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  1. Jim Rogers on CNBC talking about Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, and the proposed bailout. Watch the others stumble and stammer as they try desperately to perform the media’s function of defending the state and the status quo against Rogers’ relentless attack.


    Watched the clip.

    Skip 4 mins 30 sec into the clip and hear the comment about all banks since the Medici's being technically insolvent and the reaction from Rogers!

  2. i wouldnt do anything too radical but maybe just implement the below:

    1/ reintroduce death penalty (rapists, serial killers, drug dealers, illegal immigrants) - fast turn around from convicted to sentence

    2/ lifetime imprisonment for serial offenders

    3/ overhaul benefits (not allowed any benefits after 5 convicted offences)

    4/ kickout immigrants

    5/ allow the police greater powers to be as harse as they like

    6/ establish new rules for those in positions of power with harsh reprecussions if abused (such as judges, police, mps, CEOs, Jailers ect)

    7/ new nuclear army deterrent

    8/ Cut subsidy

    9/ recall all armed forces

    10/ re-establish industrial economy

    11/ Re-establish farming

    12/ Ship out all UK personnel not able to attribute to UK economy/growth

    13/ Establish a citizenship 2 tiered approach to country.

    14/ ensure taxes spent on what population wants

    15/ build alliances with countries that match our future growth plans

    16/ introduce spiked drugs into society to kill all those that 'dabble'

    and so on until the scum understands that only decent hardworking people will be tolerated.

    Time for the Iron Fist to rule...!!

    If you took power with these policies I'd be joining the civil war to otherthrow you! :lol:

    Of course then I'd probably be branded a terrorist . . . . :ph34r:

  3. I was walking to work this morning and wondering why I actually bother. I need to see a cut in house prices of 60% around here, or receive a 150% pay-increase, just to afford a rudimentary dwelling. If I didn't give my employer what it needed from me it could get rid of me, yet there is no obligation on the part of my employer to give me what I need, just to afford a basic lifestyle, in return. I am expected to have a work-ethic, but where is my employer's pay-ethic? I can understand that it's unreasonable to expect a mansion in the country, an penthouse apartment in Monaco, a Ferrari, a Rolls Royce and a big Yacht, without doing something truly exceptional to get it... but these days when you ask for just enough money to be able to afford something totally unexceptional you are treated as though you are asking for something exceptional. I think the only reason I actually manage to get to work is because it's downhill - If I needed a will to get there I doubt that it would happen. It's miserable enough if you aren't paid enough to get a bit of what you want, but when you aren't even paid enough to fulfil life's basic needs there is simply no incentive. I feel dirty and used.

    I feel your pain.

    I've often said to the wife that if I didn't have four kids to provide for I'd have become some sort of anarcho revolutionary by now . . . .


  4. So we all know how evil equity investors are. They give money to institutions who them force people to work for wages. As if that wasn't a bad enough fate for people, those same people are then supposed to accept redundency without a fight. Thank goodness for trade unions and shop stewards, eh?

    Speaking of which, a former shop steward near me is busy adding to his property portfolio. No dirty dividends for him. No sponsoring employment either. Just straight, clean, honest removal of a sizeable chunk of workers wages in rent.

    Hypocricy, don't you just love it.

  5. Greetings.

    I stumbled across the site via a google search and found it to be really interesting so after a few days lurking I've decided to join up.

    My family and I currently reside in a three bedroomed terraced house in the north west. My wife got stung in the early 90's with negative equity, she paid the morgage on a house for 11 years and when she sold it she recouped a whopping £1000 after paying off the outstanding morgage debt. The couple who bought it off her sold it two years later for a £25,000 profit!

    Oh well, you live and learn . . . .

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