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  1. Andrew Oswald - Professor of economics at Warwick university predicted in November 2002 that HPC would occur in 2003 - 2005. His timing may be a little bit off, but he he saw it coming, as he did the one in the 80s http://www2.warwick.ac.uk/fac/soc/economic...ancynov2002.pdf
  2. Sorry to see you go GF, good luck too. I have certainly appreciated your posts, wherever the mods move the thread ! May well join Global Edge too, had a lurk over there a couple of days ago on one of Bubbs threads (which i found from a link on HPC), looked very interesting. Houses are a done deal, where to invest now is the only interesting debate. I am fairly new to PMs, but so far so good... Lloydie
  3. I don't think there are many goldbugs left to wind up ! As of 2008 your figures may be correct (have not looked them up to confirm) However, if the current trends of gold (up) and houses (down) continues, would be good to see these figures recalculated in say 3 years. If some current predictions play out... HPC could see drops of 50%, which would take the average price to £91979 This would equate to 46 times the 1952 price If you believe Jim Sinclair, gold will hit £1650 in 2011 This would equate to 47 times the 1952 price I Appreciate both projected figures are speculation Lloydie - one of the few remaining goldbugs!
  4. ...inflation targets - Pah ! the cost of everything else rises...
  5. DB does seem to be a bit of a hero amongst home owners / economically retarded ! Just a guess, but I think this mirror reporter might have a whopper of a mortgage...
  6. Add to the list... When they hear it from a taxi driver / hairdresser When the bailiffs are knocking at the door
  7. I have some gold in GoldMoney online, but also wanted to take physical delivery. I can recommend ATS Bullion, as I bought there for the first time on Thursday. Explained that it was my first time buying physical gold and silver, and they took the time to explain it all. They brought out the coins and bars, so I could see exactly what I was buying. Went away with a 1 Kilo bar of silver and 10 Tola bar of gold (about 3.75 Troy Ounces). With hindsight, I should have bought the silver online at GoldMoney as I believe you don't pay VAT - still - live and learn !
  8. I said Yes, but strictly speaking we are not on the verge of a HPC - we are in it ! Yes 78.21% No 21.79% Am just going to vote from my g/f's pc too They may log on IP Address tho Come on, lets break the 80% barrier.....
  9. Thanks for the links, sarcasm optional ! What I'm really looking for is the actual data by which its calculated Is there any way this could have been cooked to keep the inflation figure just over target ?
  10. I tried to start a new topic, but it hasn't appeared What I want to know is... Is there any raw data available on how they calculate CPI ? and is there anyway we can calculate the figure for ourselves - i.e a mathematical formula ? EVERYONE knows it must be increasing, even Gordon Brown said "Its remarkable inflation is low !!!!! Just want to justify this to myself more than anything else...
  11. CPI is currently at 2.1% I don't think anyone actually believes that this is the case - including Gordon Brown with his 'Yes, is it remarkable than inflation is low...even with just about every measurable cost rising ! So, how is the figure of 2.1% actually derived ? Surely there must be some raw data and a mathematical formula to calculate this. Is this info publicly available, or are we just expected to believe what we are told each month?
  12. No worries ...and I'm with you on the raise to 6% Unfortunately the fed cutting by 0.75% today paves the way for the BoE to cut by at least 0.5% - which would be a disaster IMHO Think we are in for a very interesting couple of weeks.
  13. VP - not sure I follow. "Raising is nuts", yet you want 6% ? How do you get to 6 from 5.5 without raising?!
  14. Surely the 0.25 increase is on then seeing as their remit is to target inflation, which is currently a little high (even with the government's fudged figures)
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