer insanity, obviously)...
  5. Same experience here with Aldi. But that's fine - nothing wrong with alternating between the two, i.e. a "discounter" and a regular supermarket (if you have the time of course). And Aldi/Lidl have enough goodies you don't get at the big boys to make it worthwhile!
  6. Canny choice, too - the very benchmark of HPI devastation.
  7. Our would-be energy provider gave us a batch of energy-saving bulbs about a year ago, apparently as part of a publicity scheme. They were bayonet; all of ours are screw-cap (like most of the civilised world). It never even occurred to them to ask. Ho hum.
  8. Great god, that's just.... spectacular.
  9. Surely there have only been a handful of winters in Germanwings' entire existence?
  10. I'm paid in £ but have a raise denominated in € (ostensibly because the company's head office is in Germany) coming my way in May 2009 and 2010. As a frequent leisure traveller to the eurozone, I'm still not entirely sure whether I want the exchange rate situation to remain as it is now, improve or deteriorate further...
  11. That's worth a beating right there.
  12. The foreigners bought up all the good machine translators too, so he was left with Google and Altavista. It's a hard life.
  13. Yep, that's the one. I think it's run by a housing association, so there might be something going on there I don't know about, but as far as I can tell they're still trying to flog the flats on a 25% part-ownership basis and nobody's biting. Of course, logic dictates that the flats at the back would go first, hence the front still looking rather desolate - but then there's never any lights on in the stairwell either...
  14. I pass that one on Lewisham Way almost every day, number 117 I think it is. Completed several months ago, still pitch-black at night. Whoops.
  15. It's a nice enough area for what it is, really. There's flats in the Conservation Area gone to auction recently for under 100k, though, so crash-proof would be pushing it (and a nice crash would do me just fine as a renting-from-a-BTLer type). There'll no doubt be a bit of an artificial boost when the Overground extension arrives, but since you can already get to London Bridge in 10 minutes, the added frequency to other Tube connections shouldn't be too much of a pull.
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