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  1. I said this last night on another topic but it fits well here:

    As a Bear I hate to say it but the 'Master Plan' is working.

    This all started with too much hidden debt, the unknown presented too much risk and lending seized up.

    The sh1t hits the fan and public money is hosed at the problem. The result is that the hidden debt is replaced by state owned debt, which is far more palatable.

    Interest rates kept low and money is printed to directly support house prices. Now the far east have got us where they want us, and the west has whored itself to the highest bidder.

    So, short of the rug being pulled out from under the Governments of the west, our Government will return us to 2007. Lending reform is dead - the nation wants a return to the good old days and that's just what they'll get.

    House prices are the key to 'the recovery' they will not be allowed to plummet. Our taxes will effectively be paying the mortgages of all those 'rescued' over the past few months, and those on 0.5% interest rates, and all those who buy in the future.

    Until there is true leadership, and consideration of the social impact of high house prices, we will never move forward.

    Got to agree.

    The Government bailouts have stopped the rot for the moment. However when they come to try and pay back these debts the shit wil hit the fan.

    No politician can dare tell the truth about this mess. Any major politician bold enough to speak out would spook the markets and start the collapse (which I think is inevitable long term), thus being wrongly tarred as the man who brought down the economy.

  2. Would it be possible to build up a decent credit rating by circulating a number of moderately sized debts (say five seperate debts of around £1000 pound each) between various credit card accounts, making sure you pay promptly each month so as not to incur any interest payments?

    If so how long would it take to build up a decent credit rating?

  3. It logically follows that if someone is deliberately poisoning the river, all you have to do is go to just before where they are doing it and you have clean water.

    And of course I would try to stop them poisoning my air with fumes.

    But what if all the land further up the river was already occupied?

    Also would you ever resort to force to stop your air being polluted?

  4. When there is fresh water already available and all they have to do is go and use it?

    Who says there is any more fresh water in the area?

    Example, a company sets up near your home and you are being poisoned by the noxious fumes from the factory blowing in your direction. You'd just pack up and leave rather then try and stop the people responsible?

    What if all other land is already occupied and there is nowhere to escape to?

  5. People aren't being forced to do anything, they aren't being attacked or anything like that. They are choosing to drink poison rather than go somewhere else.

    The question is why would they drink poison rather than move.

    Why the ****** should they have to move because some inconsiderate bastards up the valley are destroying their land base?

    IMO they'd have the moral right to use force to stop the poisoning of their water.

  6. I know Jade Goody has nothing to do with the original post but I'd like my say on the subject.

    I despise everything 'Jade Goody', the brand, stood for. She was a 'chav' who became famous for showing her 'kebab' and giving a guy a blow job on national t.v. That said I understand how she had no real control over her 'career' and was merely promoted by corporate ******sters as a symbol of hope for many that no matter how untalented or thick you are you still have a chance at 'success'.

    The woman's dying and will leave two little kids behind. For that reason alone (being a father myself) she has my utmost sympathy. I'm sure she'd give it all back for another twelve months with her children. IMO anybody who can't sympathize with her current plight is a hard hearted individual indeed.

  7. That's actually quite a tall order. Wealth tends to erode unless it's invested productively, and a particular economy only has so many opportunities for productive investment.

    In case people hadn't noticed, such opportunities are getting thin on the ground. Lacking them, how is the interest you desire to be created and paid?

    I sometimes think that the 'man made global warming' scare might actually be a scam to open up a whole new market for people to invest in. As you rightly pointed out there comes a time when capital has nowhere left to expand unless new markets can be created.

  8. all this talk about everyone paying in more tax than they benefit from, especially me, made me wonder, who does win from the tax system? and please dont all say the lay about unemployed.

    for starters, families with children must come out on top what with the real cost of education?

    and er.....

    nature lovers because of the government parks

    and dog owners because of parks and dog bins

    etc etc

    who is the biggest LEGITIMATE winner. someone must be. and i know its not me.

    Anybody rich enough to pay a financial wizard to find every tax loophole available . . . . .

  9. it's strange , but I find myself agreeing with you in part.

    when the Credit Crunch happened, all of the people with deposits in banks should have lost all of their money since the banking system was totally underfunded and broke.

    the government stepped in and guaranteed those deposits at the expense of taxpayers.

    that the savers have ANY money at this point is due to taxes paid by working people.

    they really can't complain if the government steps in and helps the homeowners since the homeowners really are likely getting much less than the savers got in the long run.

    Well I'm glad somebody else can see the apparent hypocricy displayed by whinging savers.

  10. So I take it you don't get any form of tax credits or allowances for the kids ?

    No ?

    That's good , because as a saver I really do hate having to pay tax for other people's children out of my savings income .

    I pay tax and yeah I get some of it back through tax credits, big ******ing deal, I still pay more in to the system then I get out.

  11. youre attacking the wrong people and deep down I think you know it

    Not really.

    Anybody who pumped their savings into property, assuming that prices will always go up , is rightly regarded as a fool on these boards. Most hear take great glee in their coming demise.

    By the same token, anybody stashing their savings into a bank account, assuming that the bank will never fail and they will always be paid decent interest rates, is also just as deluded surely?

  12. And if it hadnt been for the uneducated idiots that borrowed way beyond their means to support a lifestyle they couldnt afford.....the banks would not have needed bailing out in the first place.....

    If it wasn't for the educated financial racketeers trying to suck the uneducated into an exploitative system that milks them for all they're worth we wouldn't be in this mess. Of course you savers couldn't give a shit as long as you were getting your juicy interest payments. Your just like the bankers, fooking leeches on the back of the average working man.

  13. They are the taxpayers.

    If you don't have a job and you have no savings, what are you going to pay tax with? If you want a mortgage or loan or credit card and the bank lends you money, if your employer wants a business loan to expand, create and keep jobs--whose money do you think it is?

    Without savers, the economy is dead. Not the other way around.

    I have a job but I can't afford the luxury of savings and as far as I'm aware my work collegues are all in a similar position. We earn just enough to put a roof over our heads, pay the bills, put food on the table and buy a few pieces of cheap plastic tat to ammuse the kids.

    So when I hear people earning enough to have spare cash to save, who now have their savings protected by the taxpayer (which includes people like me who don't have savings but pay into the system) it grates me no end to hear them crying over their lost interest payments. The banks are bailed out, the savers are bailed out, but people like me pay towards this extortion and have to thank our lucky stars we're still in a job!

  14. I'm getting rather sick of savers bleating on about how the current low interest rates are ruining them financially and how it's not worth them saving their cash. How quickly they forget that if it wasn't for the taxpayer being forced to bail out the banking system these people wouldn't have any savings at all!

  15. So... Please enlighten me on the intrinsic usefulness of gold.

    It's not edible, can not make water clean to drink, and has little use as fuel, so tell me why on earth would it be of any use when the entire system of business, exchange, money, etc. collapses ?

    I tend to agree. I think people would have more chance bartering with cigs, booze, tobacco and drugs then with gold.

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