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  1. One of the key drivers that has kept House Prices afloat has been Income Support Mortgage Interest payments. The level of support has been frozen at 6.08% since November 08. Historically this has always been linked to base rate, to keep it fair and ensure only a reasonable amount of interest is paid via this benefit. However the Government took the decision to decouple this from BBR and this has meant the rate has stayed much higher than would be expected, keeping a lot of people in their over priced, poorly financed homes. I would be interested to see what additional financial strain this has
  2. full release here http://www.communities.gov.uk/publications...stics/hpi072009 Interesting change: 'Changes to the house price index release For the first time this month the house price index includes seasonally adjusted information alongside the existing non-seasonally adjusted data. This is to provide a clearer picture of the underlying behaviour of the series once seasonal and calendar influences have been removed. All monthly and three monthly percentage changes in house price are derived from the seasonally adjusted index. All other figures, including annual rates of change and averag
  3. This is one of a number of figures i keep an eye on. It essentially shows the sum assured on home insurance policies should be revised in line with the costs of rebuilding properties. http://www.bcis.co.uk/site/scripts/documen...p;documentID=27 The last months figure shows the index figure dropping to -1.7% from 2.4% the previous month, which is the first drop into negative territory since i've been watching it. Can anyone in the building trade confirm if costs have dropped? What else could explain it. Just has me a bit confuzzled.
  4. 1. go to tesco's, write down the 0800 customer care numbers for all you favorite brands including any barcode numbers serial numbers, 2. go home, complain that your pot noodle had a hair in it/biscuits were stale etc. 3. ????? 4. Profit! 5. Repeat next week giving a different name and you mums address.
  5. I did them with the chartered insurance institute while working in a call centre over a couple of months, CF1-4 are multiple choice, i think 60 or 70% to pass, usally even someone who hadn't read the text could discount 2 out of 4 possible answers, leaving the remaining 2 choices as a 50/50 guess. The exam for cf5 is slightly more taxing in that you are given case studies which you have to give appropriate advice, but really its not difficult if you have a smidgin of common sense.
  6. And if you require more than the usual £500 limit?
  7. Heres there NSA for completeness May 2008 603.5 -6.4 186,482 Jun 2008 588.3 -8.9 181,765 Jul 2008 577.5 -11.0 178,440 Aug 2008 567.7 -12.8 175,408 Sep 2008 561.0 -13.4 173,350 Oct 2008 544.2 -15.0 168,158 Nov 2008 527.1 -16.2 162,848 Dec 2008 512.8 -18.9 158,437 Jan 2009 517.2 -16.4 159,818 Feb 2009 515.3 -17.7 159,208 Mar 2009 508.3 -17.6 157,066 Apr 2009 508.6 -17.7 157,156 May 2009 520.7 -13.7 160,869
  8. One thing that is keeping this all afloat is the change to Income Support Mortgage Interest, which has been frozen at 6.08% since November, instead of following Base as it has always done in the past. Must be burning a big hole in the countries already pathetic finances
  9. out now http://www.lloydsbankinggroup.com/media1/r...halifax_hpi.asp 2.36% Non seasonable adjusted by my reckoning
  10. They also mark out the malcontents amongst us. How much do you want to bet that those downing street petitions you signed to get rid of brown, or legalise pot haven't been marked against your entry in a database somewhere?
  11. http://www.hmrc.gov.uk/manuals/ihtmanual/IHTM28384.htm 6 years for normal debts 12 for those under seal (i.e. your average mortgage) definately nothing to do do with whether an attempt to contact you is made, its all about when you last paid the debt/or otherwise acknowledged it. Its really not that hard to disapear off the radar. The debt collecting agencies are staffed by idiots, out to catch the slow stupid fish. If you put up any sort of defence they will give up and go away. Bank accounts are available from most banks which they will give to anyone regardless of credit history, as l
  12. Special drawing rights= Sprights Draws Specs?
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