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  1. There's some 500 miles between Ukraine's eastern border and Moldova (you need to cross the whole of Ukraine) Not too close really. They don't need to send troops to Transnistria anyway as they are already there, including 100 tanks, 200 rocket launchers etc. Country is de-facto independent from Moldova since 1992 anyway.
  2. I say, great, nothing at all can go wrong. Guy look very experienced and trustworthy as well. This timeshare look like a real bargain.
  3. I have not seen better roads, especially mororways, nowhere. Full stop. Well maybe Germany/Holland. I drove to/from Barcelona and often was alone on 3-4 lane motorway so could drive 100+mph safely. Drove across the country to Andorra later and fair enough roads are smaller so you can get stuck behind a "slow coach" but at worst you drive 30-50mph, not 5-10 like where we live in the UK.
  4. Why would you need a higher tax on eating out? To scare off tourists? One of the things I loved in Barcelona last year you could feed a family of 4 in a lovely pasta bar for 15-20 Euro, and food was great as well. Massive difference to France. So this year we go to Valencia and not to France where we went last 3 years. I've had enough of paying 60 Euro+ for below average food and you have to beg to be served.
  5. I was looking to use "fulfilled by Amazon" as postal rates are crazy for packets. Amazon charges 10p/100g - are there really many warehouses that can match, if not beat, this price? Genuine question from SME trader. Thank you.
  6. IMV that's exactly why small and large businesses are going bust (or not doing as well as they could) - ignorance, poor customer service, rip-you-off-as-much-as-I-can-today approach etc etc. IMV businesses that provide honest and quality service will do well in the recession. Shame there are not many of them around.
  7. Used it to go to Germany last month.... for Euro 60 you get absolutely fantastic apartment with 2 spacious rooms and kitchen... beat a typical Euro 100 hotel hands down.... will def be using it now over hotels.com! The way ownersdirect should have been, but did not become.
  8. and of that most goes into meat, especially beef production. ie this link (may not work in Chrome) or this one http://www.waterfootprint.org/Reports/Hoekstra-2012-Water-Meat-Dairy.pdf Hope this water crisis will if not end then reduce meat production.
  9. I posted this a week ago: Popped into a Cornish Bakery with daughter who was a bit peckish after her ballet class. The very same vegetable pasties that were just increased in price few weeks ago from £2.90 (or so) to £3.50 are now quite literally half-size! They would be too small even for a 5yo. (First they offered a bottled drink for 20p with it, now drinks are (over)priced back to £1.20) So we settled to chips from Burger King kiosk at the station, and same story - large (!) chips are now half-size from what they used to be just two weeks ago. It's now smaller than the plastic cup from water dispenser.
  10. I was so sick I nearly died in NHS waiting room. Now I am not. Has nothing to do with NHS "service".
  11. To add a bit of anecdotal to your empirical discussion, popped into a Cornish Bakery with daughter who was a bit peckish after her ballet class. The very same vegetable pasties that were just increased in price few weeks ago from £2.90 (or so) to £3.50 are now quite literally half-size! They would be too small even for a 5yo. (First they offered a bottled drink for 20p with it, now drinks are (over)priced back to £1.20) So we settled to chips from Burger King kiosk at the station, and same story - large (!) chips are now half-size from what they used to be just two weeks ago. It's now smaller than the plastic cup from water dispense. Eat this, deflation monster!
  12. Really heartwarming news....Some brave decisions had to be made by bankers but the end result is what everyone wants. Rising house prices....Do what it takes. Lets get the up over 10% this year. - Sibley , Bangkok, United Kingdom, 10/2/2013 01:59 Did not know he moved to Bangkok, or is he checking DM while on holidays?
  13. Not sure about Tesco, but my friends in France place wholesale orders from the UK for lots of cupboard stuff and it comes often less than half price of French prices. They keep most for themselves (run small B&B/retreat centre) and share some with friends/neighbours.
  14. It's £1.99 for 800g rye loaf locally baked here, worth every penny. Not fluffy-spongy god-knows-what's-inside supermarket packed "bread". Mind you, Tesco's bakery is making some not bad "premium" loafs which actually taste like bread.
  15. I've been renting a self-storage last year on the basis "VAT included", are you saying I was fooled?
  16. Are there any easily available stats on the total number of cases and volume of state's paying people's mortgages - anyone came across such figure? This can clearly solve the puzzle why house prices are holding up when by any logic they should be falling off the cliff (even with near-zero IR).
