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  1. I think what people will except for their house, price wise depends entirely on circumstances: I put an offer in on a property 25% off 2007 price (price sourced from the semi next doors 2007 selling price) offer was accepted. The owners of the property had lived there for 20 years, no mortgage so no stress, any loss was on paper. Friends of mine put an offer in on a property 15% below 2007 peak, offer rejected because vendor (amateur property developer) had bought property in 2006 for 180K spent around 25K doing it up! and have it on the market for 225K and they wont drop cause they are mortgaged up to the eyeballs and want their money back! Simples
  2. Hi, I know its not answering you question directly but I would not buy this house anyway due to the really poor layout.... Not having a garage is not good And say you have just arrived home on a wet day with bagfuls of shopping, you need to trape through 2 rooms to get to the kitchen! And I think you would find that Dining Room pretty gloomy with no direct light especially if the garden faces North which it looks like it does? Oh and not great bedroom sizes! So apart from whether you should buy or not in this market, I wouldn't buy this house anyway. Just my thoughts
  3. Sorry cant do it http://www.upmystreet.com/property-prices/...l/minehead.html http://www.upmystreet.com/property-prices/...unton-4773.html
  4. Browsing Somerset Towns and surprised at the graphs, even National average is showing an up curve, this cant be correct ? Up My Street and Up My Street Confused
  5. Just browsing Somerset Towns and some graph directions are surprising !! even the National average is showing an upward curve, this can't be correct? Up My Street another one Up My Street Im a bit confused!
  6. My solicitor informed me yesterday that the property I am buying (Yes I am buying a house!) has a potential liability of Chancel repair, so I am paying a one off payment of £45 for insurance cover for 25 years, peace of mind.
  7. Agent calls me yesterday re house on the market. I thought the house had been sold, I asked him He said it had, but guy who was buying lost his money in an Icelandic bank after he exchanged contracts, so he lost his deposit as well. Its was advertised at £395K by a previous agent, this agent said it should only be on for £350K, said they may take £325K. Said I will wait for further reductions! He has seen the chap who lost the money recently, said he's not looking to good!
  8. On the other hand, when things were booming! I put an offer on a house, it was excepted, I paid for a survey etc, then the vendors decided to take it off the market and put it back on for 25k more!!! Then again they did me a favor, 2 years later they still haven't sold, and I was saved and happily in rented, thats Karma.........
  9. Its not boring, I have laughed out loud at least 4 times reading this thread.
  10. I found it on google maps, but not a great picture on zoom, 1st on the right off of Holins Lane.
  11. Oh yes, thanks, I get that , wouldn't it be great though if the news readers on the couch, would report the news as that, using intellectual reasoning and reporting the implications of the figures, good and bad. I mean, do they have any more understanding of the figures than they have of Peter Andre's relationship, who they are interviewing now, I dont think so!
  12. But why are they still reporting this as bad news, why cant they report house price falls objectively, surly this is only bad news for a minority. I could understand them being subjective if they were reporting, someone had thrown a kitten out of a 10 story flat window, yes that is bad news, no one could argue with that ?!
  13. 40 Entertainment Agent Sold Sept 2007 Renting with my partner and son (LL friend so cheap'ish rent) Looking to buy the right house at the right price.
  14. My local paper is full of New Build property adverts with crazy incentives to tempt vulnerable people into buying a new property now! One such advert in the style of an Advertorial has this first time buyer woman, going on for half a page about 'Why I think now is the time to buy a new home' and she continued....quote ' I was told that as long as I could secure a mortgage on 75% of the properties value, the apartment would be mine and also they would pay my deposit.................' 'I have heard of shared equity schemes, however this deal was different, was told I would become the sole owner of the property from the moment I signed on the dotted line, ultimately they were offering me an interest free loan on the remaining 25%' Surely this is a contradiction they would pay her deposit then she says its an interest free loan so thats a 100% loan then! It also says in the very small print that the company will retain up to a 25% equity share in the property for a period of up to 10 years, so isn't that another contradiction on her stating she will be sole owner?? Also I don't understand this bit? 'the amount I owe is linked to my apartments market value, that means I may be able to take advantage of the current property market by trying to pay it off over the next few years' Is that a good thing ? And in the companies advert underneath it reads among other claims; Own 100% of the property - how's that if its all borrowed money?
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