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  1. Of course a military victory is possible, just massacre the entire population. That's a price the politian's don't want to pay though.
  2. OMG - when did you turn into a nut bar? I don't think house prices will rise within the next two years, so your statement is wrong for a start! If we don't buy now then we'll be the ones not in negative equity. Made any more videos?
  3. I think you'll find that was dropped under incredible Govermental pressure. The investigators were not happy and had some great evidence.
  4. The SFO has announced that it is going to investigate Madoff's UK business operations. http://www.sfo.gov.uk/news/prout/pr_599.asp?id=599
  5. That's not true either. The Armed Forces do pay rent (but it's negligable - my last MSQ was a 3 bed semi in Wilts for £175 PCM), utility bills and Council Tax are paid at the same rates as civilians in that area. The biggest problem with salary, apart from the fact it's nowhere near enough, is that you can't do anything to increase it. You're deemed to be on duty 24 hrs a day, so no OT
  6. I'll give you an idea, go throw yourself off a cliff you ******* scumbag. The country is completely ****** and you intentionally want to make it worse? :angry:
  7. That's not true. It used to be non-existent, now it's partially existent. It's still not brilliant though
  8. Fixed for you. You're right as well, the amount of people they lose through natural wastage is incredible. Especially with the pressure for Iraq and Afghanistan tours.
  9. No you aren't. You're either a fraud investigator or you work in computer forensics, which is it? Anyone professing to do both is **** at either or both IMHO. Forensic IT Analysis is not a part time job
  10. I hope they are - I'll get a decent return on my savings then.
  11. Yes I can. I think I can anyway. People on here take about overshoot a lot, the possibility exists that prices may reduce to 3x or 2.5x before settling up a little. The problem is that people want to own their own home. That translates into competition which increases prices, assuming lenders lend. I don't know what the answer is. I would like to see stable house prices that are affordable for the 'average Joe'. I just have no idea how that can be achieve because, as others have pointed out, human nature means that you will sell for the highest amount, not the morally right amount. Damn the Human race!
  12. How do you know? Your claim of 5% is based on what exactly?
  13. Oh for goodness sake! They are suggesting that 3.5x salary is the SENSIBLE level for prices to return to, and I would agree with them. No-one knows what will happen for sure though, but we are talking about what is right, what is managable. It's also what has historically been deemed to be a sensible multiple - there's nothing arbitrary about that. Can you grasp the distinction?
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