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  1. I think they picked the wrong target meself to highlight as a "scam" I'm thinking he maybe should have gone into politics.
  2. He's the ultimate STR, a non-too subtle attack on some members of this website. I'm expecting Bruno to pop up at any moment. Pity David Thewlis isn't playing the security guard, It would have been crowbar across the skull of the mortgage broker then.
  3. No they are supplied in tiny vials, filled by the tears of the children of homeless couples, who are forced to listen to the sounds of the worlds "tiniest violin" orchestra playing Montovani.
  4. I guess if it's in his contract of employment that if he nods off at post then its gross misconduct then they can just get rid AFAIK. The banker is an Irish actor. But he's worked at lot in the US recently, so I guess there's some handy residual transatlanticness there.
  5. Like ****** is this a free market.
  6. Just wondering how many of these actors have BTL portfolios. I'm keeping a beedie eye out to see if my landlord crops up
  7. I take it back, this is heading into Blackstuff territory. Hope he hasn't got any rabbits out the back, or a shotgun.
  8. Yes, no where near the hopelessness and cry for a past of "Boys from The Blackstuff", and This Life was just about overindulged e-taking lawyers shagging each other. Sadly for a lot of people out there they'll be thinking. "Wasn't it ******ing great". I can assure you no-one who lived through Merseyside during the Thatcher years looks back on it with any real fondness (though there was some great music coming out of that period).
  9. Just realised the banker is also the politician in The Wire. Think this is pretty promising in an "Oh shit don't do it" sort of way.
  10. Between the bricks of the unused flats in Leeds? [edited for strikeout text fail]
  11. Formby Point, Formby, Caldy on The Wirral. Or if I had loads of money I'd buy up Shotwick village to preserve it, and turn it into a private estate. All of them let you see wonderful Sunsets and the hills of North Wales. I've lived too many years here not to settle down here. Though I'd most probably go worldwide travelling for a couple of years at least. Down south I think I'd like a small place somewhere more South West, but not too far down Cornwall/Devon. Maybe Hereford as it's handy for a couple of festivals I like, and you can get nice Cider. I'd also have a place on the left bank in Paris, a place in Venice or Treviso, and one in Soller on Majorca. Can fly to all three places from Liverpool, and if the flights stop I can get a long distance train there instead.
  12. She also stated that she believed in a meritocracy, whilst still retaining a monarchy and the house of lords, most of whom are in there just because they where lucky to have a particular sperm hit a particular egg, down a trail of years where their ancestors where given land for murdering the original occupants of the land. She ignored the needs of half the country by making them waste on the dole, and was able to do this by making people think she was saving money elsewhere. But she also had a huge amount of money coming in through oil revenues. The whole attitude of chasing after the lowly doleite for the occasional tenner made on the side, whilst turning a blind eye to the tax evasion of the rich just shows how much belief she really had in the entrepenurial spirit of the northern working class. I also read an article in the Sunday papers, can't remember which one, which actually said that when you take all factors into account, we where actually paying more tax under Thatcher than we are now. Don't shoot the messenger. Just passing it on.
  13. About 20 years ago I was homeless for a bit and lived in a b&b, personal allowance for a single person was 10 quid. B&B landlord had to provide breakfast and a room, shared bog (they could determine what that meant). Nothing else. Place I lived in was actually a bail hostel, which was a bit scary, an auld paedo lived upstairs, and one of the younger residents used to go out on the rob, got caught, evicted but shat in his chest of drawers the morning he got taken away by the cops. I think I was better off getting kicked by drunken egotists when I was kipping rough in the cardboard box to be honest.
  14. When my father was unemployed at the end of the agrarian economy, did he sit on his haunches and moan. NO, he got on his bike and rode north to find work in the great new manufacturing industries of the north.
  15. Buy some woodland. You can always live in it, worse comes to worse. Could provide an income Same for agricultural land too. Was booming last year though by all accounts. But my guess if you've got a wedge at least it'll be a good store of wealth http://www.timesonline.co.uk/tol/news/envi...icle3599703.ece
  16. 30 I reckon is far too young for a dotcom survivor. That particular crash was pretty much turn of the millenium over here. So the OP would have had to be exiting before the crash in their 20's. Could have made it in software on a 1 off though. I know someone who had piece of their software bundled with some Microsoft's stuff for a one off fee and royalties. Cleared a million+ in one go in their mid 20's. Just after the crash. I think the Iphone is having similar results for a few people in the appstore, at least bringing in decent money for small payments. 500k I don't know what I'd plough it into. Thing is it's only money. I know someone personally who went from 90 million to 9 million in the dotcom crash and didn't top themselves. 600k is pocket money in comparison.
  17. Er, yes it does. Lot's of different tax wheezes you can pull if you're the owner of a business as opposed to an employee. You can also decide to not go into work if your delegation skills are up to scratch. If the thing you sell is massively profitable, then you can make the profit disappear through legitimate accountancy tricks (maybe investing it in assets which are yours anyway), this results in no taxation, but with the asset still in your ownership, which can then be written off over a number of years. Whereas the employee gets taxed on their income and can't perform similar wheezes.
  18. Go and live in Berlin and have a good time for next to no money. A lot of people would be happy with your "worries" at your young age. If inflation destroys your cash it's pretty much going to do the same to everyone else I reckon. But it's not like you'll be unable to buy some beans on toast.
  19. I think a lot of the problems to be honest are to do with inclusion. Seems to be a lot of teaching assistants and disruption caused by trying to keep all the statemented kids in class. This seems to just provide an excuse for the "naughty" kids to kick off. The exes place used to have "remove rooms" and all those types of things for the disruptive kids, but management didn't use them consistently. Senior management apparently where more interested in themselves than backing the staff. She did teach in a failing subject (MFL) in a couple of failiing schools though. Was made head of department in one of them only a couple of years out of NQT status. I think the problem is that the real vocational teachers who want to turn schools around end up too thinly spread, and the poorer schools fall into taking on NQT's and lots of supply teachers to do full timers jobs, but I also think that can be a self fulfilling problem, full time members of staff take time off with "stress", they get an NQT or cover in, the classes don't feel any continuity of teaching, and that just increases stress for those staff cause they're not known or rubbish. I think the only way to solve it is that schools that are failing should have their special needs obligations taken from them. But then again I always had rows about classroom control being part of the job too. It's like a copper complaining about having to occasionally catch a criminal. Then again maybe it was all about the ex, she got a contract position teaching in one of the top 3 schools in the area and was still unhappy there. I just think it was the wrong thing for her.
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