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  1. Does Commute Abit

    Evening Standard change their tune

    apologies, double post
  2. Does Commute Abit

    Evening Standard change their tune

    This is very true. However, I have posted before that the optimal commute is 30-60 minutes in London. I think under 30 minutes is getting to the point where you live to close to the office and do not benefit from the change of scene at weekends. Under 60 minutes and you are wasting little productive time (thinking and reflection time/emails/planning/winding up and down on the commute all can be positive). However, here's a few lesser known factors that are rarely considered in this free market pricing: 1) Freehold vs Leasehold - Personally, I've no idea why freehold does not have a far larger premium in a free housing market than it currently does. One reason I live outside the M25 is that I won't touch leasehold in any form! I want to own property without still being a subservient rule and bill taker for a a property I supposedly "own". Freehold the norm the further out you go. 2) Hype factors - some towns have reputations a little ahead of the reality of living there, discussed many times in Surrey threads where there is an acknowledged "Guildford premium" of about 20% over the surrounding Surrey that confuses new posters. But that's how free markets work and why advertising professionals constantly use the word "brand". Some commuting towns and brands have become effectively brands with images that are different to their real-world valuation base solely on their benefits and pitfalls 3) Rail franchise failings - notably Southern/SouthWestern rail failings, and the alternative ways to commute from a location (some stations have having two lines to London or a reliable bus) when there is a problem 4) Getting a seat on the train every morning/evening (30-60 minutes far easier in a resting seated position). Not priced in as most people dont realise the situation until they have travelled a few times, so its not a known factor in the determination of price at a bidding stage 5) Child related factors. With the cost of moving so prohibitive the UK, there's a big premium to living somewhere that continues to suit your kids as they age. I'm not thinking school catchments which is definitely priced in. I'm thinking the growing scientific evidence of diesel engines and childhood asthma (probably the next health scare akin to tobacco) making "leafyness" of suburbs more attractive in the years ahead. Also availability of childminders etc.
  3. Does Commute Abit

    More than 30,000 UK retailers in 'significant' financial distress

    45 minutes to central London covers a large chunk of commutable Surrey, its not a particularly fast commute time, albeit its probably cheaper if you can do it on the underground rather than through SouthWestern Railway.
  4. Does Commute Abit


    That whole development is already looking horrible only a few years of construction. The large restaurant space in its central courtyard is long term vacant, as are most of the ground floor shops, except for an unloved and unkempt Tesco Metro which seems to struggle on. As a development , its very characterless and looks (to my untrained eye) a bit cheaply built and poorly located, sandwiched between busy roads, rail tracks and a builders yard with constant heavy lorries in and out. This makes me fear for the new barrage of high rise buildings that are being built on top of the new town centre development, and what this will mean for the centre of Woking. This is the standard of living that those new high rise flats will offer will match this development you describe. Moreover, the new retail offerings being built alongside will surely struggle unless they offer direct access to from the existing shopping centre, which I quite like as a quick and easy shopping venture to the cobbles and traffic of Guildford shops (which, in its favour, is more upmarket and independent). If the new development is cut off from the existing shops, it will struggle like the failed retail offerings in the block you mention. Living in a flat above or within a London dormitory town, with a demoralising view of train tracks/maintenance yard, is not what life in Surrey can best offer. You can do that in London for the same (Woking rent+season ticket) price! I knew a colleague who swapped her life in a rough London neighbourhood for such a Woking flat, and ended up moving back! For Surrey living, you have to enjoy the benefits of the area, which are freehold housing, an accompanied garden, larger living space, and nearby countryside.
  5. Does Commute Abit

    Gold strategy in the current economy

    Gold often has a little bull run over Christmas. The US shutdown and heightening global/financial tensions ensuring the seasonality trend this xmas season once again, while GBP weakens as the Brexit uncertainty intensifies to magnify the effect in pounds. Now £1009/oz.
  6. First time I have seen this thread at the bottom of the main page. I think that just sums up the deadlock of the current political situation - if there was any progress to be made, a determined May would have worked through Christmas to get it done. I suspect she is instead enjoying what she expects to be her last Christmas as PM (with all its perks), and her last real break before the situation gets dire with a career-ending climbdown/no deal problems/general election.
  7. Wow, that's high. Priced out youth, and a lot of resulting profit siphoned off abroad. The UK has lost its way so badly on the welfare and training/education of the next generation.
  8. This is exactly true. Some of the management positions, however, will then make you question your love of engineering.
  9. Does Commute Abit

    I wish Rightmove allowed comments.

    Aside from the house and location offerings, the price is just a reflection of its proximity to Surbiton mainline rail station. Probably nothing else. I'd say you could get to Waterloo in about 25 min door-to-door, Canary Wharf 45 min etc. You could live in Farnborough or Aldershot in a similar property (and part of town) for under 300k, but expect to be worn out by the 3 hours a day plus travelling to and from work.
  10. Does Commute Abit


    Farnborough a bit meh to live in. Its a town that needs a refurb and which is never getting it actually done (incompetent local council never getting act together). A few more minutes on the train gets you to Fleet or Hook which are far better, but now you are back at Guildford type commute distances (but may be able to live closer to a station at these places than Guildford).
  11. Does Commute Abit

    ITV programme last night on transport chaos

    It's difficult if you have a partner and children who are settled, but then choose/need to move employer and that involves a different location. I guess this is the cause for many for long commutes (and also wanting to live in a freehold house with a garden, rather than have a pokey flat.
  12. Exactly! There is no honour between Nimbys. Its all about making the issue someone else's problem (i.e. another community that then becomes Nimby-esque). Does anyone know how this is dealt with in other countries?
  13. Part two was tonight: http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b09rf94t More emphasis on the poor build quality, high build density and banal nature of new build estates
  14. Does Commute Abit

    £225k, 12.6m^2 Oxford "Studio Flat"

    I used to cycle past that years ago....its a converted barbour shop. The huge glass windows will offer zero privacy.
  15. Does Commute Abit

    Halifax -0.6% (expected +0.2%)

    The action starts when its realised there will be no spring bounce this year.............

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