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  1. Well my son and his friends (all just leaving their teens) are now talking about bitcoin (they have never shown any interest in economics previously) wondering how they can get hold of any - for me that's a 'shoeshine' moment.
  2. If there is a massive bubble in the Bitcoin market and it implodes could it affect the real economy?
  3. Either the principle of parliamentary supremacy exists or it doesn't. The theory behind the ruling was that "triggering Article 50 would fundamentally change UK people's rights - and that the government cannot change or do away with rights under UK law unless Parliament gives it authority to do so." (quote taken from BBC). So by the same token when the E.U passes a law that changes peoples rights said law should have to be passed by Westminster surely?
  4. Blue Labour and Red Tories banding together to form a new 'Centrist' party?! Perhaps they should name it The Neo-Liberal Party, or maybe the 'Establishment' Party? http://www.theguardian.com/politics/...-tory-mps-talk
  5. The global financial system is just a giant ponzi scheme that should have collapsed in 2008 but the global elites persuaded governments around the world to bail out the failing banking system, with austerity imposed on the masses to pay for it. They preach capitalism yet when the banksters run into trouble they are bailed out by Government, showing total hypocrisy and avoiding the rules they impose on others. However all the bailouts did was delay the inevitable. The (mainly western) world is drowning in unpayable debts as Greece know to their cost. The system will eventually fall like a house of cards. I thought Greece would be the trigger but now it could well be Brexit (although the Italian banking system is on the verge of collapse and Deutsche Bank has been rated the biggest threat to the financial system by the IMF.) With this in mind will the millions of working class Brexit voters become the fall guys, blamed for any collapse and castigated for the crimes of the financial elites who flooded the world with toxic debts?
  6. The more the Establishment pour hate on the man the more appealing he becomes, to me at least.
  7. I've often thought that when a bank makes a loan all the interest money needed to repay the loan in full should be created by the Government and spent into the economy.
  8. My biggest worry is that anybody who voted for Brexit will be blamed for the global ponzi scheme bursting and the banksters will get off scot free, having found a convenient scapegoat.
  9. Thought this might be kind of relevant in understanding Landlords reluctance to accept the game is over for most of them. https://www.rt.com/news/322698-people-change-decisions-study/
  10. OMG another classic post - Apparently renting out a house to a granny who is so disabled she has a stair lift fitted in the property. However it broke and she couldn't afford to repair it (wouldn't that be a landlords responsibility?), so she has spent months literally crawling up and down the stairs. Then one day she fell down stairs and died from her injuries. The poor landlord is now concerned they won't get the rent that was owed?! http://www.property118.com/my-tenant-has-died-and-any-advice-would-be-greatly-appreciated/81732/
  11. Another classic post on 118 Laura Delow - "Although many believe Jeremy Corbyn doesn’t stand a chance of winning at the next election (assuming he’s still party leader), what is worrying is the number of young voters (many of whom never bothered to vote in previous elections) who will vote next time around and as a result, this dangerous animal may have a chance of winning. Just because we believe he’s a communist nutter, doesn’t mean to say that the rest of the electorate feels the same, especially if they feel the Tory’s are only looking after the well healed, irrespective of whether this is true or not. Many a voter is envious of those who have worked & saved hard & sacrificed much to build a property portfolio or a large pension fund or other form of savings. JC is saying to the less well off what they want to hear just like Stalin did in the early 1900’s. Even if JC’s reign is short, there are a number of party members who agree with him & it’s only a matter of time before Labour gain control of UKPlc again & crucify the private rental property sector by whatever means possible eg a tenants right to buy at a discount from a private landlord or no tax break on mortgage interest at all or an onerous Investment Income Surcharge tax reintroduced (previously 15% in the 70’s under Labour) which would also effect all investment income whatever its source, or to abolish tax relief on repairs etc etc the list goes on. Even the Tory’s have started to chip away (in a big way) at the private landlord sector having introduced in the last Budget to abolish the 10% Wear & Tear Allowance & restrict Buy to Let Mortgage interest relief to the equivalent of 20% (being weaned in from 2017). It is dangerous to ignore the warning signs. Many landlords are proving they’re apathetic having still not signed the e-petition regarding the restriction on mortgage interest (this doesn’t affect me personally as my portfolio is fortunately unencumbered but it indicates the way the wind is blowing if the Tory’s can stoop so low to introduce this). In a nutshell I think there’s a bigger problem looming as all the indicators point to private landlords being a major target (no matter which party is in power). If we collectively don’t get more aggressive in a pro-active way, we are in serious danger of being on a back foot & being annihilated & becoming extinct or at worst, making us so angry that some more desperate or less scrupulous landlords will resort to Peter Rachman & Nicholas van Hoogstraten methods (don’t forget the old adage of desperate people do desperate things). I personally will be looking at ways to extricate myself from what I can only foresee as a very miserable future. This is not because I am scare mongering as I abhor this negative trait in others. It is purely & simply a fact of life I think we face in that UKPlc needs to get more revenue in (and this will only worsen over the next few years) & landlords will be an easy target as they are perceived as a rich seam to exploit (property being a key factor in UKPlc) no matter how much us Landlords sacrificed financially, emotionally & time wise to claw our way there. To ignore what “might” lay ahead and to blindly believe none of the above can possibly happen, is foolish. Who foresaw the recent budget announcements – from a Tory Government? I doubt none of us. Does anyone have an idea how we Landlords can collectively get ahead of the curve on this & control (not just influence like the National Landlords Assoc & other similar bodies do) our futures no matter what party is in power, rather than wait for further things to happen to us & our only (re)action is that we end up signing yet another e-petition after another?" http://www.property118.com/shadow-chancellor-john-mcdonnell-anti-buy-to-let-but-said-very-little/81036/
  12. Yeah, Dimbleby said something like 'eh? can you explain what you mean by fractional reserve banking?' Audience had no idea what he was talking about.
  13. UKIP's Douglas Carswell actually mentioned that banks create credit (money) out of nothing when they lend it out - I nearly fell off my chair!
  14. And what proof is that exactly? Some newspaper says some guy recorded on tape boasts he killed 15 people. These sick Nazi bro's of yours are happily filming themselves nailing somebody to a cross!
  15. Couldn't make this crap up, 300 U.S troops are currently in Ukraine training Neo-Nazi's to fight the pro-Russian rebels . . http://america.aljazeera.com/…/no-end-in-sight-to-ukraine-c… And this is an example of what this Nazi scum does to prisoners, nail them to a cross and burn them alive! http://ukraine-human-rights.org/ukra...fascist-alive/
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