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  1. It's mad- the offers over £199,500 'one week only' house is now back on rightmove at 'guide price £210k' . As if!
  2. I'm not seriously looking to buy at the moment for obvious reasons but I did recently go to see a house that had been slashed by £75k in stages over the last 6 months or so, as it was now starting to look a reasonable price compared with other houses locally and I liked the look of it and thought I'd keep it in reserve for when they slash another £75k off. I later noticed it was advertised on Rightmove as "offers over £199,500" for one week only. I thought this tactic might be a one off, then I got an email from the same EA today offering a different house at offers over £150K for one-week only. Both properties offered 'open house' a couple of days before the deadline ended . Hardly enough time to get your mortgage sorted, should you be interested. Naturally, I asked the EA: So what happens when the week is up? "Oh" she said "It doesn't mean you cant make an offer after the week is up" Do they really think anyone is stupid enough to think: "I'd better offer £150k now, cos they'll put it back up to £180k next week" ? Why do they engage in such bizarre tactics? Oh well, it certainly helps us to weed out the 'desperate' sellers.
  3. There would be plenty of opportunities to use his Bully catchphrase on the competitors: "Let's have a look at what you could have won."
  4. I like the surname of the EA who signed the letter. I fear it reflects where he may end up living.
  5. Absolutely not. How do you justify helping out people who have got into trouble because they have taken a gamble on property and got it wrong, when there are far more deserving causes that desperately need an injection of public cash...starting with the NHS . If the Government bails out home 'owners' in any way, I will be very surprised. And very angry. back in 1989 I was a naive young newlywed and bought a new-build flat (only at 2x joint salary - we knew our limits!). As interest rates soared to 15pc, the value of our flat fell by almost half. The neighbourhood went to the dogs as people posted back keys, did a flit, all the rest of it. We didnt have the nerve to do that, nor could we bear to live there after a few years as it was a constant reminder of our mistake/bad luck/bad timing -whatever you like to call it. So we rented it out and moved away and rented a larger property. And we STILL rent. We sold the flat a few years later to a BTL person. and no, we didnt make any money, we broke even. Once again, our timing was hopeless. But we walked away without a debt. And that was good enough for me. I did not expect anyone to bail me out. Buying a property is a personal decision and if it goes wrong, well it's tough - but there are many many worse things in life than not 'owning' the roof over your head. There was no suggestion during the last crash, as far as I can remember, that the Government or the lenders should come to our rescue. When you invest money, you are always told the value of your investment can go down as well as up. Property is just the same. It's just a fact of life that people have to recognise and accept. People get by- they always have. They will either: do a moonlight flit (and believe me, it happened a lot last time); rent somewhere they can afford/ go and live with family/ or be rehoused by the local council. No one will be on the streets. Here endeth the lecture.
  6. http://www.rightmove.co.uk/viewdetails-225...=1&tr_t=buy Shorely shome mishtake? Am trying to work out the % price drop they might have to accept on this property but I can't count that high.
  7. Yeh I have to agree that no matter what happens, I won't be buying in Dursley or Cam.... Mind you I used to live in Berkeley which while it doesnt look much was a great place to live, mainly due to the locals' answer to everything being: Let's have another drink. I only moved for job reasons, would still be there now if I could face the commute. I reckon Chalford could be a good compromise if prices fall a bit more...what do you reckon to Nailsworth?
  8. You're absolutely right, cant discount the Kemble station factor....there's so much money round here, I think the vast majority have not heard of the credit crunch. Am lucky to be renting reasonably off one of the local rural estates but feel i would buy if right place comes up at the right price. Certainly not the be all and end all...just wont be able to afford market rents if/when I get to be a pensioner... Tetbury is much nicer than stroud i agree, but again nothing much on the market there and doesnt seem to be falling in price. Cheltenham --I havent even dared look on rightmove but I bet its hideously expensive. But think it will have to see falls due to the size of the place and the relative amount of stuff on the market. I know someone who bought a 2 bed terrace in St Pauls (? I think) year before last and is seriously regretting it, esp as bought with a friend of the same sex whom he has no intention of living with for the next ten years!
