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  1. Looks like Great North Park at Gosforth is going dow the Sh*tter. Homes previously sold for £400k now available from £200k although bids are up to £265k http://www.pattinsonauctions.co.uk/Propert...&SearchFor= I've worked in a guys house who bought once of the "Redheugh" properties paying £400k for it last year, he was a wealthy guy but i bet he'll be really p*ssed when he finds next door moved in for £140k cheaper.
  2. Just recieved the local News Guardian, Halifax EA franchise has closed dowm, thats the 3rd Estate Agent in Whitley Bay to go down in the last quarter, interesting times ahead.
  3. I have been looking to rent a house for a while and saw a nice place i liked and decided to enquire. I was told the EA didn't have the keys till Monday 29/10/07 so to call back then. just last night i saw the place was rent agreed on right move and rang again to enquire. This time a different woman answered the phone and said that the place was wanted by a freind of a woman who worked in the office in the office and when i asked if my name was listed against the property for a viewing once it was available as I had asked she replied no. It was blatant that I had spoken to the said woman an
  4. Someone ran out of money in Bedlington perhaps? http://detailsserver02.vebra.com/cgi-win/v...1/MANSI/15074/1 Favre
  5. Costa catastrophe http://www.thisismoney.co.uk/mortgages/hom...id=505&ct=5 How long before we hear stories like this about "property wannabes" in the UK?
  6. I would agree with this, If you know anyone in the heating trade it would be worth asking them to calculate the radiator size for each room and compare to what you have. The pump could be running slow and the system may require cleaning. It could also be the boiler temperature control is to low. Its also worth adding Thermostatic Radiator Valves to every radiator apart from one (usually the bathroom or the room in which your room thermostat is located) so you can control the heat in each of the rooms. Will save you a lot of money FAVRE
  7. Today we mourn the passing of a beloved old friend, Common Sense, who has been with us for many years. No one knows for sure how old he was since his birth records were long ago lost in bureaucratic red tape. He will be remembered as having cultivated such valuable lessons as knowing when to come in out of the rain, why the early bird gets the worm, life isn't always fair, and maybe it was my fault. Common Sense lived by simple, sound financial policies (don't spend more than you earn) and reliable parenting strategies (adults, not children, are in charge). His health began to deteriorate r
  8. Please feel free to rip me to pieces if i'm wrong, but have just been checking average house selling prices in my area and they are DOWN 15% yoy. http://www.home.co.uk/guides/house_prices_...&lastyear=1 Makes me feel a little happier knowing that the "prices only ever go up" saying couldn't be any more wrong. looking to move out from home and start renting within a 15 months, bring on further price drops! Favre
  9. I had to laugh at this bit though: "He also claimed he advertised himself on the same website, but did not attract much interest." Made my day that! FAVRE
  10. I'm pretty much in the same boat as you mate! Living in North Tyneside I've just turned 25, £55k in savings and on £32k a year. A half decent 3 bed semi costs £180K not that we (my gf is a teacher in her first year) would be stretched cash wise but there is absolutely no way I will give up my hard earned savings on for over priced pile of bricks. Why should I when in a few years time I can buy it for less? I continuously read news of property price increases but I seriously have not seen this in my area, there’s a massive supply of homes for sale and in and around North Tyneside with no FT
  11. It is certainly not normal to have to continually light the pilot light!! As well as being told to put the towel over the flue, well thats just plain dangerous!!! You should have a landlords gas safety inspection certificate (CP12) this should be completed annually on all gas appliances as well as an annual tightness test to check the gas pipework. These checks can only be carried out be a correctly qualified corgi engineer who should have a Corgi ID card. Do you you know the make and model? If you do let me know and I'll tell you if its a reliable boiler or not! FAVRE
  12. Strange goings on in my local rag over the past few weeks, the local rag is located in Newcastle. Not only have the EA's been advertising homes for sale in increasingly smaller sized ads in order to fit more to one page but they have now started taking entire pages out, full of adverts with sold stamped across them in order for them to look better thyan each other in the selling of homes. Even more strange is the fact that they are all doing it, at the end of each EA section is this "Sold" page trying to drum up business. It does not however state how long it took them to sell these said h
  13. I have to agree with Nirpal with regards to the attitudes of upcoming generations changing. With me being in this so-called Ipod generation I guess I have a changing attitude to the same 24 year olds in decades gone by. After leaving school at 18 with A-levels and not a penny to my name, I was successful in my application for an engineering apprenticeship and after a years training and 5 years "on the tools" I've recently been promoted to Team Manager, 32k a year. I've worked by backside off to get where I am and after wise investments in the stock market etc my savings stand at £50k. I th
  14. Its very rare that I actually post on here, usually just read the various posts and keep an eye out as I'm looking to move out from home and rent next year. I dont care what anyone says, I am seeing house prices falling. I get the coast version of the news guardian and the amount of homes for sale gets bigger by the week, gone are the "sold within 3 days" splashed over sold houses. These signs are replaced by "REDUCED" / "vendor will pay stamp duty". I use various sites to check the state of the housing market in the Newcastle area, I am not planning on moving away so the rest of the count
  15. http://commentisfree.guardian.co.uk/patric..._collinson.html "Trouble is, the site was born on October 26 2003, nearly three years ago. Britain's property bubble - if that is what it is - has disappointingly failed to do what it is supposed to do and burst in the style of the early 1990s" So the second HPC.co.uk was created prices were supposed to crash? Another load of tosh, HPC.co.uk allows debate on the current state of the market and allows the viewer to make thier own decision of how the market will progress, whether it be an increase or decrease in the price of homes.
  16. I've never really been a one for politics but I must admit that Gordon Brown has really made himself a hated man by the future generation and myself. The future genertation finds themselves priced out of owning a home, thier pensions robbed whilst paying increased taxes for the "boom" generation or as I like to call it the " I want everything for nothing generation" A person in my position should have no worries if it were any other era other than Browns scandalous period in office. Aged 24, £32k a year and £45k banked, partner on £20k ( newly qualified teacher) and still cannot afford to m
  17. I found the Two slugs he was using as eyebrows quiet amusing !! I wonder if he charges them rent ?!?! The "Just Been Tango'd" Tan was also a good laugh.
  18. I like the description on this one. Just been looking at the forthcoming auction on pattinson on this one made me snigger: Bedlington House "A Three bed terrace which currently is tennanted at £300pcm. This property is tenanted by a sitting tenant at the age of 85" The ad might as well read "Three bedroom terrace renting at £300pcm, would make excellent BTL as rent would more than cover repayment mortgage. If you'd like to move in to this property within the next few years dont worry about evicting the current tenant as she's on old deer of 85 and she'll probably be dead soon anyway" FA
  19. Wouldnt like to live there either
  20. "Seamaster" Quiet an apt name for the location of this development!! There's plenty of 'em where these apartments are, plenty of Seaman Stains and Master Bates around there if you get my drift!!! Maybe thats why he's called the Seamaster????
  21. I would like to hear what Gordon Brown has to say to this. woops I forgot He's more interested in preventing terrorists wrecking the UK its a bit late though, he's already done it!
  22. The amount of Carbon Monoxide those things give out is ridiculous. They would have been dead within a matter of an hour or so.
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