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  1. Don't know if it's true or not, can't speak Ukrainian or Russian to verify the translation - obviously if it is true it won't be reported in the Western media.


    As for poster Goat, you might not be bombarding this thread with Western propaganda, you don't need too because the BBC and Western press in general has that covered. Of course RT is completely biased to the Russian side but people like me still watch it to try and find some truth out of the spin and ******** we are being told.

    BTW anybody heard about vice President Biden's son involved in Ukraine gas?


  2. Ukraine's puppet regime says 20 'terrorists' were killed yesterday, the BBC described them as 'armed pro Russian activists'. RT shows who most of them really were, unarmed civilians. Cameron, Hague and most of out political class should hang their heads in shame for supporting a Fascist led coup in Ukraine, the only politicians I've heard telling the truth about the situation are Nigel Farage and George Galloway!


  3. Due to all this foreign meddling in Ukraine we will probably see a civil war, a proxy three way battle between the E.U, Russia and the U.S with the poor Ukrainians of both East and West being used as the cannon fodder.

    How anybody can deny that the overthrow of the former democratically elected government was aided and abetted by the U.S and E.U, using Far Right foot soldiers as the spearhead is a mystery to me. The evidence is clearly out there.

    Yanukovych was a corrupt oligarch who leaned towards Russia, ousted by Western IMF Bankster puppets. Some evil bastards, as yet unproven, were willing to gun down protesters to further an agenda. Both sides of the media are extremely biased. Western propaganda and one side of the story competes with RT and a completely different version of events. You have to watch both sides and assume the worst of everybody involved. There is no doubt in my mind that Putin is meddling just as much as the U.S and within the anti-Kiev ranks are some Russian Far Right nationalists, again being used as pawns by bigger players.

    If I hear any British politician even mention involving our troops in this potential bloodbath I'll be inclined to punch them in the face.

  4. Looks like Turkey is goin to kick off also - how long before we have a Turley thread.

    I do wonder how much all these countries erupting has to do with 2007/08 and the massive amounts of debt. Almost as if leaders realise their countries are screwed so they raise the nationalistic stuff.

    Thread started :).

  5. A member nation of NATO has taken down social media sites Twitter and Youtube to stop the spread of a leaked tape that reveals Turkish Government officials discussing a false flag attack so they can invade Syria.

    5 days ago Turkey warned that a radical Islamist group had threatened to attack the Tomb of Süleyman Shah which although in Syria is in fact a small piece of Turkish land guarded by 20-25 Turkish troops. The Turkish president was very hawkish saying any attack would provoke a swift response.


    However a few days later somebody leaked a recording onto youtube exposing the threat as a 'false flag'. So the governments answer was to shut down social media to stop the tape being viewed.

    Following the ban of social media site Twitter in Turkey last week, today video website Youtube has also been blocked in the country. The ban comes after Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan was quoted by Reuters at a rally last week saying: 'I don't understand how people of good sense could defend this Facebook, YouTube and Twitter. There are all kinds of lies there.'


    But seeing as the internet is such a wonderful tool the recording can still be found on youtube and apparently this is the translation -


    Ahmet DAVUTOĞLU: Okay, we'll go over there, I'll be there in a bit. What I'm trying to say is that we couldn't tell the American Foreign Minister to take strong precautions ever again.

    Hakan FİDAN: What I'm trying to say is..

    Ahmet DAVUTOĞLU: They'd say, "well, you didn't even defend your own land". Many a times I've had amicable conversations with Kerry, he asked me precisely about whether we've agreed on a final decision on this strike..


    Yaşar GÜLER: Sir, we have, a hundred times. With the United States..

    Feridun SİNİRLİOĞLU: Now listen to me, 3 days ago something happened in the General Staff (of the Military), they had a crisis coordination meeting. I saw it for the first time. The Americans..

    Yaşar GÜLER: No, we do that sort of thing all the time!

    Feridun SİNİRLİOĞLU: No no, the Americans distributed the plans of the NO FLY ZONE in that meeting. For the first time. Did you know about that?

  6. Looks like Turkey is goin to kick off also - how long before we have a Turley thread.

    I do wonder how much all these countries erupting has to do with 2007/08 and the massive amounts of debt. Almost as if leaders realise their countries are screwed so they raise the nationalistic stuff.

    When you take a step back you realize that over 97% of the money in the global monetary system is in fact bank created IOU's, all pensions are IOU's, government bonds are IOU's etc.

    The global debt combined is currently 313% of global GDP. There is no way the fast majority of these debts can be paid back. The battle now is who's IOU's are honored and who's IOU's get thrown on the scrapheap. The bankster mafia's of various countries are competing with one another to make damn sure their IOU's keep their value at the expense of global pensions and wages.

    That's the way I see it at least.

