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  1. I shifted £64k of LG and £29k's worth of Samsung TV's in the last 12 month and not a single Sony - main reason being Sony have never taken any interest in the custom installer and put all their resources into the uk retail sector where margins are piss poor - their business strategy has been way off the mark for years imo
  2. I agree - its a good start All he needs to do next is grow some balls and stop spouting nonsense about how demand for small business loans is down and they lending to help business where necessary - they need to start acting like a bank and stop relying on 'computer says NO' mentality
  3. We've been renting since 2005 and always on a 1 year rolling contract - my sisters neighbour has sold up and now it's for rent so wifey and I were interested Told point blank it's now standard to give maximum 6 months contract only - new to me Just had a baby boy so I'm not going to consider 6 months contract so they've lost us as possibly tenants Have I missed something and now 6 months is now standard? Kaine
  4. many thanks - this is something I looked into a few years ago, but had forgotten about it so many thanks for the reminder
  5. I'm in the process of obtaining some funding for the next three years. No overdraft and previous business loan paid off early 9 months ago as it made sense to get rid of a 6% loan while savings were making nothing. Now need investment for staff and new business options - working with business consultant to put together business plan - will be interesting to see what options are out there for us.
  6. bought two pairs of Jeans at xmas - both pairs have ripped at the seam - cheap crap sold as designer
  7. My take on this In case of electronic goods you couldnt trade solely on Amazon as you never make a profit Amazon is away to shift stock quickly when it's time to pay for them. This is great for consumers if the timing is right and great for the seller as payments are gauranteed by Amazon ( piece of mind) Amazon appear the cheapest on many items however they achieve this as the traders are subsidising it - again the consumer wins and also Amazon (turnover) Considering the OP 's original question, if Amazon was left then you would see prices go back up so traders could make a profit Kaine
  8. Yep lol This is my industry and i agree totally - it's silly And in reply to the OP, i don't know why we all have to pay for it
  9. Very true - once switched however, apparently the pricing should reduce due to high supply
  10. Selling more airspace is reason one. Second is to avoid having to use satellites and pay the premium and thirdly (maybe) it's supposed to make it cheaper for independents to start stations In case of signal strength, once the switch over happens, the digi signal strengths are going to be increased - this will help those with poor signals, although anyone in a high signal area may get to much signal which can cause drop out. Kaine
  11. Not obvious at all - every town has good and bad so your original comment has no relevance hence my reply I do accept your objective comment though - as most towns Wellington does have horrid areas
  12. you have to be careful with statements like this - I feel you need to qualify your comments with 'centre of wellington' to which I can agree with your sentiments - i say this because leave Wellington by only a few miles and you are in the countryside - if you travel from wellington to Shrewsbury down the old A5, there are many very nice small villages/communities I would highly recommend. Kaine
  13. you may be right flopsy - interesting to share though new rental is great - downsized to cheaper bills and closer to family - I love renting
  14. Just moved into new rental so had the agent round to make sure all is ok Got chatting and she told me they are struggling to get rental property at the moment (I'm in Shropshire). Normally they have around 75 properties on the books to fill on short and long term leases, however at the moment they only have 24. She said this is a recent development as this year so far was a very busy year, however of the last 8 weeks its slowed right down. She mentioned the election, plus concerns about people looking to move jobs and maybe moving into a unsafe job. She also mentioned due to a potential
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