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  1. I work in a school. The kids were more than happy with the drive thru opening, well before EHTHO. It is Mummy and Daddy that lapped up the discount. I'm in the miserable bugger camp, Sunak's obesity charter has made dining out a pretty awful experience. I'd rather pay full whack and get a reasonable standard of food and service (and avoid some of those loud staff abusing scumbags that have come out of the woodwork). If what we've tolerated is going to become the norm, I'd rather cook at home. Many of the establishments we been to, or tried to go to, seem to have forgotten that their long
  2. One of the reasons we love living where we do, it gives us options. We can be on the M1 quickly if we want to go further afield, a short drive (or a long walk) into the Peak District, mainline station that'll get us into several city centres very quickly. Only the longer train journeys that can't be done at whim, well unless you want to open a vein.
  3. Depends what the interest rate is? The interest part of our mortgage is less than 10% of that, if we owed 10 times our current outstanding balance I'd not be sleeping at night.
  4. Sorry to hear that Si. I fully understand what they are like and what it can do to you. My mother, born late '44, is almost certainly a narc too (most go undiagnosed because they don't believe anything could be wrong with THEM...) and I don't know whether Dad, born 41, is slightly lower down the spectrum or just suffering from being the son and husband of a full-blown Narc (and brother of, if my childhood memories of my now deceased uncle are correct). I dread to think how much money they have wasted in IFA fees over the years, but they think it impressed people that they had enough spare ca
  5. I think you are spot on there. It's nearer the mark to say that those that 'suffered' sweet rationing as children are those that have benefitted from pensions, good annuities, high house prices, periods of high wage inflation, inheritance etc.
  6. Well done! OH went to England v Scotland there last year and plumped for same-day return train, and a damn long day rather than tag on the cost of a hotel. As a family we went to the JPT final at Wembley in March. Drove down, dumped the car at Hillingdon tube station (£1 to park all day!!!) and got the tube in.
  7. Train to London from the Midlands - 2 hours - £19/person each way first-class... if you can make the cheapest times fit your trip. No check in time, security, passport control and transfer time into the city etc. For us, getting there is the only part that is reasonably priced now. Six years ago I could get train and two nights B&B in a 3-star hotel on Southampton Row for just under £100/adult, booked as a package through the likes of Superbreak. That price included taking our then six year-old with us too. Last year the same hotel wanted double for room only, and I could get train tic
  8. I said it wasn't dead in the water, not that they were all having a whale of a time. Have RR sat up a big R&D facility in Singapore too? Toyota took on 1500 staff in Derby last year. OH works just over the border in Notts, order books chocker, production staff getting massive amounts of overtime.
  9. I think I'm safe though, joint mortgage, and Mr MB has never goes near the place. Even if they take me hostage in the hopes of getting him to appear he'll not give in, he's from Yorkshire.
  10. We are +0.5% for life. I'm keeping an eye out for the return of the 'beat your current mortgage deal or £50 cash' adverts. I'm liking gf3's idea, but I reckon we need to save a bit more up before we start negotiations.
  11. Britannia BS never even bothered putting a collar in our small print. They were a long time sending out our revised payment letter when we dropped below 3%, but the lawyers obviously didn't find anything they could invoke and all the later letters arrived very quickly. When I went in last month to give them an overpayment cheque the cashier asked me 'as you've had the mortgage a few years, do you want to make an appointment with our mortgage advisor to see if there is anything we can do for you?' Usually they just congratulate me on our 'luck' through gritted teeth.
  12. Number 4 doesn't surprise me. Despite what some people like to think, manufacturing in the UK is not dead in the water.
  13. The smallest of which seats just under 33K if my Googling is correct. The JPT final had an attendance of just under 50K at Wembley, and looked a bit sparse in places (on the side that the TV camera wasn't pointed at ). Surely it's better to fill smaller grounds to capacity, for a whole host of reasons.
  14. It 'only' cost £142 for all four of us to watch our local side, a side we actually care about, win the JPT at Wembley. Decent tickets too. It costs us just over a third of that for us to go to a home match. Any footy fan wanting to watch an international is going to be spending their money on Euro 2012. I'll not be bothering with Olympic football. I also agree about spreading the matches around, not only to shorten spectator journey times, but to spread the financial benefits around a bit more. Our local ground has only had two seasons played in it, so still looks immaculate, there is a bra
  15. Don't forget all the labour saving devices in the home too. Has anyone else been watching Secret Eaters on Channel 4? I already knew that studies have shown people under report their food and drink intake when asked to keep a food diary, but the show has taken people who are convinced they are 'under-eating' yet still gaining weight. A woman they featured last night had no idea how many calories she was consuming through picking and nibbling during meal prep, and quite how much of her weight gain was due to her alcohol consumption. Mindlessly throwing stuff down our throats is a much bigg
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