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  1. Ive no comment on Sol Campbell (but some of the comments above seem fair) , but the idea of a mansion tax seems peculiar . The original rates system which preceded the current council tax, seemed sensible and each house in a borough was given a ratable value , RV, based on rental value iirc , the total RV for all houses in the borough summed, the budget / totalRV gave rates (CT) for a unit RV , and multiplied by the RV for a house , gave rates payable for that house. So no banding , no cap and no need for a mansion tax. If it makes sense (?) to charge/tax more for a more expensive
  2. The comment to that post says So need to get out asap . The undemocratic nature of the EU and Camerons keen desire to implement the TTIP are very worrying and we need to stop the TTIP and also get out . It is easier to control what shite is heading our way with only our govt to control than when the EU is pushing its pro coporatist agenda.. In my view, the politicians who want to sign us up to the TTIP and remove our national sovereignty are committing treason .(not that they will be dragged off to the Tower , unfortunately).
  3. a link to a matt taibi story in rolling stone http://www.rollingstone.com/politics/news/the-9-billion-witness-20141106 which shows in america just how much the justice system is controlled by the banks . Given the similar lack of action here , can only assume similar corruption here . Given the USA shenanigans with the crash and its response (in the usa) .. someone was able to buy up bad debt using the $700B allocated but no oversight by congress , I wasnt surprised by this ... read and weep for democracy . . rockhopper
  4. bring back : parker morris http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Parker_Morris_Committee http://www.singleaspect.org.uk/pm/ the latter link gives a flat for 1person at ~30sqm , 2 people at ~45sqm thank you maggie
  5. a report appears to have been published by the JRF and written by the New Policy Institute , which has featured on the bbc news today which says that "More working households were living in poverty in the UK last year than non-working ones " http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-25287068 The bbc report says : Ministers insisted that work remained the best route out of poverty and said the government's welfare reforms would further encourage people to get a job. (but not get out of poverty?) I caught this on the bbc Breakfast show and they had some twonk from the New Policy Institute on a
  6. just a couple of points : - some years back I heard on radio4 (I guess) a program which I think was dealing with social history, and they spoke to a union rep at one of fords big plants , and asked him whether he had his own house and he said no , none of the union men (representatives) owned their own home, because it would make it more difficult to go on strike (the chains of debt) ,and I have to guess that they encouraged the workers to stay in council homes. - there was an excellent prog called "the great estate" on bbc4 which went into the history o
  7. I thought there would be some more and maybe that amount (the 130plots) is actually more like. But if they want to make any impression on the 200k+ that has been suggested as the minimum per annum , then they need to do a minimum of 5% ie 10k plots per year and that would need to be distributed across the country or at least the south east (?). Of course the question is at what price - a give away - ha bloody ha (but if they do then I want one as well), or at agricultural prices (~1k per plot) or at current building plot prices (?) as a nice little earner for the gov? altho I think I w
  8. as per title. Guardian article http://www.theguardian.com/politics/2013/nov/22/coalition-young-self-build-scheme a start but will it ever be more ... you can guess what I think.
  9. In the good old days , the onc,hnc route was normally (always?) done by people employed in a local company . They were afaicr always day release from the employer , so 1 day a week and normally one (might be two) evenings a week at the local technical college . The employer paid all the fees . so why are they giving loans out for this ? More bullshot from the liblabcon we need more markets philosophy . or do companies not want to pay for training anymore? need them ready trained ?
  10. why not just brickup the third bedroom door and window ? Its got to be cheaper than demolition. I think bomberbrown's washington monument syndrome and thombleached's toys out of the pram theories are believable explanations ..
  11. I watched at least part of the item (tho with little interest) and thought that they said that the primary fault was that the pension fund had used a different actuarial rule than the one used by most other bodies and if they had used the standard practice rule they would have been ok. Dont know where that leaves the responsibility ... pension fund directors ? But they also made the point that the current low interest rates were killing all pension funds .
  12. I thought that US QE was 85B$ per month x 12 = ~1T$ ... is this what the debt increase is, or it is or something different ?
  13. Is there anything in the appointment of MPs or Governments that says that they must work for the benefit of the current peoples of this land , maybe in their Oath of Office (if there is such a thing?), and ditto for (top) civil servants ? I some times fantasize about a 'Hold Them to Account ' party which would pursue previous government people for the shameless way they do stuff like this . I guess treason could be a possible charge ? Maybe 'pour encourager les autres' ? I can dream, but if only ...
  14. Whats the point in saving for retirement - the returns on the investment are vanishingly small so the pot at the end is smaller than it used to be - because returns are small then the income when you take out an annuity are very small - there was a chunk in You and Yours about pension a couple of weeks ago and they pointed to the number of people skimming out of a typical pension fund which was at least 13 but that figure may have been higher. Also they compared the Dutch system with ours and they have more social pension funds which pay out 50% more than an equivalent uk one. -
  15. That is not what I meant , it was a somewhat flippant statement of what I feel is the only sensible 'right to buy' ie go out and get your finances in order and buy in the normal market rather than bringing in what are probably unworkable proposals for a tenant to be able to force his landlord to sell at a large discount (god only knows what that would do to the market?) .. I am a boomer and had a good run of it and was fortunate enough to be able to ****** my early education and jobs and recover from this with the way the world was then : plenty of jobs, including apprenticeship
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