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  1. Have you seen those history programs on TV comparing post war America and Europe, we had very little and rationing while America was booming with consumer goods. Well its still going on! I'm green in that I generally don't buy what I dont need and buy fresh food to cook instead of heavily packaged stuff but as for walking half a mile to recycle a glass jar, forget it. Also my car is a very economical diesel and will soon be getting rid of it anyway. The other day I was walking past a recycling centre and a guy had driven up in his Porsche, left the engine running and was putting some wine b
  2. I used to be a bit 'Eco' myself, recycling when I could and whatnot, then I went on holiday to the US. Now I really don't bother, I cant see its worth it. Whats the point of driving a small 60mpg car and recycling plastics and glass when 250,000,000 people are driving around in huge trucks and using the Earths resources as quickly as possible. Then think about China, billions of people, all dreaming of the day when they can own a car and consume much more than they need !
  3. Is it worthwhile? I workout the 'house edge' on this bet to be 42%. Compare it to Blackjacks 0.5%, Roulettes 5.65% or a fruit machines typical 30%.
  4. Its a requirement of the planning application that a certain percentage of new build is 'social housing'. In some area this maybe available to anyone not able to buy a house normally (most first time buyers nowadays) and in others it may be 'key workers' only. I doubt its a lack of interest from key workers, its more likely that a 50% share of a grossley overpriced property is still too much !
  5. Not exactly true, if the inspector can see your television through the window or hear it or even if you told the shop your correct name and address when buying the TV, then its enough for a court summons. Even if you dont own a television the harrassment factor is very annoying, the incresingly nasty letters and visits from inspectors. I wouldnt post any urls but do a google search, there are lots of places to download television programs for free.
  6. No. I read somewhere that the majority of people convicted for non-payment are single mothers on benifits and pensioners. The BBC is without a doubt the best public broadcaster in the World, but at what a price! Personally I believe that watching television is a right not a privilege and would be happy to see the license fee scrapped.
  7. Lets be real for a second, if any graduate is working in London for less than £18k they need to seriously reassess their lives. Take a look around, many jobs are more than this.
  8. It’s obvious that suicide rates increase due to the feelings of loneliness and despair some people feel over the Christmas period. I believe Christmas to be a great benefit to the majority of people though as it brings families together to just hang around and enjoy each others company, something that otherwise would never happen. As for presents, I think the billions (I heard this figure somewhere) we spend on Christmas in the UK is wasted. There should be a culture of giving what people really need, do I need a load of novelty socks? No, how about you gather together and buy my car some ne
  9. I agree that the build quality on many recent new builds is atrocious. I went round to a work colleagues house that he rents in London, a very recent new build. I was really shocked ! I give it 10 years before the roof comes off and the walls fall down. The owner must have bought it before it was built as an 'investment'. As for the open plan lounge/kitchen thing, I like it. I've been into and rented myself many old properties that have been converted into this style. Blame it on episodes of 'Friends' or whatnot but I like it.
  10. The sad fact is this has actually happened. People HAVE made £100,000s on their properties, so why is she mad for thinking she can do the same? I checked nethouseprices recently for a road near me, a typical London road of Victorian houses, most of them split into flats. Check out some of the bought and sold figures from the last 5 years, some making £100,000s in a few months. Property 1 10/2000 £92,000 12/2000 £120,000 Property 2 09/2004 465,000 10/2004 560,000 Property 3 07/2004 £615,000 06/2005 £780,000 Property 4 04/2002 £100,000 09/2002 £270,000
  11. There is now a staggering amount of 1 bed flats available around me in North London. Most of which have no chain and some even come with all the furniture (I especially liked one that comes with all Habitat furniture and a £1000 Smeg fridge ) The flats are not in the top-end areas though and I will wait to see what happens there before buying.
  12. £180k actually is nothing, last year I looked at a new build 1 bed flat available on shared ownership for £250k, needless to say I didnt buy it and in fact didnt bother going to view flats anymore. New builds are massivly overpriced and if you read the adverts you find all the incentives (5% deposit paid, legal fees paid, mortgage paid for a year etc etc) are really just a small bit of your own money being given back to you.
  13. Hearing that 200,000 new homes will be built means nothing to me as I fully expect they will be like all those new builds advertised in the back of the Metro. Miles from work and £180k for a 1 bed shoebox, come on, to get a mortgage a FTB would need to earn about £50k a year for that, how many people, even in London earn that? Not many and would they want to live 60 miles away from work in Nowheresville, Essex?
  14. Worked 50 hours a week at 3 jobs actually. Am I any closer to buying a home? Yes. Is that because of my hard work? No. Its because the prices are falling as lots of 'No Chain' properties come onto the market. Prices went up faster than I could save, now prices are falling faster than I can spend
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