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  1. Like it's got anything to do with being in trouble. Sorry don't buy the trouble idea. Husband works for a firm catering for the rich,very rich etc. No problem with income coming in,but now that a recession is on,they will use that as an excuse to make workforce redundant,screw those that are left,don't even think about a pay rise. Its all about keeping the profits at the same high level as before the recession,by using the recession excuse.
  2. There seem to be lots of horror stories of tenants that do damage,cause hassle,don't pay the rent,can't get evicted for ages no matter all the things they are doing wrong.Can you search out a few of these on the various websites(seen some cracking one in the past on MSE),and print them off to show your mother.
  3. Fantastic news.Sorry have very poor opinion of Job agencies. Even worked in the area dealing with agency medical/nursing staff used by the NHS. How the NHS hasn't realised how much money is wasted paying these agencies for staff I will never know. There has to be someone on the make on this.
  4. Thankyou VMR. The price was just for the service,and was the price quoted before the car hit the garage.
  5. Yeah.Have to say love that advert myself.Must be something to do with having fond memories of that song. I would vote for Branson anyday.
  6. Thank you both for your answers. As it stands,the only way it is going to be needed for a trade in is if six numbers come up.Otherwise this car will have to be run into the ground. Thanks again.
  7. If I may be so bold,I would like to ask a question.I know naff all about cars,and can't drive.However husband drives a Lexus.It has just been serviced at a cost of over £500 pounds.I asked him when it is next due a service,and he says 12 months time. What would happen if at at that time we didn't have the money for the Lexus service? Thanks
  8. Don't want to be funny,but every time I go near the computer/television I hear about job losses/redundances, firms going into administration. Husband works for an international company catering for the rich,the very rich and the obscenely rich. Blow me if they're not making cutbacks. Those that are keeping their jobs are facing company shutdowns or four day weeks it appears from talking to people. Can't see where this is all going to stop.
  9. .. People here are designer brand obsessed, it just makes me laugh - its a tax on the insecure or stooopid in my mind, but then my parents gave me lots of hugs and encouragement as a child so I don't need to obtain self worth from a handbag. OMG never a truer word spoken.
  10. Was in Milton Keynes on Thursday,also half term week.Haven't been there for 20 years.Sister in Law said it was really quiet compared to what it has been.I thought it was heaving compared to Welwyn Garden City that is dying on its feet.WGC has a John Lewis too,and they have just increased their opening hours.
  11. Stop knocking Woolies.I have fond memories of the Woolworths in Chester when I was a kid.Closed down a few years ago (about 1980 something) and replaced with Next I think.
  12. 43,stay at home mum,ex payroll mortgage £2.83 per month on ex council house
  13. I dunno.First I saw it,I thought of September 11th and the Twin Towers.
  14. Another shop closing this weekend,inside the Howard Centre.Its sells cooking utensils.Its right next to the Sony shop by the escalators.Quite prime location,but there is already another shop like that just outside the Howard centre.It's only been there a while,used to be Adams children's clothes shop.
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