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  1. I'd replace Hungary with the UK it has a higher one at the moment. Around 4% inflation in Hungary at the moment. http://www.tradingeconomics.com/Economics/Inflation-CPI.aspx?Symbol=HUF Hungarian Florint has gained 10% on GBP since Xmas last year. So yeah if you are paying in a devaluing currency it feels like inflation.
  2. As investigated by the motley fool, money talk Jan 19th it's very difficult to get FSA, office of fair trading, scam busters etc. to investigate unless you yourself have been defrauded. If you suspect a website / company etc. is perpetrating a fraud they don't seem very interested. As offering to "help" by offering another flavour of liar loans is the sort of fraud for which all the parties involved won't identify themselves as being defrauded (as the parties involved are both committing the fraud) I guess the FSA won't ever investigate.
  3. I used to work in meat processing plant (dangerously unskilled) when I was 16, f all money but did turn me into a veggie so never bought any of their stinky products.
  4. A government agency to pay compensation when a regulated financial services firm goes insolvent. Sounds just the ticket, exactly what was needed by customers of equitable life and farepak. No doubt the compensation is fair and timely and not 20% of 20% of 20% of the loss suffered paid over 20 years.
  5. Used to live next to walthamstow central for a couple of years till 2 years ago and lived for 3 years in neighbouring leytonstone before that. Liked getting brunch on a Sunday in the village but can get grim. Sound place to travel from by tube but hated having to get a bus - every time I got assaulted it was waiting for a bus and not paying attention. The lack of anything green in walthamstow was depressing which given it's in "Waltham forest" seemed odd. Big surprise was how outrageously nice the council buildings are, they are like a presidential palace in some dodgy dictatorship. I'd live in leytonstone again thats ok and has some space to cycle, play football etc. (bushwood) but walthamstow nah.
  6. Just been listening to great lives on Radio 4, Kinnock had chosen Bevan. The speech from Bevan quoted by the OP did jump out ..when they realize that their new homes that they have been put into are mortgaged to the hilt, when they realize that the moneylender has been elevated to the highest position in the land, when they realize that the refinements for which they should look are not there, that it is a vulgar society of which no decent person could be proud.. A cutting insightful oratory which rather puts into shade bickering over how they did/didn't say they would abolish tuition fees .
  7. Yep, I still love my iPad (iMac, iPhone and iPod natch). Does what it should and nothing else and doesn't crash, just how I like it. After had a dozen PCs I switched to apple. Could a net book do a lot of what an iPad does? Yeah maybe but I love how iPad does it and happy to pay.
  8. I was in same position 12 months ago and ended up buying a place. House prices are overvalued and will/should go down however getting practically zero on savings and people who had over borrowed being bailed out I didn't know what was to happen.
  9. Thanks for finding those quotes, interesting to read some comments from part of the front line. Couldnt care less about the spellin'. Any good estate agent or mortgage broker forums on which to evesdrop?
  10. Yep, I wonder how many years they will let "temporary" inflation run for. Goods prices are less important to them mpc than wage inflation. So as long as there is downward pressure on salaries it doesn't matter to them that food etc. Is shooting up. We just get poorer... Only temporarily obviously
  11. House prices must fall to where young people can afford them borrow enough to buy them again. Which limits purchases by first time buyers as they discover how long it takes to save up the required deposit. Will the prices fall or will the % deposit fall first?
  12. I have to agree that the government has kicked our asses. The feckless and greedy being bailed out by the prudent. I'm ducking out and buying back in having exchanged contracts on a detached house yesterday. No doubt the recovery can't be sustained but I think they will keep throwing tax payers money at it in an effort to try. This has ended not as I would have expected.
  13. Bear trap or sustained rises? One reason for the recent uk price rises was the lack of property available. Looking at Leamington Spa (cv32) and areas around for some time has lean pickings since march. Very few new properties have been listed. This supported prices. Lower mortgage availability was balanced by less property for sale. This was at a worrying tipping point as if the mortgages taps were turned on prices would seriously rise. However there seems to have been a shift in supply of new properties onto the market - I'm getting daily updates from rightmove of new listings. Any source of hard numbers e.g. Properties for sale per agent to support this anecdote generally?
  14. Yep, me as well. It will get saved until I can think of somewhere safer to move it to. Spending is the last option.
  15. Isn't this the biggest news for weeks? Depending on how much Darling / Brown decide to pump into the system it could get prices to stop falling at a stroke. What makes it worse is that what happens isn't dependent on the sucess of the economy but on the decisions of Darling / Brown / some EU official. This makes everything a complete gamble as you don't know what they will decide.
  16. Just re-reading 1984 again at the moment. A fantastic book for these times, different sections seem far more pertinent than when I've read it before. I love the re-writing of history / The Times which is the protagonist’s job at the Ministry of Truth. For myself, I'm now convinced you can borrow your way out of debt. Debt is Wealth.
  17. ... quite why I'm here is starting to defeat me. French and English speaking SAP BW / BI consultant (7+ years) available for work in a country with a more stable currency, preferably France.
  18. I found a couple of hundred holiday euros today that I'd forgotten I had. Unfortunately they were my best performing investment last year... Shame I hadn't gone mad an got 10,000 euros holiday money...
  19. Of course maybe the reason they won't sell in 2009 is because they won't sell for less than they bought the place for... and hence no one wants to buy at their unreasonable idea of their property's worth.
  20. I would love there to be an election but can't see a chance of it. Maybe mid last year GB was looking better in the eyes of the public but not now.
  21. did you notice the oil price today? couple more days like that and they won't be citing the collapse in the oil price as a reason for falling inflation.
  22. If Greece, Italy and/or Spain crashed out of the euro and set (lowered) their own interests wouldn't that strengthen the value of the euro?
  23. The addition of housing in a more substantial way would be what I fear. On the way up houses are excluded and don't give reason to increase interest rates. On the way down they get included to reduce inflation caused by falling pound... pushing rates down again. I'd laugh if I wasn't soo p*ed off. (and wanted to put my 2 euros cents in to get my 100 post)
  24. +1 Often watched the bbc news in December to see how they woulld cover the fall in the £, thinking should be the lead item ... and it doesn't even get mentioned. Stricitly come flouncing or some other twaddle clearly being far more important.
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