  17. LOL I don't even touch chickens (and work for myself )
  18. Even if these things will kill one first, living directly under electric wires will certainly add a lot of misery to a life (sleep problems, constant fatigue, depression, the list goes on...) For the OP - buy one of the EMF meters (Cornet is a good brand) if in doubt and check the radiation levels. My (slightly educated) guess indicators will go all red ("cooking" level). If you get one, measure your cordless phone (if you use one, at the office or at home) - you'll be surprised (not in a nice way)! (for those who won't rush to spend £90 on EMF meter, cordless phones measure 300x over safety level).
  19. That's very true, but to keep what? Unproductive public sector, inefficient and money losing enterprises (Greek railways ie), etc? In the even of social unrest/civil war surely the destruction of productive assets can and does happen, but so far they have not show farms, seaside hotels etc being damaged/closed down due to government/civil actions. Maybe it's happening, we here know very little of what is really happening. During 90s crash in Russia most industries and public services were totally wiped out as they were costly/redundant/outdated (all planning ministries ie, military plants which made up to 90% of the economy etc). Then for better or for worse they started from a clean sheet and at least live according to their means now. Is it a way to go for PIIGS?
  20. I am not sure what the program was about. To state the obvious, that things are not as they used to be, when they could spend somebody else's money as if there's no tomorrow (think Olympic Games)? In Greece, she mostly shown/spoke with ex-public sector workers being made redundant (which we do not see here no matter how many "cut talks" we hear), or long-term unemployed who seem to find acceptable to live with a new-born child in absolutely atrocious conditions, but they would not go out and search for job, or move to a countryside and grow there own food. Fgs, they did not even bother to come to a charity office to pick up their food parcel. One business person interviewed did not say whether it's easier/more difficult to make business now - this is what really matters, not how many public sector workers made redundant. With so many unemployed, is it easier to find qualified yet cheap(er) labour to start (what a crazy idea) to produce something, like they did before Euro, or build new seaside hotels with cheaper builders and cheaper stuff to run it, then sell cheaper holidays to same Germans rather than beg for handouts? There was only one couple who seem to be fine by leaving the city and starting a farm. The rest preferred to demonstrate/complain about government not giving them enough money. Well guess what, government does not have it and Germans seem to be unwilling to pay for Greece banquet to continue. I was left under impression that her conclusion was that all problems lay with "bad government" who sit on a big pot of money but refuse to pay to poor people. No doubt that the government is fairly incompetent and corrupt and probably should have defaulted on it's debts, but this will not eliminate the main cause for their problems - underlying inability of majority of people to feed themselves, either through employment or by living off the land, or creating their own businesses/social enterprises etc (ie why not to borrow the kibbutz idea). Same goes for Ireland. OK they had their property crash, and rightly so. Now it should be better for companies that left Ireland due to rising costs to go back and rent cheaper offices and higher cheaper stuff who in turn can buy/rent cheaper properties. Why this re-set button did not quite work? This is the question, and it's not just unanswered, it has not been even asked.
  21. Decision not to kill other beings has nothing to do with political correctness imho. It's just how you feel personally. I gone vegan for health reasons (very similar to what you describe) but now I would not eat other being even if it would save my life (as there are more important things). You are still doing yourself (and these poor buggers that are not being grown and killed to feed you) a huge favour, regardless of the reasons.
  22. It was actually Swiss Francs that they borrowed the most in....
  23. Purely anecdotal, feel free to disregard. Just returned from Budapest from a short trip, have not been there for 9 years (used to live there before) and the picture was very grim indeed. Prices for everyday goods are at or above UK level (food, clothes, etc), transport tickets are £1 (used to be 20p), while salaries are still pre-EU level (Euro 300/pm is not unusual), many posh stores/restaurants in a centre closed, city looks very untidy (to say the least). Restaurants are still cheap though and a vegan restaurant I found was simply the best I visited. A friend fell into a trap with Swiss Francs mortgage, owed 20mn in Forints, now after having paid 10mn he owes.... 25. He should have known better, but he did not as so many other people. All that hopes about EU benefits seem evaporated, and the future is not so bright any more.
  24. D'You mind giving a link a hint where to look, google is of little help it seems... Ta
  25. OK maybe they shoot everyone that drives through but it does not look so bad to me http://maps.google.co.uk/maps?q=NJ+08104&um=1&ie=UTF-8&hq=&hnear=Camden,+NJ+08104,+USA&gl=uk&ei=sanhTNOHFMXLhAeOpJzBDQ&sa=X&oi=geocode_result&ct=title&resnum=1&ved=0CBYQ8gEwAA Certainly not worth than Worksop or many other places in the UK.
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