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  1. Is Rightmove playing a trick on me? I've just run my weekly/fortnightly search (Cambridge only, all properties) and: - first non-retirement home south of £100,000 in years - 108 new properties added in the last 7 days - 10 houses with asking prices of less than £200,000 - more importantly, generally a lot more of house for your cash than even last week Otherwise, as usual: - far too many overpriced flats and maisonettes - still some stratospheric asking prices on new builds (£399,950 for a 2-bedroom Belvedere flat when you can buy a 3-bedroom house on Mill Road for over £130,000 less -
  2. a whole £659,000 for a two bedroomed flat?!! [faints]
  3. Well done FP! Am I the only one to be nicely surprised at how bearish the whole programme came across? Richard Hair of the NAEA did encourage caution all along - where is the usual "property only ever goes up, buy, buy, buy, yada yada" tune? And Ray Boulger mostly highlighted that mortgage deals are getting more expensive and more difficult to get. The presenter was also very reasonable (e.g. are you really considering investing 100% of your capital into property?!). Great to hear all this on national radio. A far cry from last year, surely?
  4. This is the block next door: http://www.rightmove.co.uk/viewdetails-926...36&tr_t=buy £649,950 for four one-bed flats And this is the auctioned one, Lot No. 128 - now withdrawn (not Sold Prior or Sold After, just Withdrawn) http://www.auction.co.uk/Both/OnlineCatalogue.asp "Cambridge 155 Chesterton Road, Cambridgeshire CB4 1AA A Freehold Attractive End of Terrace Building arranged to provide Four Self-Contained Flats. Three Flats subject to Assured Shorthold Tenancies, One Flat Fully Vacant" Actually, I've just realised the auction was this weekend and today: "Residential auction 12
  5. I noticed today that the block of flats on the HSBC/Old Spring end of Mitcham's corner is now up for auction (opposite Four Seasons). The block next door is also for sale. BTL cashing in, I suppose? J.
  6. Cool. Be sure to give us the "heads up" nearer the time. J.
  7. Well done, FP. Great piece. You seem very much in demand since that "head-to-head" on the BBC website. Any other interviews in the pipeline? J.
  8. Bump! For those who haven't read them yet, look out for Serpico's posts.
  9. Well done, Tonester. I have to say I was sceptical in 2005 but you have timed the market very well, it seems. Reduced price ads are great. They certainly give a direction of the market. Overheard a conversation today: couple moving in together, "spare" house not selling, considering a price reduction but they would then have to ask for a reduction on their next house...
  10. A conversation on "The Cambridge Terraced House Price Bubble" is now under way on cam.misc, in case you'd like to add your own views (haven't read the whole thing yet, going back to it now): http://groups.google.co.uk/group/cam.misc/...b34e525ce13f523 Enjoy.
  11. Coup after coup. Well done FP. Now the media will know who to wheel out to voice out on hpc. With all due respect to you, you will be the new and our very own Ray Boulger (of Bradford & Bingley-property-always-goes-up fame). I was getting fed up with him and you are much more handsome
  12. Topical thread on cam.misc: Housing shortage caused by buy-to-lets http://groups.google.co.uk/group/cam.misc/...f28a040667637c5 Love the last post (by Pete G.)
  13. This article is currently linked through the BBC News Business page: http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/business/6382399.stm Well done FP! To those that are new to the site, welcome, and please do register and share your views with us. Jayne
  14. Saw this and thought of HPC: http://www.rightmove.co.uk/viewdetails-669...=6&tr_t=buy £325,000 over 25 years at 5.25% (yes, I know): £1,970/month repayment £1,421/month interest only Now I can see why there is a need for upper case and so many exclamation marks. I guess it's just missing a On a different topic: would any of you be interested in a Cambridge HPC meet some time in March/April? Just testing the water at this stage.
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