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  1. Police = incompetent I did a 6 month seat when training to be a lawyer in the police negligence department. Their inability to observe and understand the very laws, rules and regulations they purport to police goes beyond belief. Detainee's often had their human rights violated and police reports were forged when mistakes were made. Highlight of the job was turning the tables around and cross examining the ignorant idiots before dragging their sorry asses through the court/tribunal to get them sacked. They are worth 33k a year IF they were any good and did their jobs properly. The only thing they do well is put fear into normal law abiding citizens.
  2. Fair enough, but you have to admit that's where -most- funding for science projects come from. Eurofighter components, spacecraft and life saving drugs are rarely created in isolation from city funding. Most people in the UK are part of a process dependant on 'the city's' success from the oil workers in the north sea to the Asda shelf stacker. If the companies they work for want to grow, they turn to the city. When they are in financial trouble, they turn to the city.
  3. 'The city' raises finance needed for many research companies to develop 'mega strong' materials. The tens of millions spent in research and development is often raised by bankers (i'm not saying it ALL is). Your skills are not used to raise finance but you play your part in using the finance. Be grateful, all those experiments don't come cheap.
  4. The city needs people with mathematical ability to do stock market modeling. Many hedge funds have inadequate models which is why so many fail in the event of market downturn. Firms are willing to pay for those skills you have developed. You just haven't marketed them. If I was in private equity why would I sort out a failing company for you if you paid me 25 quid when it would make you millions? The firm down the road will pay me 100k. For the 100th time i'm not a banker! Why do so many people assume the 'city' is just full of bankers? If you were the owner of a company and I pulled in £500 million of business for you this year wouldn't you like to 'thank' me in case one of your competitors pinched me? M&A doesn't always work but if noone at least tried imagine the number of companies that would be bust right now. They do it to cut costs, level the playing field and compete with others. Exactly. If you have the skills and want the money - use them. If you refuse to then it's your choice and there is no course for complaint. People in the city work quite hard. Go down to the city on a weekday at 1am and see. I pulled 18 hour days leading up to xmas.
  5. Off the top of my head: time management, stress management, problem solving, decision making, communication, project planning, creativity, analytical ability, mathamatical ability etc... My point is: academic capability is just one skill. Having Masters doesn't entitle you to anything. Here are the jobs some of us 'city turds' do: Can you manage take a million and turn it into 5 million in a few years while minimising risk? Hedge funds can. Can you restructure a failing company which is millions into debt? Private equity analysts know how. Do you know how to raise the finance to build a skyscraper? The top law firms specialising in equity finance can negotiate these deals for you. Can you advise Richard Branson if he called you up regarding how to acquire Northern Rock? M&A law firms in the city can negotiate the best price, handle employment issues and structure the deal. You seem to forget: the 'average person' earns 30k working 9 till 5. The average in the city is 70k working 8 till 8. It's not all rock and roll you know.
  6. I don't blame people for avoiding tax. It's too high! While there are legit claimants for state benefits the majority are abusing the system.
  7. Btw, I don't work in banking. Bankers come to us when things go wrong. You might still refer to my type as 'city turd' tho lol. A graduate with a Masters in a 'real' subject does not automatically make him worth more than 16k a year. A graduate is 'worth' the amount his employer is willing to pay. This in turn is dependant on the graduate's skill set. More to the point, those 'city turds' you refer to have the needed skills to command a high salary. This is not based simply on the ability to obtain a Masters from a good university.
  8. Social mobility is another label invented politicians to serve their needs - there is no such thing. If you have a goal or dream then you pull your socks up at GCSE's/A-Level's/University and work for it. Only individuals who failed to pull their weight in education grow up to blame 'social mobility' later on in life.
  9. Join the club. It's my first time posting and Property Guru put me on his ignore list after my first post - he has a chip on his shoulder.
  10. BTLers go for positive cash flow and HPI. 10 properties at £200 positive cashflow per month makes a nice little earner. But as I mentioned - there will be a window of oppertunity available for us to 'get in'.
  11. When I first came down here I was quite shocked to find young professionals staying in council flats. But they CAN be quite nice if money is spent esp when the trouble making council folk have mostly sold up and cashed in. I suppose the min wage folk just have to do house shares like students.
  12. If the rent covers the 25 repayment mortgage the BTL brigade will be back to push prices back up unless the law prevents them from doing so? I suppose there will be a 'window of oppertunity' - just make sure you are prepared for it. If your prediction is correct then 2-3 years might come too soon for me. Let's make it 5 years =)
  13. The institutions that deal with CDO/CDS/SIV's are a part of the city and yes, it is likely to go belly up. But i'm trying to make the point that there is much more to the city than that. An obvious example: if hedge funds have done their job properly i.e have hedged their bets - they should be able to make money out of this mess. So the bonuses will still be around but only the smart ones will get it. Your question At 33 you would be looking to make partner provided you spent around 10 years here. If you don't you would be looking to move into a regional firm and make partner there after a year or two. The alternative is to go inhouse and do the dirty work of corrupt company directors lol. At 35 half will have left. At 40 you would be looking at a heart attack if you make partner and stayed on. Most leave by 40.
  14. That's dependent on the sector in the city you are in. The finance sectors will be hit hardest and there will be job losses. However, we are expecting our work to increase when the economy goes belly up - litigation will be at an all time high. Furthermore, experienced company restructuring consultants can practically name their price at the moment as law firms prepare for the credit crisis fallout. Returning back to the topic, there will be falls but 70% is overly optimistic since many sectors will expand while others suffer.
  15. FYI I am actually a first time buyer (25) who will have to save up another 5 years before I can buy a property in London, in a safe location which is close to work. It's just the way things are at the moment and I don't mind too much - the time will come. My point in my previous post was that people in central London do actually earn those amounts and -are- able to purchase property between the age of 30 - 40. That is my plan and I can safely say it is also the plan of many others that I work with. I'm just telling you how it is.
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