  7. I see Nick Clegg somehow thinks he's got UKIP's Farage on the ropes, accusing him of supporting Putin because he said the EU has 'blood on it's hands' in regards to events in the Ukraine. He intends bringing this point up in their next head to head debate. I really hope he does because I'm pretty sure Farage will demolish him and expose some truths about the people our leaders are supporting over there.

  8. The problem of your Soviet's style propaganda is that for anybody used to live in the West it does not pass the 10s bullsh.t test ...

    You need to hire some people, who understand how the West economy and politics actually work ...

    I assume you are Ukrainian or of Ukrainian origin. How do you feel that your democratically elected government was violently overthrown by an unholy alliance of Neo- Liberals and Nazis?

  9. I do not know where have you been for last 25 years, but after the 1990s when the Soviets left Eastern Europe, we are doing quite well, enjoying the freedom, life expectancy went up by like 10 years, etc ...

    I am sure that a typical Ukrainian would rather live like people west of his house than east of his house ...

    But perhaps you miss the old good Soviet times ???

    All Ukraine has to look forward to now is a decent into economic chaos as the banksters leech their economy dry like the curent situation in Greece. Why on earth any sensible Ukrainian would want to join the corrupt EU is beyond me. The way I see it they are caught in a power struggle between corrupt Russian leaning Oligarchs, a western backed Bankster mafia in Kiev, far Right Ukrainian nationalists and Russian Nationalists in the East.

    The political landscape in Ukraine is turning into a real life 'Game of Thrones' Worst case scenario could be a European version of the civil war in Syria.

  10. Seems like the Western puppets who have hijacked the government in Ukraine have decided to start executing their useful far right idiots. No sympathy for the Nazi thug who died but just shows how ruthless the bankster backed Kiev Mafia really are . . . . .

    Also has anybody seen the austerity measures they have to impose to get an IMF loan? Drastic cuts in energy subsidies, an end to state subsidies towards any businesses making them noncompetitive against Western competition, a 50% cut in pension payments and an indefinite freeze on public sector work pay. Should all go down well with the average Ukrainian!

  11. There is a shocking report on Channel 4 about the Far Right leaders who have taken power being behind the sniper killings of police and protestors, backing up claims made by Putin that it is indeed a far right Fascist Coup that our glorious leader Cameron is supporting.


    n the conversation the speakers discuss a suspicion that snipers who shot protesters in Kiev's Independence Square, at the height of the Maidan protests, had been hired by opposition leaders, not the Ukrainian government of ousted President Yanukovych.

    It is reported that Ukraine's special services, friendly to ousted President Viktor Yanukovych, bugged the conversation between Baroness Ashton and a man believed to be Urmas Paet, the Estonian foreign minister. It is thought the conversation took place around the 26 February, shortly after Yanukovych fled the country.

    There is now stronger and stronger understanding that behind the snipers it was not Yanukovych, but it was somebody from the new coalition.

    Urmas Paet

    In the recording, the male voice says he has been told of evidence suggesting that one group was responsible for shooting both riot police and protesters alike, and that there is a "stronger and stronger understanding" that one of the Maidan leaders organised the shootings.

    It has previously been reported that government gunmen were responsible for the majority of 88 protester deaths in the uprising.

    The man alleged to be Mr Paet describes how he spoke to "Olga" - a person whom the female voice on the tape, believed to be Baroness Ashton, seems to know. He describes Olga as a doctors' leader in Ukraine. It is understood that Olga refers to Dr Olga Bogomolets.

    Mr Paet says that Olga told him that "all evidence shows that the people were killed by snipers from both sides - among policemen and people from the streets - that they were the same snipers killing people from both sides."

    He continues: "And it's really disturbing that now the new coalition [government], they don't want to investigate what exactly happened, so that there is now stronger and stronger understanding that behind the snipers it was not Yanukovych, but it was somebody from the new coalition."

    Baroness Ashton apparently responds: "I think they do want to investigate, and I didn't know... pick that up - gosh."

  12. I'm usually just a HPC lurker but had to respond to this thread.

    How far do these t***s in Government think they can push people?

    Having not had a pay rise for seven years and having a day's less work due to my employer still struggling to find enough work to keep us in jobs I scrape into this category. If they have the audacity to call me into a Job Centre to see if I'm 'working enough' I swear it's gonna get nasty.

  13. The documentary "97% Owned" is well worth a watch in my opinion -

    Also the documentaries "Plunder - The Crime Of Our Time" and "In Debt We Trust" by Danny Schechter are worth digging out.

    As for making this thread a sticky I agree with previous posters it should replace the gold thread sticky IMO.

  14. Having had my hours cut at work I've stopped paying into my company pension scheme. To be honest it's virtually worthless anyway, last time I looked I'd get around £1000 per year to live on!

    Was paying 2.5% and company pays 2.5% of a pretty shitty wage. All my fellow employees have done the same. One guy in his fifties says he's got his pension plans sorted - every time he gets hungry he'll walk up to a police officer and punch him in the face, then he'll get a warm cell and 3 meals a day - sorted!