  9. Just thought I'd pop back in after a long absence and see if you are noticing the falls in Gloshire that im seeing- there are real pockets. Mainly Stroud as I feared (dont really want to live there but its a choice of more space over less desirable location, as ever!) The woodchester house I mentioned earlier in the thread is now on at £204k. Started out at £289k. It's still horrible and no one wants it despite the huge drop. Most of the stuff Ive kept an eye on in the stroud/brimscombe/chalford areas in my rage of £250k has had at least £20k shaved off the asking price on rightmove, some have shaved £50k off. This all seems to have happened in the last month. Unfortunately, the same falls do not seem to be happening just a few miles up the road here in Cirencester. I think we are living in a weekender-protected house price bubble. Surely even the Cotswolds cant be completely immune? Anyone from the are who can recommend the best part of Stroud or the surrounding villages to live in, when the time comes? ta
  10. An EA on Rightmove has come up with a great new euphemism for 'desperate BTL landlord who wants to bail out now' ** MOTIVATED SELLER- RENTAL PROPERTY WITH NO CHAIN** They're asking £250k for a four bed terrace in Cheltenham, by the way. Let's see how 'motivated' they are when it's reduced to £200k and still on the market in six months' time....
  11. Too right. Am I right in thinking they turned the former mental hospital of the same name into 'luxury apartments'.? The mind boggles. BlackTuesday, I love your spelling of Lechhampton...is this a Freudian slip or is it why is has many happy memories? Needless to say, Leckhampton is still well out of my reach.
  12. Hoo-bleeding-ray. I live near Ciren, I was beginning to despair of anywhere in Gloucestershire (other than the more unpleasant parts of Gloucester itself) ever seeing price falls. However, if you are talking about the Echo, then hopefully has got to be Cheltenham areas mainly? (i.e. the posher of the county's two main towns for anyone who doesn't know the area)---and possibly even bits of the Cotswolds? The day we'll know there's really a crash is when houses in one or two of the Cotswold villages get reduced. I live in hope... Stroud definitely seeing some reductions. (but then who wants to live in Stroud, I hear you cry).
  13. Very salient point. Four and a half years ago, (while renting) in my mid thirties and thinking: I really should buy a house but surely prices must fall soon so I'll wait and save ., , I was diagnosed with a very aggressive form of cancer. After I got the slash, poison, burn treatment out of the way (about ten months), I probably had the best two or three years of my life. Wondering if I was going to make 40, I decided I was going to live for the moment, travelled to places I really wanted to see, accepted every social invitation that came my way and genuinely enjoyed myself. I even enjoyed my job (quite challenging) by realising that even the most stressful bits were hardly a matter of life or death. Don't get me wrong, I didn't turn into Pollyanna, just someone who was facing up to their own mortality and got a sense of perspective overnight. The fact i didnt own a house didnt matter. I was just glad to be able to get out of bed in the morning. Gradually, this year it has dawned on me that I'm going to defy the odds, make it to five years. Maybe the cancer will still come back, but chances are i will live as long as anyone else. And what has happened to my sense of perspective? It's gone. I worry night and day about not having a roof over my head to call my own. No one will lend me any money to buy a house (even if I could afford one) as having had cancer at a relatively young age they don't think I'm a very good bet to pay it back, though the five-year landmark might make a difference. I hate myself for being so obsessed about having nowhere to live when I'm a pensioner when the reality is I should really be celebrating if I make it that far. I should really be making the most of every day now, to be honest. I'm not sure what I'm trying to say - only that i think there's a basic need in all of us for some sort of security, no matter what our circumstances are... and that I haven't listened to the one real lesson that life has taught me. But I did enjoy that time when money and status didnt seem to matter. And it took serious illness to do that, sad or what? As for the cliche that money can't buy happiness, well I wouldn't mind having the chance to find out....
  14. Yes, i went on rightmove to see if the news this week had prompted the sellers of the properties I'd been watching for about a year to cut their prices. I noticed a lot more sales than usual....I think your theory about people rushing out to get a mortgage while they still can is right. It could be that a few canny buyers have gone in and offered 20pc or so below asking price and on the back of recent headlines, the sellers have decided they might just as well take it. Who knows. While there have been a few price cuts on Rightmove (nothing too exciting) there has also been a dramatic outburst of the phrase 'Guide Price' appearing before the price. It's popping up all over the place. Any offers on what this is a euphemism for? I'm hoping it means: "We're too scared to publicly admit it, but we will drop the price by a considerable amount for someone who makes a offer just on the right side of cheeky."
  15. Omigod the world has gone completely mad. Since when has someone's buyer pulling out been worthy of a news story, even in the Barry Bugle, or whatever it is. This scenario is being repeated across Britain as we speak. Thank God. This is what we need --- thousands of first time buyers either coming to their senses and refusing to buy over-priced sh*te, or their mortgage deals going down the pan. The really sad thing is, I think it will be the latter that stuffs the market, not the sheeple suddenly realising they are paying way over the odds for property. I won't be buying till we see a 20% drop - and even then I'll think twice. As someone who saw 40% knocked off the price of their home in the last crash (yes it was negative equity big time), believe me--- it can and will happen again.
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