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  1. having read more of the thread, it seems my points have already been made; ignore me! Doesnt take many rotten apples to spoil the bucket though, does it.
  2. we have a lot of total retards posting on this thread. How can you possibly be so dumb as to think that all benefit claimants are lazy people on the dole or teenage single mums who've been banged sideways since 13? Or, that all taxes are theft? What the f*** do you think pays for the running of the country? Yes, lots is wasted. But if taxes are theft, then who the f*** pays for the NHS, armed forces, police, courts, parliment, schools, all the british embassies and consulates etc? Maybe you dont agree with overseas aid etc, but fact is, these things get paid. Benefits include disability payments, again, a system open to abuse but one that helps many needy people. Child benefit? State pension? Assistance for carers? Bereaved or pregnant. You need to look inside yourself if you think these arent things a caring society should worry about. Just because someone only works stacking shelves in tescos, should they really be limited to a life of poverty? I dont want any part of such an unequal society. Some people really disgust me, it seems they just want to clamber to the top of the pile by treading on everyone below. I vomit in your general direction.
  3. my opinion is that minimum wage should steadily rise, maybe 5% above inflation. Slightly lower tax at lower threasholds - 10k tax free, 20k at 15%, 40k at 30%, 100k at 45%, 200k at 60%, everything over that 80% tax also, tax avoidance should be scrutinised. If someone is earning money from the british public, they should pay tax to the british system. If you arent paying tax in the uk, you dont trade in the uk. One way of doing this is to only allow PAYE wages to be deducted as a company expense - wages paid overseas would not be deductable, hence you get a bit more comany tax. This only saves 20% though, so some tweaking is needed. Sadly, ive just realised im beginning to think like an anti-capitalist! Also, the benefit system needs turning upside down. We just need a simple system where everyone wants to work, and everyone has a good standard of living. And i know a lot of peasants dont deserve a good standard of living, but if you are prepared to work hard i can overlook the fact that you're a chav.
  4. cant believe no one has pointed out that it isnt a 27% rise in electric and gas prices, thats just plain bad maths? gas is 17.2% rise and electricity is 12.7 percent rise. Hence overall rise is 15%. You average them not add... Anyway, i once ran out of money in 1998 due to too much loafing. My solution was move to a cheap flat in a crap area (i was 19 and single), live on a diet of supermarket value bread and peanut butter, not go out, basically spend nothing. I didnt have the heating on, in fact, one night it was snowing and i opened the window to make a point. Sadly only bathed once a month I soon relearnt the value of money, got myself sorted and havent looked back since.
  5. i will probably sound like a complete c*** but i have no patience with people who take time off work for depression. Surely the most depressing thing for her now is a total lack of money! Give your head a shake, and start doing overtime. Then get the balls to tell your fella and hope he doesnt mind some overtime. Thats the only way out of this one im my view. Expecting the CC companies to take a hit, whilst its the easy way out, id be embarrased myself. Its like you're a child who can't be trusted not to spend too much money! Though to be honest, if you're the sort of person how lets the finances get this bad, you dont have much chance of getting out of it unscathed
  6. trouble is, people HAVE been wrongly calling a crash for years. I think he's delusioned about it rising in a hurry, but people have been on about a correction for years.
  7. i was on holiday in florida in a villa last year, was a very nice place. Me and the missus would love to have a house out there. I would just spend 3 or 6 months a year there (whatever the visa allows as holidays), and rent it out for the rest of the time. This would probably be in a few years (4 maybe) once prices have fallen well there and wealth in the uk is beginning to recover, ie more tourists to rent to! Im a stressed out miserable mother f***** when working in the uk but on hols, its a different matter! Living out there would probably add 20 years to my life expectancy!
  8. bear in mind folks that it didnt instantly drop to a 3% yield. As prices rose she would probably've been aware that she could sell up and stick the money in the bank and get more, but she will've held out of the capital gains too. You can add onto the rental yield the 5% appreciation each year, though its only real once sold. Assuming she may've bought for 100k, thats maybe 15k in, rent covering mortgage so a monthly wage too, and sell at about 450k equity! Which over 5 years, assuming no wage from the rent, means her investment was roughly doubling in value each year - or 100% yield, compounded. You can spin things both ways, im sure my figures arent accurate but you get the idea!
  9. credit crunch over? It hasnt even started properly yet! Market cycles rarely turn that fast.
  10. well i visited a hospital a few weeks back, the staff seemed rushed off their feet. A few more nurses wouldn't've gone amiss! RAF unnecessary?! Having low unemployment is no consolation for the state of the benefit or justice systems. And immigration will start to dent employment levels (or rather unemployment levels).
  11. it does seem as if our system of democracy is a little flawed, as you can vote for muppet A, muppet B or muppet C. But voting on individual policies wouldnt work either, as we as a society are far to easily led by the media. As the song goes 'the angry mob.... easily swayed'. International media seems to me like a feedback loop out of control. They talk sh!t, it bounces around, then depending on how they feel and how it went down, they echo it back out again! I can see no way out of our predicament really, and thats depressing. I think change starts at home, but no one knows what to change.
  12. My aim was to secure my own future, not to resolve the numerous problems Britain faces. We sadly live in a society where the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. Thats just how the 'game' works. Choosing not to play makes no difference, you just end up as one of the poor ones and still end up playing your part. There is no escape from our capitalist society. Now, if you have spent some effort in you life helping out the needy, i'd like to take this opportunity to thank you. However, sadly, i suspect you are the same as the next randomly selected individual - full of good intentions. I hear with £4 and good intentions you can get a pint in london? “The smallest deed is better than the greatest intention.” Do you help disadvantaged youths in your area? Ever talked to homeless people, either to understand or to help? Ever visited a lonely old person? If so, well done. You're better than me. I only visit old relatives and help friends. But please dont lecture me on morality or try to judge me from 15 posts on an internet forum.
  13. could you clarify your comments? I cant see the link between mine and yours. Thanks.
  14. i cant agree with that line of thought steve. You say we have essentially used hydrocarbon deposits to prop up a vast increase in population. The carbon itself isnt relevant as thats obviously in a constant cycle, and there was/is ridiculously more HC reserves than there is human flesh (theres only about 600 megatonnes of humanity afterall). HC derived energy is just another step in human energy production. Alernatives will be found, society will adapt.
  15. you dont want to be a bear in a bull market, or a bull in a bear market. Reading it is the key! People calling bear 4 years back misread it. You'd be a fool to be a full on bull now though, hence our little 'bull/bear' boxes are pretty irrelevant. They should all say 'trainee market reader'.
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