  15. Al Jazeera recently aired a short program which explains how banks create money out of nothing when they make a loan - pity there aren't any UK broadcasters willing to expose this fact to the general public.


    Conservative economic thinking - cuts and austerity for the plebs - leads to a shrinking of the money supply and a collapse of the system.

    Labour economic thinking - more government debt - would merely kick the debt time bomb down the road for a few more years till is finally dawns on people that these debts are unpayable leading to a collapse of the system.

    When will somebody in power address the real economic problem, namely our debt based monetary system?

  16. IMO it all boils down to this.

    AT LEAST 97% of what we call money is infact just an IOU created by private banks. All savings accounts are merely promises to pay as are all pensions, mortgages, government bonds etc. What we are seeing is a battle betwen who's IOU's are honoured and who's IOU's are discarded. At the moment the bankers of the western world are using governments to ensure their IOU's are the ones honoured at the expense of the general public, who are seeing their savings disappear, their pensions cut and jobs destroyed.

  17. Thanks for the replies.

    I've discounted the 15% pay cut, as people have mentioned I'd be better taking the four day week at same pay simply because if work picks up and we have to work some Fridays I'll be better off financially.

    My wife just got a job four weeks ago (ironic really as she only took the job because my lack of a pay rise over 6 years was starting to bite financially) and works term time only at the local school (38 weeks per year) for 25 hours a week. We have four kids but one is in college and one is leaving school this summer, going to college in September. The eldest works part time in some shitty little job where the employer expects to be able to ring up at the drop of a hat and ask my daughter to go into work for two hours for £3.59 per hour (£130 per month) - of course taxi parents take her on this 10 mile round trip costing us diesel costs! We don't take any money off her as it is what she uses to get transport to college (£51 per month), pay for her lunches and a little spending money (since EMA was stopped).

    We already get WTC and CTC and have a small mortgage on a terraced house. We drive around in a crappy 16 year old people carrier that we can't afford to scrap (even though my wife's ex gets a brand new car every three years because he's 'disabled' which he uses to do a window cleaning round and has never paid a penny in maintenance for our eldest two kids who are his biologically!)

    I'm actually considering forcing the companies hand and asking for redundancy. However I know they cannot afford it and would have to shut the company down if I do so. Having been there for 26 years since leaving school and having workmates who have also been there this long I'd feel bad if I was the one to scupper this proposed attempt to save the business.

    I'm also worried about if I take state redundancy how that works and how long it is before I get job seekers or stuff like that. But if I agreed to the cut in hours and the company still goes bust down the line would I get less redundancy because I was earning less at that point in time?

    To be honest in the meeting this morning I told the bosses they are mad to plough good money after bad. Our major contractor expects us to hold six months of stock for them to call off at any time, payable on delivery only and that's killing us. Also said contractor exports all around Europe and when Greece explodes in the coming months this company will almost certainly cut back on stuff like printing!

    Anyway sorry for the long ramble but any suggestions would be greatly appreciated because the banksters are coming into work tomorrow to finalise stuff with my employers (who are expected to cough up £60,000 of personal guarantees to cover the previous overdraft to keep the business going) - they are hoping to implement these changes on Monday if possible.

  18. These are the options put to us this morning at the small printing firm I work for.

    Apparently the bank (Barclay's) are putting the pressure on and limiting the overdraft. Also our main multinational customer owes us quite a lot of money and isn't fast at paying it's bills.

    We haven't had a pay increase in 6 years (I'm on 15.5 k per year for anybody thinking all printers are well paid) and now this option is thrown at us. So what would you choose, 15% pay cut or a 4 day working week?

    I'm almost certainly gonna go for the 4 day option unless persuaded otherwise. At least I can do some housework on the day off or look around for any other jobs.

  19. If you want the details, it goes roughly like this-

    1.) You instruct your bank to pay into HMRC's bank account (the one you pay into is normally at a high street bank).

    2.) Every night that account gets 'swept' into a succession of government accounts, held with the Bank of England. The Bank of England only accepts payment in 'Bank of England credits (central bank money)' .

    So are you saying that the electronic banking system somehow distinguishes between private bank credit and 'Bank of England' credits? Or perhaps every night somebody from a private bank physically delivers Bank Of England notes to Threadneedle Street in the back of a truck?

    Also if private bank credit isn't legal tender how come when my credit card bill arrives the amount owed has a £ symbol in front of it? Wouldn't it be fraudulent to claim the debt due to them is owed in pound sterling (legal tender) when in fact they didn't borrow me legal tender, merely private bank credit?

  20. See- we've just created money in 'marlint' credits which can be used to make transactions and settle debts. I don't need any special powers to do it, and its certainly not magic. It just requires that you trust the provider of the money (in this case me), to deliver the £10 on demand, when I say I will.

    You may have created a form of money but your 'marlint' credit isn't legal tender. I can't pay my taxes in 'marlints'.

    I can however pay my taxes using credit created from nothing by private banks.

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