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  1. I know many liar loan applicants who are working the system and cashing off of tax credits. gardeners,cleaners. They are swanning around doing cash in hand and getting the mortgage paid. The new middle class.
  2. http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2013-03-17/german-commerzbank-suggests-wealth-tax-italy-next
  3. sparko

    London - Wtf

    - Immigration at the lower end cannot be ignored in London – I like it very much (I genuinely ‘embrace’/’celebrate’ the ‘vibrant neighbourhoods’ that have been created!)- I even like the fact that there are some areas that have no diversity and are comprised entirely of one single (non UK white British) ‘community’ – stop being apologetic.. soft lad . Its destroying us.
  4. Its all going one way. Tesco housing estates with a massive picture of the latest dictator posted on entrance. ******ing hell. I have had enough. have you had enough? Jeesus christ what the ****** is going on. ****** my minds imploding . my kids dream of being architects for a brighter tomorrow. FFS. how do I tell them.
  5. Excellent. Now. They start to feed on themselves. There is no meat left to ravage from the poor and disabled. Absolute shower.
  6. Humanity is F34ed beyond belief. Either left, right, up, down, or even into other dimensions. so much hate and division going on.
  7. The naked psychopath is a banker. The Cypriot is a slum builder. When are we going to put these people in the bracket of society they deserve. Parasites. No more evolved than Tapeworm. Those who worship this way of life, stop now. Before you eat your host.
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