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  1. Next question will be "Why not just print more money to boost an economy?"
  2. And for them to stop banging on about how "stable" this economy has been over the past 10 years, which as a result of its stability the country is in billions of pounds of unsecured debt. I also wish they would stop with the "tax as much as possible, so we can throw as much money at something so the problem can go away".
  3. Agreed. If anything wages seem to be going down, especially in the finance and IT sector. So many people are fighting for the same position, organisations now can find highly skilled professionals for much less. Say for instance I am a project manager who used to be able to command £400 - £500 a day, well that has dropped to about £300. Still well paid but still a considerable drop.
  4. I'd say a 120% reduction. People pay you for buying their house.
  5. Really?!?!? Well i never knew that. He probably does though!
  6. Well it certainly annoyed me! As already explained, I am joe public with a 2.0 litre tdci. I live in the country, and I like many people "have" to use their car. I absolutely have no choice if I want to do a job that allows me to support my family. Also what would you call disorganised car use? I go to and from work, I drive on a saturday to do shopping and buy other bits. I drive on a most sundays to go see family such as my parents. My current monthly fuel bill is around £170, so at £2 a litre we would be looking at over £300. That I cannot afford! Aside from how I am affected, high fuel prices to the levels of £2-£2.50 will absolutely cripple the economy. It will make goods shipping costs sky high meaning that food prices go up immensly. So this no longer becomes about stopping the rude boys doing the southend circuit, but becomes a problem for millions of family's living on a very tight budget. And I am also in the IT sector, but fortunately I currently work at just one site. But as once a contractor doing a 130 mile round trip, I have a wife and am a father. Yes I may have got home at 7:30pm every evening, but at least I got to see my child and have some sexy time with the wife. If I had done as you said and stayed in a hotel, well one that would in no way be cost effective because a hotel room is much more than the cost of the petrol used to get home. But I probably would have had a wife having an affair, and a kid who I only saw at the weekend.
  7. More like Century's Previous Inflation, meaning the inflation rate 100 years ago!
  8. I have a friend who is a mortgage advisor who used to give free mortgage advice, and then took a commission of any mortgage deal that was accepted for his potential client. He now has to charge £200 a time because one he now gets less than half the clients than he did 6 months ago, and two only 1/5 clients actually get accepted for a good enough mortgage for the property they wish to buy. So he is up poo creek without a paddle at the moment.
  9. Sorry, I should have added some smiley. I was trying to be a wee sarcastic, but probably didn't come across that way.
  10. Its absoluetly true, petrol companies hike the cost of petrol up as soon as they can on existing fuel stock to make more profit. Works exactly the same for wholesalers when selling cigarettes and alcohol (unless its price marked of course).
  11. My big scary pyrenean mountain dog would have something to say about that!
  12. If the government made available £200 billion, I would happily be the next guy fawkes!
  13. I love the quote about the correlation between demographic areas that are most likely to have negative equity, and the areas that have the highest cancer rates. So another cause of cancer to add to the list!
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